To start with, I've been working on a new blog. It's called MIRROR ART, I've basically decided to bring my inspiration folder to life. It's still in the trial phase.

Sometimes we have to talk about the cheaper things. I went to Dollarama today, I can't believe the amount of stuff you can get at the dollar store, there is no shortage. Though I do stop at underwear, socks and strangely branded food. Here are some of the things picked up:

I love this little organizer kit I got for my small necklaces, now they won't get tangled.

I got some more basic paints, I love to paint and draw with pastels (See below).

I figured a hot eye masque will be nice for those nights I have trouble falling asleep.

I got this cool large exfoliating mit, I love them! Plenty of booby pins too, it's amazing how you lose those things.
I'm really excited about my new metallic headbands, those would have been expensive for half that amount at the drug store.

A bunch of frames, I have yet to hang them.

I love this lace scarf!

Some wooden boxes.

I love anything Hawaiian, as you can guess from my blog name.

I bought this large pouch, I threw all my bracelets in it.


keira antoia rose said...

Oh wow! I've just made a mental note to stop at the Dollar Tree! I love the headbands! and the pastel drawing is very nice :)

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

kokostiletto said...

i love DOLLARAMA!! it's like my secret little store hehehehe - my fave is the arts and crafts section - all their cute stickers and awesome scrapbooking stuff!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^yeah it really is the best for arts and crafts!!

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

great finds, I <3 the $ store!