Riri has a new tattoo. Is this like her 20th? Something like that. I've got a couple myself, but you've also gotta learn when to stop. I have to admit those things are addicting, you always want another. At least she can afford to get them removed if she ever gets tired of them.

For all you obsessed: The new Riri doll is out!

Lindsay Lohan has invated London for whatever reason. What is she doing with her career anyway? What happened to that CD she was suppose to release? That song Bossy is terrible anyway.

I hate to say it, but she has such a coke face.

Agyness Dyen. Her hair looks like it was plucked from a barbie doll. It looks so synthetic, I don't know how she gets it that way.

Brook Hogan. We all need a good laugh.

Claudia Schiffer. Only she could keep this dress from looking mumsy.

Danii Minogue. I love the color of her dress, but I'm not sure how I feel about the neck piece.

Lauren Conrad. I love the floral print on this dress!!!

VB. Suede dress and boots?

Natalie Portman. She's got such amazing casual style, I love her little blue hat.

Tinsley Mortimer at the Sanrio Luxe store opening in New York. I didn't know people were so obsessed with Hello Kitty that they needed a Luxury store!

Alicia keys. The geeky sunglasses suit her. She should wear white more often. It's so rare that I like something she wears, this is a moment!

Christina Aguilera in Givenchy. Lady Gaga is that you?

Peta was back at the Olsen's book signing. As much as I love these girls, as I said before Peta has a point. The only celebrity that has worn more fur then them is Sharon Stone! (In these times)

Olsens. Dare I say that Mary-Kate looks better then Ashley for once?

Mini Zoe Kravitz style. She's been looking amazing this week. Especially in that pink Matthew Williamson dress.


In my second home, how I miss it so much. It always pains me to hear about Melbourne because I'm sooooo home sick.
Vanessa Hudgens.That's probably the fiercest dress I've ever seen her in.
Ashley Tisdale. I like the modern take she has on the 20s.

That Jumper Ashley is wearing has to be from Alice McCall.

Solange Knowles. I think plaid looks better in the summer, in the winter it just reminds me too much of Christmas. Maybe Solange is trying to tell us that she is bringing back her Christmas treet style.

Tracee Ellis Ross. She's my inspiration for when I get older. I promise you I will be this fierce!
Nicole Richie. Ripped skinny jeans? I'm not sure about this look. Besides her jeans look like they could be shortened.

Nicole Kidman in L'Wren Scott.

Amy Winehouse. I don't know if she'll ever get herself together enough to make another album, but I'll always love her old ones.




CRISTA said...

haha... that picture of lindsay lohan is the best i've seen her in ages!! and she does have coke face!! haha.

copperoranges said...

whoa! i love lauren conrad's dress ... and i'm rarely impressed by anything she picks. claudia looks so gorgeous .. i hope i age like her.

alis said...

-Could the Riri doll be anymore far off? It looks more like Aeon Flux.
-Lindsay may be coke-faced but her hair is sooo gorgeous, finally.
-Soon enough Peta will be at Posh's tail as well, that's way too much suede in one outfit.
-Tracy Ellis Ross is wearing the coolest booties I have seen and her hair looks so good up! Love the sunnies as well.
-I don't know what to say about Wino, breaks my heart...

Juliet said...

If Amy could do more records and would have the brains to think all this sh*t she's doing wouldn't matter so much, she could be the new Nirvana.

juliet xxx

WendyB said...

That dress fits Posh to a tee. Or is that "T"? I never know.

Seraphine said...

amy winehouse looks a bit worn, doesn't she?
i love all the tattos though.

Puebla Chic said...

I cant stand Ashley Tisdale hair, looks better whit that hair color, but there is something about her I just dont like her overall.