MARY-KATE OLSEN. I love Mary-Kate's costume, I definitely want to keep this picture as inspiration for next Halloween.

Of course I recognized the dress her friend is wearing instantly, I loved it when she wore it a couple of years ago and I still love it now.

PARIS HILTON on The Letterman. That dress must be tight because it's really pushing her boobies together.

Paris wore Slane & Slane earrings on Letterman and they can be yours for $950USD, get them here. Thanks to the PR person who sent me this :)

Was she on Letterman twice in the same night? Did she change? This dress is really cute, normally I have nothing in common with Paris, but I would totally wear this.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE how many 19 year olds do you know that dress like her? I'd like to meet her just to see how mature she actually is.


KEIRA KNIGHTLEY. There the most stylish couple on the planet, they are really cute together and seem to really love each other. I hope they marry, only he could handle her verbal diarrhea.

ZOE KRAVITZ. Yay I'm so happy she wore this coat again, it's such a unique piece and you can tell she knows it.

BILSON. Don't drop it.

MISCHA BARTON. Curvy Mischa is back and she's not afraid to show it off. She looks like a girl that would wolf down a large plate of spicy chicken wings...yummy!!

I don't think I like the converses with this look, I think they make her feet look too skinny.

SJP. Cute Obama necklace. I'm watching the race right now.

TORI SPELLING AND DEAN MCDERMOTT. I'd love to see Tori's top up close to see what material it is made out of. I think it's a bad choice on the wide leg jeans, everyone knows you can only wear one floaty item at a time. It's a golden rule.

KATIE 'JORDAN' PRICE AT THE BEVERLY CENTER. The most boring mall in the world. Okay I'm joking, but last time I was there I expected a lot more then what I saw. The shopping there was pretty unexciting for how much the place is hyped up.


THANDIE NEWTON. Somebody left me a comment wanting to see more of Thandie's casual style. There you go.

IMAN. She doesn't look like she's aged since her 30s, David is a lucky man.

GWYNETH PALTROW. That dress is amazing, I probably would have passed on the black and white shoes though. Too much...

VB. I really don't like those cadet hats she seems wear often. I guess it's part of her look now and I'm use to it, but I don't think they suit her.

LL. She's gotten so skinny lately, inspiration. hhahaha.

NIA LONG. My boyfriend downloaded the entire Fresh Prince series last year, we watched the whole thing it took use about 2 months? Or three? I never got the story line where Lisa and Will decided not to get married then a new season started and they never mentioned Lisa again, it was like it never happened even though she was on the show for like tow years. I also picked up on a lot of other things, things you probably wouldn't notice unless you watched the entire season in a row.

MENA SUVARI. Or Anna Wintour?

KATE HUDSON. That coat is crazy cute, but I don't like how everything is beige and it better not be fur!

COCO AND ICE-T. My boyfriend saw her in a bar in Melbourne a while back, his friends were trying to hit on her and Ice-T got really mad. Have I told this story already? Anyway he says she's pretty fug, but at least she's entertaining.




Fashion Tidbits said...

i really like MK's costume too...

Nikki said...

aw gwyneth looks like she has white socks on with black shoes. what a waste, that dress she's wearing is pretty.

lovin the sun and moon costumes too, so creative!

BANANA, said...

I found your blog a few months ago, and I loved it. I am now a daily reader of your blog :)

I would definitely like to see some more of Zoe Kravitz. Her style is amazing. I love it.


Carleen said...

Love mary kate and of course... my favorite- RUPERT FRIEND!!! Hahaha I practically only look up pictures of Keira to save the ones with Rupert's fashion and how good looking he is.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

BANANA - If you click on the zoe kravitz tag you can see more pictures of her, also in my look book. Unfortunately shots of her only come in every now and then.

(R)evolver74 said...

Hayden looks really glamorous in that dress!

Anonymous said...

im in love with mk and her friend's sun and moon costume its so original and awesome, definitely inspiration for future halloweens

WendyB said...

My idol Coco is never fug!

Anonymous said...


omg gwyneth's dress looks like a maxi pad ugg

saray said...

-I knew I saw MKs friend dress before..
-I really don't like the first dress paris wore but the second one is cute.
-KEIRA and her boyfriend look adoreable together!
-Rachel Bilson always look so chic!
-I love the Fresh Prince, I used to watch it all the time..
-the Wintour look does'nt work for Mena.
-Seeing Ice-T and Coco just makes me laugh!

Great post =)

issa said...

Love MK and Ashley's costume!

Siljesfashion said...

Congrats on the election! Love MK and Ashleys costumes, Mena looks great, so does Kravitz!

copperoranges said...

whoa!!!!!! ice-t's girlfriend scares me.

MOLLY GRAY said...

yeah.. mk looks so cute!..i dont really like that much hayden with red lips.. she should try sth softer... & love zoe. she is someone to watch for real.

alis said...

-I don't like Hayden in red lipstick.
-I agree Paris's second dress is so cute!
-I adore Keira and her word vomits.
-Zoe Kravitz; the awesome orange coat could look frumpy without the cool attitude, no?
-How Bilson snacks all the friggin time and stays slim is beyon me.
-Oh No! Misha Barton looks like she was picked up by a giant hand and dipped in poo! I think she broke a new fug record! Also you are right her feet (and head) are too small for her body.
-Thandie Newton; still cute but I would expect more from this red carpet goddess.
-Lohan HAS been getting very skinny, I was wondering when it would catch someones attention.