NICOLE RICHIE. Her titties are glad to be let out of their cage. I guess she will shrink back down once she's stops breast feeding? This dress is amazing on her, it's nice to see her so grown up. She is 27 after all.

LARA FLYNN BOYLE. Take note kids, this is what happens when you mess with your face too much. She looks like a cat...that skirt should be shorter too.

VALERIE BERTINELLI. Great dress and look for her, simple and chic.

MARIA MENOUNOS. I'm crazy for this dress, she looks like a Grecian princess. I think I'm going to save this picture as inspiration for when I get married.

KATHERINE MCPHEE. I'm not sure about that train coming out the top of the dress, it looks a little awkward.

DAISY FUENTES. I think she should have worn her hair down,but this is a great dress and color.

MELANIE BROWN. Beautiful dress on her, and I like the natural makeup.

DAKOTA JOHNSON. This dress is so sassy, she's definitely working it. Is she going to become a red carpet regular? I'm keeping my eye out.

MELANIE GRIFFIN. She still loooooovvvvveesss Antonio. Nice to see a Hollywood romance that hasn't fizzled yet.

NICKY HILTON, needs to give her sister some tips.


Make Do Style said...

Let's hope you haven't doomed Antonio and Ms Griffiths!

WendyB said...

God, Valerie looks like she did about 25 years ago!

Chelsea's Girl said...

Nicole Ritchie looks so pretty esp w/ her new and improved boddyy

miss vintage love said...

Have you ever seen Angelina Jolie wear anything other than white or black? I haven't. It's too bad, because color would be a nice look for her! :)

Lynn said...

OMG, Lara Flynn Boyle!! I thought she was once so beautiful...

alis said...

What happened to Lara Flynn Boyle!! She used to be so beautiful, then she became anorexic and now this! She clearly has body dismorphobia (or whatever).
Nicole Richie looks gorgeous..!

Peggy said...

@miss vintage love
She did wear a very lovely yellow Emanuel Ungaro dress to the premiere of Ocean's Thirteen at Cannes in 2007.