CARLA BRUNI-SARKOZY. Aka the first lady of France. I love Carla, she just seems so down to earth and cool and it doesn't hurt that I love her music. It's also nice to see her wearing casual flats, and I like the new hair color on her.

LEIGHTON MEESTER IN NINA RICCI. Never has crushed velvet looked so good. (if that is crushed velvet)

VB. Those are some fierce latex boots. I see that her robo tits are at attention.

Only VB would wear boots with no heels.

MISCHA BARTON looks like some sort of a princess from the 1600s, all she needs is a unicorn. I think this look might be too much, it reminds me of sailor moon. Where's Darien (Tuxedo mask)?

SOLANGE. It would not be a complete post without her. She likes to bring out the 'crazy' in fashion. That dress looks like something I wore during Christmas 1996 or something.

SIENNA MILLER. Sounds like she's moved on to a new man. She sure loves to live up to her nickname.

DREW BARRYMORE. I think she's the cutest person ever, I have so many of her movies at home. I hear she's in a feud with Kiki because she's supposedly doing the nasty with Drew's ex Justin Long.

RIHANNA. She's the only one that could pull off this many trends at the same time. Warning, this is not to be attempted in real life.

MARY-KATE OLSEN. Does Mary-Kate have a body? She's always hiding under so many layers. I know it's her style, but I think she's got body issues.

HALLE BARRY AND NAHLA. (And her mom and bodyguard) She's such an adorable baby, glad Halle isn't looking grumpy anymore.

LINDSAY LOHAN. Her hair seems to be darker to me now, looks a lot better.

So if you haven't heard Lindsay and Samantha have confirmed their relationship. Well yeah tell us something we didn't already know.

KATE MOSS. I really love her new hair cut. Much better.

If your wondering, I didn't buy anything from the Kate Moss collection when I was at Topshop. It was crap, I didn't think any of the pieces were worth my money. I much preferred some of the stuff she had done in the past. The only item I was considering was the cardigan she has on in that picture, but in the end I could not picture myself wearing hearts.

DAKOTA FANNING. She's grown up right before our eyes.

RUMER WILLIS. So while I was away Rumor changed her hair again. *Looks away*

She looks like a broke down version of Ashlee Simpson. Can't this girl stick to a hair style? Maybe she's trying to find something to suit her, I much preferred the shoulder length straight hair she had before.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA. OMG her hair isn't even blonde anymore it's white! I see she's been experimenting with her clown makeup again.

MICHELLE WILLIAMS. I can't put my finger on it, but I just don't like this look. It's not terrible or bad, but I don't like it.


BILSON. Somebody burn those trash bag dresses and skirts.
I'm going to form a society, Women Against Trash Bag Dresses. We'll be called The WATBD.

Rachel promoting her clothing line.

I don't like the last jacket at all, it looks ill fitting and badly made. Will you be buying her stuff?

FERGIE. Great look, totally something I would wear.

VANESSA HUDGENS. If you look closely at the pictures you'll see how terrible her lipstick is. Get a mirror girl, it's not like you can't afford it.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE. 19 going on 40.

JENNIFER LOEPZ. How ever Sophia Loren of her.

KERRY WASHINGTON. Now this is how you do black and white. How classy.

That's some dress.

KERRY IN MISSONI. This is a great color for her, I've been obsessed with mint green and ice blue lately.

ZOE KRAVITZ. My style muse. Who's not obsessed with this skirt? I think you can easily find a similar pattern at a thrift sore and make something similar. Skirts are some of the easiest things to make yourself.

Another Charlie Chaplin hat!

PARIS HILTON. She actually looks good here, I have to admit the girl can pull off bright vibrant colors plus she has the confidence. I can't believe she and Benji are still dating, I guess she has turned her life around.

ANNE HATHAWAY IN MARCHESA. I love this dress, it would take a tall person to pull off such a straight cut. I'm glad she didn't wear any jewelry because the dress is busy enough as it is.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY. I have a confession, for years now I've been on a quest to find a necklace similar to hers. It's clearly very meaningful since she's been wearing it for as long as I've known of her existence. I've found some on eBay, but it's not close enough for me.

I don't know if this is MJ or not, but it looks very MJ esque.

How does she always look so chic? My hero!

She's riding a fine line with this almost trash bag dress. I'm going to have to stick the WATBD on her.


I've come back from my trip and these two baffons are still together? Sometimes life just isn't fair. While I can appreciate them visiting sick kids, but can they just stop turning everything into a photoshoot? I'm sure those kids have better things to do then to watch The Hills.

Somebody thought it was a good idea to put pictures up of these two. Inflate their egos even more...

Something about periwinkle purple is so childish to me.

Happy Brithday Lo!

I know Whitney is tall, but I think those pants are just too much.

Glad to see she's still dating the hottie!

I'm not against tattoo's I've got a couple myself, but I can't help but think how much prettier Audrina's sister would be without them. Audrina really likes her new tits doesn't she?

To one of the hottest men that's ever lived, your sauces will always be stocked in my cupboards.


Penny said...

i did kind of resent Christina Aguilera when she had her 50s phase, because you could tell it was so fake and just her stylists idea, but i have to admit, it was better than any other styles she's had. including this one!

enc said...

Ahhhh, this post was a welcome diversion from the latest news stories.

WendyB said...

I love that Posh did those shoes.

this wheel's on fire said...

you're back!!
great post as usual, very old school sarcasm :) love it

i miss paul newman already *tear*

on a bitchy note: WTF! is it me or are heidi and spencer trying to do the john lennon famous "imagine" picture? wouldn't put it past them

glad you're back!!

issa said...

oh so glad you're back!!! i totally got the sailormoon reference! and carla bruni-sarkozy is absolutely fabulous!!!

Diabolina 3.1 said...

YAY your back! Btw, the dress on Keira isn't MJ it's Phillip Lim :)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ haha yeah I figured that out, thanks!

Key said...

hi jen!
nice to see you back and safe!
seems like you have a blast time.
nice stuff you bought.

fashionista said...

I want to slap Heidi Montag. I swear. She bothers me so much.

carleen said...

rupert friend, keira knightley's boyfriend, is my hero and fashion icon! he is sooo good looking

j'aime said...

glad to see you back!

For reference, the dress kiera knightly is wearling (the blue patterned one) is a fan dress by 3.1 by phillip lim


Dropsofglamour said...

I love Keira's Philip Lim dress and the look is a lot more ladylike than i'm used to seeing on her. I really sdmire her sense of style.

I miss Paul Newman too...as much as you can miss someone you never met. My friends always thought it was weird that me being 24, spent my time collecting his movies. He was the only 83 year old I could ever marry, lol!! A truly great man and my favourite actor ever!

pimprenelle said...

Ahahah your comments just made me almost pee on myself in laughter.
Totally agree with garbage clothes, I've bought this puffy garbage fabric skirt a few years ago and I really, really can't bring myself around to wearing it.
Garbage fabric should be burnt.
Posh looks hilariously robotic as per usual, but I love her fashion courage.
I finally found out how to put links on my blog, so you're now on my blog list yippee.

M said...

I love your humour.
Very detailed post, I like <3

copperoranges said...

so much to look at it and comment on!

1. i figured kate moss' pieces would be total garbage. i agree with saving your money!

2. why does jlo always seem to look "in costume"?

3. i love your kerry washington pics!

Dane said...

Posh is totally out of this world for being able to walk in those boots.. and Keira's style is so effortlessy chic.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i caught up on celeb stories.... : ) SG can always count on your for that.

Juliet said...

Nice to have you back! Missed these long posts of yours.

juliet xxx

June said...

I just loved this post!!! I'm so glad you're back. MIssed You!!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ missed you all too, so much!!

Make Do and Mend said...

At last the joy of your long posts and commentary. Glad you got a Rumer dig in!!! My fav...
Love Carla B too still haven't listened to her music, don't know why I'm resisting.

Mel said...

Jen! omg you're back. OMG OMG. haha i'm so excited and jaw dropping right now to see your new updates! :) whoo. haha you're too funny, i love how honest you are e.g. with mischa's witch/charlie chapman hat etc etc SO true though. loving your blog, as always!



Diana Coronado said...

You are always with great compilations !!
A hug !!