I did a test pack last night for my mini backpacking trip next week I'll be going to London, Dublin, Barcelona, Paris and Brussels (Only for the day though - Brussels). My bag is basically the big purple backpack and the small black Mountain Co one as my daypack. I've had to make a lot of sacrifices because I want to have plenty of room to bring stuff back from shopping since the airline I'm travelling with only allows one pieces of luggage. I haven't packed my best clothes really, just the comfiest which is necessary considering the circumstance. (by the by, that's not my correct address on the tag, for all your would be creepy stalkers;))

After agonizing for a couple of hours I've narrowed it down to what includes the four rows above I think I did a good job. What I packed: Jovovich-Hawk for Target dress, American Apparel skirt, Old Navy skinny & Gap Jeans, H & M Bermuda shorts, Vintage floral tank, Cotton on Top, 2 American Apparel Cardigans, Marc Jacobs T-shirt, American Apparel Tshirt, American Apparel hoodie, Forever 21 sweater coat, Target Australia beach shorts, Cotton on rain coat, Talullah / Arizia ruffle tank, Smart Set black skirt, H & M long sleeved grey top, Urban Outfitters cardigan, Old Navy black dress, Gap yellow top, Jacob leggings, Old Navy rugby sweater, PJs (Target Australia), swimwear (Seafolly), 2 beret hats (Sportsgirl & Ebay), 2 scarves (Winners & H & M) and 1 fringe scarf (Sportsgirl) .

I packed a lot of my American Apparel stuff because I know they won't wrinkle!



I was on a quest yesterday to find comfortable shoes to walk in all day while I was in Europe, I never thought I would end up with 'granny' shoes. They are so freaking comfortable, that's the only thing that really gives them away. They look great on!

The price was even cheaper when I got to the cash only 14.99 at Sears.


One of my favorite fashion bloggers Lisa from Lisa's Place.

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michelle said...

The trip sounds AMAZING. And those shoes are fantastic, of course x)

M said...

i'm really liking those kind of shoes too! but i have a question..where did you get that brown handbag in your first pic? i loveee it!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...


M said...

oh, thanks! i'm gonna go check it out soon!

(R)evolver74 said...

How long you gonna be gone?? Looks like you've covered all 4 seasons with that luggage!!!

Have fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not great at packing, but you seem to have done quite well, hope you have lots of fun

Wendy said...

Can I join you for the trip? Please?!

The Clothes Horse said...

Love white sneakers. Hate packing. Love travel. Sigh.

Debbie Shiamay said...

Those girls really make the shoes look great.

and i HATE packing. I get major headaches... I wish i could just bring my entire wardrobe with me all the time lol.

Candace said...

I love the inside of the shoe! :)

I was gonna buy me some grasshoppers too...but I wanted blue and they didn't have em!

kokostiletto said...

have fun on your trip!!!

those shoes may be granny - but they are going to be COM.FOR.TA.BLE

lock lily allen f*ck u very much!!!!!!!!!

Aliena said...

You'll have a great time!!! I left you a weather report in my blog, but you'll be ok if you are kitted out for LOndon and Dublin... I've really enjoyed the granny shoes pics!

Make Do and Mend said...

Oh what fun the ready to go!
I'm emailing you a shopping list based on your style loves - in case no chance to meet up. Plus best shop prices in which cities. thanks for confirming it was Ottawa - I thought so I was there for two weeks once!

Nick the Grocer said...

im so bad at packing. i just dont know what im thinking when i do it.
oh i think that lily allen is called
guess who batman instead.

Eelie said...

You are so insanely lucky to be visiting these places. I shall be wholed up in the uni libraries possibly imploding from all the tesxts :( I think you did a marvelous job in decreasing your travel ttore to the 4 rows, i hope you have an exciting adventure! Take many pics along the way and post them so we can all see!!!

Dropsofglamour said...

Lol! I see you've got a raincoat...great plan for London and Dublin.

Dropsofglamour said...
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EMS said...

well i live in england, near london
and at the moment the wether is horrid, so i'd bring a 'brolly or mac.
Dublin is brillinant I love going to Ireland, and be warned it rains there alot too.
Brusseles is gorgeous, i went round in a horse drwan carriage, it was amazing I really recomend it.
Paris is beautiful also, so make sure your camra has plenty of memory because thats wear I took abaout a 1000 photos.
I've never been barcelona, but i've been spain a few times, just make sure to watch out for your bag and bum lol.
I hope i've helped you a little, and love your blog, i've linked it.
have a good time :)

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

owh!!love to have the holidays!!

Sunniva said...

haha I've got white (well, they're all dirty now :p) granny shoes too, and I just love them! Lisa wears them so well.
And your trip sounds so amazing, I hope you have the BEST of times!


pinup_girl said...

Oh your trip sounds so much fun! I can't wait for you to tell us all about it when you're back. Cute shoes too.

Ediot said...

but! why not go to sweden?
you are very welcome- to gothenburg :)
take care.
and have a great trip

Cate said...

wow, that trip sounds cool! right you are for packing only your comfiest clothes. to be honest, i never "waste" much time on fashion when i'm on holiday... but hey, as you'll be going to all those fabulous cities, maybe we'll see you on a street style blog! but all your comfy stuff looks fabulous, and you'll look fabulous in it too, i'm sure!
and i love the granny shoes. i love them. i don't know why they're called "granny" shoes - the many ways in which you can style them are so absolutely anything but granny! Lisa from Lisa's Place is so stylish! she's swedish, isn't she? swedish girls are sooo stylish, always!

The Seeker said...

I hate to pack. I always pack more things than I need, but I always think that I might need all things.

Have a nice trip, enjoy your holidays and have fun!


issa said...

i'm jealous!!! you'll have a fantastic time!! and comfy shoes on european travels is an absolute must!!

Imelda said...

Enjoy your trip, sounds great! I'll be going to london 2 in about 2 weeks!
And I love your granny shoes, I have a similar pair and they're so comfortable!

coco said...

I hope you have a great trip.
The shoes remind me of Keds, but nicer.

fashion herald said...

have a great time! those granny shoes are adorable.

Seraphine said...

i think if you are seeing all those places in one day, you need a jet pack. have a great time!

sydneydoll said...

thats such a good idea to do a test pack.

im awful with packing.
its good you were able to cut some down.

Isa Han said...

Are you going to update while on vacation?

this wheel's on fire said...

ah, packing. i ALWAYS forget something :(

KiKi said...

I love the shoes and you are so lucky have fun on your trip


liking the white shoes,they are so versatile! can be paired with anything,good luck with your trip,it sounds fun. I hope you have a great time.

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

I so need some granny shoes!! Good job packing, have a fabulous time!

Silvana* said...

ive been off blogger for a while!
but i had to tell you, i hated those granny shoes too, but i still got ones! theyre all black and i realized theyre really populr in spain!