MONIQUE COLEMAN. Where has she been? I noticed she was absent during the hole promotion circuit in Europe. I think the dress is good up to 50% if that makes sense, the other half is just awful, bad fabric and cut. Perhaps she's not tall enough for such a gown.

VANESSA HUDGENS. On her way to the HSM3 premiere. She definitely could have glammed it up a bit more. I think she really does this for the money, I bet you she can't wait till it's over it doesn't seem like she has much interest in this type of stuff. Expect her to bare her boobs (again) in the near future in some sort of 'edgy movie' that will give her Hollywood 'cred'.

ASHLEY TISDALE. Love the dark hair, much much better.

RANDOM. I love this top.

CORBIN BLEU. I like his hair better when it's up in an Afro and not gelled down.

ZAC EFRON. Something went awfully wrong with this makeup (See right), he needs to learn to blend! That's the first rule!

OLESYA RULIN. Gotta love our little Russian beauty. Can you believe she's 22? She looks the youngest of them all. Best dressed, by far!

SELENA GOMEZ. I love eyelet dresses, this is one of the cutest ones I've seen.

KAYCEE STROH. I think the dress is stunning. I want my wedding dress to be this color. I find white white fabric to be a bit unflattering sometimes.

BRENDA SONG. Yuk, pink shorts? I don't like the combination with the hoop earrings and slightly trashy makeup. It's not horrible, but personally for me it's not my taste.


LORI LOUGHLIN. I don't like this dress, I've never been into the mainstream oriental look, I much prefer the traditional stuff. She can do better then this, her husband is a designer!

JULIANNE HOUGH. I love crisp silk white dresses on blondes.

PAULA ABDUL. Alexander McQueen boots eh, how very fashion forward of you.

CHELSEA STAUB. Just when I thought I was sick of maxi dresses, she manages to find something this gorgeous.




Juliet said...

Diane looks so great, se never fails.

juliet xxx

enc said...

All those HSM kids have grown up so fast, it's making me feel old! They look great.

Dana (MODAna) said...

wow I was also shocked paula rocked those mcqueen boots
I love Diane Kruger too :)