EMMA WATSON. A safe and classy trench, I like the choice of boots.

LILY ALLEN. The black tights with this dress makes her legs look a little stumpy. It's hard when your not very tall to pull off this kind of look. I know a thing or two about stumpy legs since I'm only 5'2.

MARION COTILLARD. I think she looks chic and cool, grey is one of my favorite colors to ware and I love her shoes.

MILA JOVOVICH. This girl just radiates coolness.

STEPHANIE SEYMOUR. Damn, she looks ready to walk the runway herself. The asymmetric neckline totally makes this whole look.

DITA VON TEESE AND KATY PERRY. Katy has had one hit and she's already in the front rows of Paris. Enjoy it while you can girl!

Loving Zoe Saldana's look here, it's very me.

The collection was everything you would expect from Dior, very theatrical but somehow wearable. The mini dresses will definitely be worn by loads of celebrities.

USHER. I can't imagine what it's like to have that many people on you seeking your attention.

KELLY ROWLAND / SOLANGE / USHER. Wow, Solange is looking so normal, it's kind of scary.

CATHY AND DAVID GUETTA / KELLY ROWLAND. That's a great little lace dress, wow! I probably would have rethought the choice a footwear though...

MISCHA BARTON. Ugh, she kinda looks like someone dressed up as a witch for Halloween with the wig and hat. Harsh, but true.


I love all the mix of prints, this reminds me of Anne of Green Gables, meets granny sprinkled with a little high fashion.

I'm not a fan, but the pieces are interesting to look at. I wonder who their customers are?

I want those tights, it's like a sheer combination of black and white.

I'm always a fan of aqua blue it's universally flattering. I think this was a good collection for Balmain, a great use of glitter, studs, shapes and jewel tones.

I can just picture Cate Blanchett wearing the dress on the left, she's fearless enough to pull it off.

Ice skating meets ballet?




issa said...

wow emma watson all grown up!! everyone looked absolutely fab at dior..

enc said...

Emma's doing well; I wonder if she styles herself, or if she's got someone helping her.

Anonymous said...

ooo the dior arrivals are hotter than dior, but i do like the current dior

WendyB said...

Love the Balmain pieces.

fashionista said...

Emma and Marion look gorgeousssss.
And Katy Perry...egads. Paris? Really?

(R)evolver74 said...

Love the rock chick look at Balmain.

fashion herald said...

you're right, those stockings are the perfect black sheer. Marion and Milla look the best.

Diana Coronado said...

Katy Perry is the best !!

Puebla Chic said...

dont you get a lil jelous of all the stars that get to go to all the diferents fashion week and sit front row?? I know I am, Im going to try my best to go the one in Mexico City...

LC said...

AAHH I LOVE THE BALLET DRESSES hahaha i really want one

Penny Lane said...

oh no! i feel so sorry for dita having to sit next to that katy perry.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ haha I thought the same thing!

Meyvelitepe said...

-I used to love Lilly Allen's style during the short period when she was in custody of Karl Lagerfeld. Now she just looks ragged and dusty.
-Milla looks good but that looks like something Cameron Diaz would wear, not her.
-You are right about Mischa.
-That horse lingerie is a bit perverted. It's something zoophiliacs would enjoy! (Ew)
-Cacharel: sooo pretty, love the looks!
-Nina Ricci tights: I've been looking for similar tights for months!
-Balmain-hot hot hot.

kokostiletto said...

holy crap i love that balmain collection!