VB. I'm tired of The Birkin. Yawn.

JESSICA SZOHR / LINDSAY PRICE. Like two floating angels hahah

CATHERINE ZETA JONES. What do we think of this dress?


MICHELLE WILLIAMS. Simplicity is key.

ANGELINA JOLIE IN RALPH LAUREN. I would have liked to see her in the white version, but you know how Angie is.

BEYONCE AND SOLANGE have been hanging out a lot lately. I just realized how strange that is to me, they are not usually seen together.

That jacket is all sorts of awful.

I can't pinpoint the designer of this dress, I thought maybe it was Roland Mouret?

LEANNE BALABAN. That's the most gorgeous green dress I've seen in a long time.

EMILY BLUNT. I love all the different colors and patterns mixed together.

LAUREN CONRAD. The Jason Whaler Chanel bag is back? I thought she was over that thing. Maybe she likes hanging on to a piece of him, but the boy was pure trash!!


ANGELA SIMMONS. I still don't like that two tone poodle weave.

HSM 3 PREMIERE IN SYDNEY - ASHLEY TISDALE. With the sea of black lace dresses lately, it's nice to see something in white.

VANESSA HUDGENS. Her face is looking so shiny, maybe it's hot over there.

I've been to Sydney 3 times and I never knew there was a view like this, where you can see the Opera house and Harbour Bridge. I found out it was the top of the Intercontinental hotel, I must go up there next time.

KELLY ROWLAND. She's been dressing so much better lately. I want that skirt!

NATALIE PORTMAN. I like her hair like this.

KIM KARDASHIAN. She's covering up a lot lately, she looks so much classier.





Female Action Star said...

yeah!! I definitely love these looks... And I absolutely love Angelina Jolie she's the bomb something like my hero... Thanks for these


WendyB said...

I like the CZJ dress. KimK is looking great! Angela has her old Morticia look back in that outfit.

WendyB said...

Angelina, I mean. What's wrong with me today! Sheesh.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

hahah ^ i know what you mean
no worries wendy xx

Dru!!! said...

haha, yeah guys don't get catty, but they also have the tendency to be territorial

alis said...

-At first glance I thought Posh was wearing orange tights. Is she? I seriously wanna know. (If she is it's kinda tragic)
-I'm glad angelina dyed her hair darker. I love her goth look.
-Catherina Zeta JOnes's dress is something like she always wears: long & tight & way too mature. I think this woman missed her 'young woman' phase in life and straightly jumped to 'mature woman' stage.

Dual said...

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Fashion Tidbits said...

Wow, Jessica looks amazing in that white dress. also i want NATALIE PORTMAN'S hair!!!

Make Do Style said...

Oh I'm thinking CZJ isn't looking as hot as she could, the dress is a bit drag queen but maybe it is the camera angle.
LOL ref Birkin bag comment!

SET said...

Interesting post, i had to put my points down b4 i forgot what i wanted to comment on. lol
Victoria wears those bags a lot, love the Stella trench tho,
I love Lindsay, she looks fresh and her wardrobe on lipstick jungle is amazing.
Catherine dress is 'i dont know i dont like it but its not terrible either.
Laurne looks great in both pics, its a chenel bag u kinda have to use it timelessly, lol
Angela hair is ugly,
Beyonce jacket is off,
Leanne green dress is amazing the color is a beautiful.
Angelina needed the white, the black clothing she wears alot her is boring to me.
Ashley looks great.
Kelly and Taylor's skirts are hot, I want Kelly's skirt as well.

Anonymous said...

i just wrote about lauren's style. its very simple, class occcasionally but normally a little too safe.

stilettostetico said...

Vanessa Simmons looks like a "SM CHIC-issime contemporary Pocahontas" !!! Black shiny leggings = Powerful SEXYness . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Winnie said...

Love the rag and bone skirt on LC. Also that top that Beyonce has on is from Topshop (I considered byuing it when perusing Topshop the other day)...nice to see her wearing something so affordable!

Marina said...

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Kira Fashion said...

great to see Jolie´s legs after a while :)

a kiss my friend, you still doing the best blog!

see you,

Ariella said...

Great picks! I absolutely adore the dress Leanne Balaban wore.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i adore my birkin still. : )

kokostiletto said...

that is the best pic of jessica s i've ever seen! and i wish they there would be more pics of lindsay price out there!

fashion herald said...

i love natalie's hair like that too.

sarah mendelsohn said...

amazing post as usual. i never really liked any of the celebrity scents, except i (embarassingly enough) like paris hilton's hahah


some great looks honey,you always have the best images! Go Mahalo Fashion!! love Lindsay Price,she is stunning. Like Michelle Williams simple look too.