Kelly Pickler looks amazing here, normally I can't stand her red carpet style. I think her boobs could have been taken down a notch (I swear I see nip in the second picture), but at least they are natural.

Nicole Kidman in Jil Sander. Nick is looking great in her amazing growing and shrinking lips.

Sarah Buxton, sure has interesting taste. That dress is all sorts of Just No! Don't even get me started on the hair and the necklaces.

Diana Degarmo. I had no idea she went to the dark side. I think the hair looks great on her, but the makeup might be a little too much.

Resse Witherspoon in Marchesa. I'm not use to seeing her in something so dark. It doesn't look bad, but I don't think it suits her.

Michelle Branch is one of my favorite artists, I love all her old stuff. Her music is so sincere. I haven't been into her new stuff since she went over to country though.

Jewel looks stunning in this midnight blue dress. I'm still a bit surprised that she went over to country since she was so pop no long ago. It does suit her old musical style, I guess it did have that bluesy country feel to it.

Miranda Lambert. It's too bad her dress is so wrinkled! Not a good look...

Julianne Hough's dress started out okay with the top half, but it's straight to pink hell from there.

Jessica Andrews. This is a great color!

Shania Twain. Is this her first appearance since her divorce? I like how young the dress is, but she still looks grown up. Good balance.

Miley Cyrus. It looks a little too old for her.

Taylor Swift. Bam! She looks like a sophisticated disco ball thanks to the black piping.

Jennifer Nettles. I love the details on this dress, yet it manages to remain simple.

Emily West. The dress is cute, very Katy Perry, but the skirt should be reserved for funerals.

Reba McEntire. Uh huh.

Martina McBride. Is this a modern take on the 90s? Why do I feel like this dress should burn?

CARRIE UNDERWOOD HOSTS THE CMA AWARDS. Ever since Eva Longoria did it, I guess it's become trendy to change 20 times during an award show.



Lykke Li and Santogold. They both look great, I love the draw strings on Lykke's tunic.

Zoe Kravitz. Loving the highlights on her and the Charlie Chaplin hat. She's got a talent of throwing things together and making it look effortlessly cool like her dad.

Riley Keough. God she looks like Elvis. That gene won't die!


Lisa Liu in Alberta Ferretti. This color is incredible on her.

Marisa Tomei. She's so fierce, she can pull off any look.

Nicole Richie. She's worn this before, or at least something similar.

Sanaa Lathan. I think she was probably the best dressed, I love that necklace.

Emily Rossum. Very cute, interesting choice of shoes.

Nicky Hilton. Those are very interesting fake lashes.

Amy Smart. The dress is nice, but it's not very flattering.

Lady Victoria Harvey. I don't like the white buttons on that jacket.

Elisha Cuthbert. I really like this dress, but I would have chosen different shoes.

Ali Larter. Thank God for the shoes.


Nicole Richie. I loving this look, it's going in my inspiration folder. One of my favorites from her in a while.

Mandy Moore. Normally I would not mix two Shiny things together, but in this case it works.

Mischa Barton. What do we think of her head piece?

Jessica Stroup. The media has been getting on her case for being ridiculously skinny, but she looks smoking in that dress. Not anyone could pull it off.

Michelle Trachtenberg. I almost bought that skirt at H & M when I was in boston, but they didn't have any sizes left. I even checked two stores, how annoying.

Mena Suvari. Yuk Yuk. The only thing she has going for her is the fierce haircut.

Nicky Hilton.

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon. I like her choice with the lace tights and red clutch.

Jamie Lynn Sigler.


Zoe Kravitz. She's my style Icon along with The Olsens, Nicole Richie, Keira Knightley, Thandie Newton and Kate Moss.

Jessica Alba. Those are some bangs! She looks styled for a runway in Milan.

Alicia Keys just came off a spaceship.

Tyra Banks news!! Tyty get's it right on the red carpet for once!! She actually managed to find something flattering, I'm shocked!


M said...

great post!!
damn tyty, don't hurt em!
carrie underwood looked great in every look!

CRISTA said...

great post!! you're right.. reese witherspoon looks awkward in that dress...

alis said...

I agree awesome post!
But I actually love Reese's look, that dress really is something.
Why is everyone at Alberta Ferriti opening wearing blue? Was there a rule? I can't really pick a favorite, lots of great looks here. I'm surprised that I'm loving Mandy's look again(I went crazy over the leopard faux-fur), she used to have such generic style but now she looks amazing.

The Seeker said...

I'm with everyone... Great post Jen!!!!!

I've seen your posts, despite I haven't done some comments.
You're doing a great work my dear.
Keep this quality.
Hope you'll have a great weekend.