Last time I posted about the Project Runway finally somebody got upset with me for spoiling the show for them even though it had been a week and a half isnce it had aired. So consider yourself warned, I do name the winder at the end of this post

I finally caught up with Project Runway enough to catch the season finally only it was spoiled by some idiot on YouTube who thought it would be funny to make a caption with the name of the winner. Lame! Although I don't think the show is as good as it was the first two seasons, it definitely still doesn't disappoint. I only watch it for Heidi's expressions and Tim Gunn's complicated words. So the final three were Leanne, Korto and Kenley. Kenley Kenley Kenley, homegirl needs to keep her mouth shut.

Now here is what I don't understand, they had three decoy collections at Bryant Park this year, Joe, Suede and Jerell. I can understand Jerell but Joe and Suede?! They make such a big deal about getting to show at Bryant Park and yet they just handover the opportunity like that? Talk about unfair for the other three! Not to mention their collections were bordering on horrible. (See below)



What's going on with the dress on the left? It looks like a nightgown with a sheet wrapped around it, I could do that right now. The execution on the dress on the right doesn't look right either.

You can definitely tell why Suede got eliminated and why they were questioning his taste level. Looking at this collection I definitely don't get how he got as far as he did. A+ for personality though, he seems like a nice guy. Suede this and Suede that!

Much better then Suede's, but still nothing to write home about. I've never been into the country thing.

I actually really like this corset, he did a good job with the construction. It also helps that the right model is wearing this look.

Those pants are awful, fashion hell.

Two adorable dresses, but still nothing special.

It's like S & M meets country.


I really wanted Jerell in the final three for ProRun, but the judges were right that wedding dress was terrible, and the bust was all over the place. Personally I think Jerell has issues with the upper women's area, he doesn't know how to construct to hold the girls up. I love this dress though, the girl reminds me of Keira Knightley when she had the same haircut.

I like that he played with the netting

Probably my favorite look from him, you can tell it was inspired by armor.

The only piece I really didn't like was that purple dress, the neckline to me is very distracting as Nina would say.

I'm glad he fixed the chest on that wedding dress a little bit.

It was visually stunning, but holy cow that girl has an attitude. How is she going to make it in the world when she has such little respect in front of people of authority? She always thinks everyone is against her, I know how she feels, but sometimes you have to hold it in, especially if you are on television!!

The judges called this, the cutest little dress ever, and I agree.

I loved this look, but I wished she had used a different fabric for the bust.

BALENCIAGA. Was it intentional, was it unintentional? Come on it was clearly intentional! The minute I saw that dress from Kenley's collection on the runway I saw "Balenciaga" and Nina called her out for it at judging. My mouth dropped because I knew me and Nina were bang on the money. Kenley denied knowing anything, Heidi suggested that she needed to know what was going on in the fashion world, Tim suggested that she take a fashion history course. I don't think she needs either of those, Kenley knew exactly what she was doing!

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN. If that dress from Kenley's collection isn't a dead ringer for the Alexander McQueen one then I don't know what is. I wish she would stop denying she had no idea. Homegirl clearly spends too much time on style.com. Again I love that Nina called her out on it.

These two looks reminded me very much of Balenciaga as well.

This was the judge's favorite look from Korto's collection and rightley so. Korto definitely deserved to be at Bryant Park, I think she was the most consistent out of all the contestants. You can definitely feel Africa and nature, which is what she wanted.

This was one of the last minute looks Korto decided to make for her collection. I think the dress is gorgeous considering, but I'm not sure about that exact color.

I love this white dress, it was my favorite piece after the green one.

I want to know where she gets her fabric, the colors are amazing!

I'm not sure if I would have put that model in that dress, but there's no denying it looked amazing coming down the runway.

I love the little 'fans' that Korto added. I really got the whole vibe she was trying to portray. I don't know why the judge's kept saying she was over designing this collection I can't find anything wrong with it. I think she kept a good balance...oh well.

At the beginning I really didn't think she was going to make it this far, but all be damned she proved me wrong. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I'm obsessed with the beach, waves, sun and ocean (my apartment is a total reflection of that) so there's no doubt I was gaga for Leanne's wave themed collection. I didn't expect her pieces to move as well as they did, she really thought of everything.

I love this dress, and I want to own it!

It's too bad that the flap at the top had not stayed in place! This was Tim's favorite piece, it was definitely a stand out.

This dress reminded me of an Austrige or an Emu, in a good way. I can't believe she was able to replicate that in such a beautiful piece.

I would love to own any of these pieces, I can't wait for her collection on bluefly.com.

Heidi was right, that is one amazing wedding dress and she's lucky she got a great model. I remember how great she was in the Sass and Bide show last year




The Seeker said...

Thank you for this post Jen.
I'm behind Project Runway, because the seasons they present here are the later ones.

I really liked to see all this.


Alya said...

My favorite was the last collection (the winner). It was very elegant and well done.. Glad she won.

A Black Tie Event said...

I actually really liked Kenley througout the season. She was such a bitch, but her collection was amazing and I thought it was the most creative and had the strongest point of view. But Leanne's was great too, I'm pretty content with the fact that she won.

Imelda said...

I love the Leanne collection! The details are amazing!

kianna said...

The reason why all 6 designers showed at Bryant Park is because it was filmed during NY fashion week in September. During that time there were all 6 of them still on the show. So they can't spoil who is are the only 3 left w/o spoiling the it, so they have the extra 3 as a decoy.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ yeah I know. thanks thouhg;)

Secret Agent said...

Wow, it's already finale showtime? I haven't watched much of PR this season because my sister hasn't been watching it. If she doesn't, I don't...haha. But anyways, the clothes aren't bad. I agree with your "worst to best" lineup.

nv said...

im so glad leanne won, i only watch a few episodes but I loved everything she made. her dresses are to die for! (i hope theyre not way too expensive I'm really considering buying my grad/prom dress from her stuff)

NonchalantMod said...

I loved Leanne's collection it had a thme and the colour palette was ovely and I loved her right from the beginning!

LML said...

i am so happy that leanne won!

Juliet said...

I haven't been watching PR, I can't believe that kind of copycat made it that far!

juliet xxx

Songy said...

Oh I don't watch this show so it was good to see those finalists. Thanks for that.

Sorry for the delay in linking you up. It's done. :)

xoxox songy

issa said...

oooh yay! thanks for posting all the decoy sets!! loved it

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

ugh, some of that decoy stuff is hideous!!!

fashion herald said...

leanne's collection is so well put together, it really stands out. Although i'd kill for that Jerell armour look.

Aisha said...

I don't have much free time for watching tv, so I really appreciate you for posting the best pictures from proyect runway!

Have a great time at Coldplay's :)

Masha said...

WOW I love!!! all the shades of baby blue in Leanne's collection. Now i feel an impulse to get either a sweater or any top in baby blue.

Make Do and Mend said...

good choice for winner - looked like a collection.

Dana (MODAna) said...

uptown girl's my favorite song!!
also I think the decoys were bad collections on purpose, blergh.
I ddin't agree on who ought to be the winner, but I did love seeing more color this time than last season's finale w/ Christian's win (though brilliant) with just cream and black

Vain and Vapid said...

Whoa... what's a decoy collection any way? That really unfair to the other in the top 3 but at least you can see why they are all the in top 3.

michelle said...

It's cool that other designers still had the chance to present!

Kaye said...

hey Jen, I'm back (sort of)!!! And I totally agree- I LOVED Leanne's collection. The skirt in her first look especially- I want!

The music was so beautiful as well! A perfect tranquil complement to the collection. It must help having a muso boyfriend!