KATE BOSWORTH. She's really taken things down a notch lately. I love the simplicity that she's been channelling, maybe its showing where she is at in her life currently.

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR. I think that dress is a little too long for the black tights and shoes. I do love the dress though.

AMERICA FERRERA. I thought this dress was Oscar De La Renta, but I couldn't find it on the Runway. It's bugging me, I can't put my finger on it.

NATALIE PORTMAN. I love how Natalie plays with simple shapes and cuts. I think this is one of her best looks, black has never looked less boring.

TAYLOR SWIFT. Safe, but I like.

CONDOLEEZZA RICE. I'm not use to seeing her at such an event, I also like the short hair it's much better then that ugly fake flip she use to have. That dress seems like someones nightmare prom outfit from the 90s.

NICOLE KIDMAN. Jesus she's thin! Her lips look less swollen then normal from fillers so that's a start. I'm not sure how I feel about that armband thing...

TINSLEY MORTIMER. That's a great little red number and I like how it doesn't scream "Look at me!".

FERGIE. That's a lot of boobies.

TYTY. She looks ok here, but she still needs lessons on how to dress up for the red carpet.

HILARY CLINTON. Well it's a step up from a suit.

DEBRA MESSING. The tulle at the end keeps it from being too boring.





KAREN CRAIG IN MARCHESA. This is one of my favorite dresses from Marchesa, it almost looks like it could be in a painting from the 1600s

MOLLY SIMS. Those earrings are too big for her, not a good look. Loving this white dress, it looks almost like it's made out of jersey.

KERRY WASHINGTON. She definitely stole the show that night.

DIANE KEATON IN PRADA. I thought we'd seen the last of that dress.

MILA JOVOVICH. Mila is Mila...

ANDY MCDOWELL. Nice dress, but I'd like to see her switch with Molly Sims out of curiosity.


SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR IN TEMPERLY. I want to own of their pieces so bad.


MICHELLE WILLIAMS. I like the length of this dress, I'm glad she didn't go for something long and typical.

MARIAH CAREY. She needs to keep that side boob in check. I hear she was being a totally Diva at the awards demanding all this stuff. I heard the same report from when she was in London too. Mariah, get over yourself. Why don't you go play with your Hello Kitty dolls?

BEYONCE. Unfortunately she didn't walk the red carpet, probably because she was opening the show. Dailymail made this funny comparison between Beyonce and MJ.

LOLA PONCE. I find it interesting how she wore her red carpet dress on stage for her performance, just weired.

NANCY AJRAM. She also wore her red carpet dress during her performance, is this a new trend? I think they should change!!

ALICIA KEYS. I'm crazy for the geometric pattern on Alicia's dress. It's like a modern take on the 70s.

SOLANGE KNOWLES. I don't think I've ever seen the knowles sisters perform like this on the same stage. Go Solange, don't let B overshadow you anymore!!

ESTELLE. I'm crazy for this ice ice ice blue, however she should have chosen other shoes.

SALMA HAYEK. It's like 20s flapper meets Grecian, not good.

PIPER PERABO. That dress makes her boobs saggy, she might want to look at that hair too.

MOLLY SIMS. The dress and color is incredible on her. I think she wears her hair best when it's just light and curly.


JENNIFER MORRISON. I don't think that shade of red is correct for her.


ROSE BYRNE. I mean this kindly, it takes a small chest to pull off this look. I wish I had smaller boobs so I could wear styles like this. I can get into a whole discussion about this, but I'm way too tired.
GENEVIEVE JONES. I didn't want to zoom in on her face because it's looking like pastic lately, it's scary.

LONNEKE ENGEL. She's one of the first models I ever noticed when I was younger in the Ralph Lauren perfume ads. I was mesmerized by her lips, they make her whole look.

KAREN CRAIG. Marchesa designer wore the same dress that Georgina wore above. Way to promote yourselves girls!

LUCY LIU. I like how even with all the detail this dress manages not to be over the top.




Anonymous said...

wow natalie and kate look awesome!

ironic evan looks more like dita now that they broke up

lisa said...

mila looks amazing...her hair got so long!! love your blog! :)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ yeah, she's taken it to far, can't stand her. Though she does look good in her Dita get up, but there can only be one Dita!!

WendyB said...

I totally didn't expect to see LindaE -- I nearly kissed the screen!

KATLIN said...

I love Kate Bosworth's outfit!! And I hate how the media chooses the worst picture of the less unfortunate to the public, i.e. Hillary Clinton. I think she chose a great dress, but that pose/facial expression doesn't do it justice.

alis said...

-OMG Linda Evangelista looks awful, I didn't think I'd live to see this day.
-Marchesa designers are gorgeous and tasteful, I like it when women take strenght from their feminine side.
-Kerry Washington looks so gorgeous/glamorous that I want to follow her with red rose petals and throw them at her feet as she walks.
-I like Beyonce's stage costume, she channeled MJ before so why not now. SOlange looks great on stage too.
-That color works wonders for Ali Larter, she looks like an angelic flower.
-Evan Rachel Wood you're so dumb; we can all SEE you're an imposter.

stilettostetico said...

YES Kate Bosworth is really Radiant , she exudes a sparkling GLAMour with such an ethereal simplicity . . . And I am always fan of Georgina Chapman's "Fetish Heels" , just like a delicious VERTIGO !!!

kokostiletto said...

evan rachel wood is such a dita copycat!!!
and yes that mariah side boob thing is weird.
maybe more celebs are opting to wear their red carpet dresses on stage to save money if they can't get loaners! tough economic times right now!

ELLE said...

Anastasia is wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs incase you wondered hun. We have the dress in at work.

christine said...

wow...Evan Rachel...just wow. Her hair looks awful, you can tell she's blonde trying to go black. It's so sad that she's trying to be like "Manson"'s ex-wife.