DAISY LOWE (Aka Gavin Rossdale's daughter) IN GILES. I actually appreciate this dress more with the ruffles then on the Runway.

DAISY AND HER BOYFRIEND MARC RONSON. He wears the skinny tie so well.

LILY ALLEN. She cleans up well.


SJP wore the same dress in the June issue of Vogue.

THANDIE NEWTON. Fucking finally, where has she been hiding herself all this time? Don't ever do this to me again...but you probably will.


This dress is insane and sort of scandalous, but if anybody can pull it off it's her.

LIZ HURLEY. You have to have confidence to wear this kind of dress, because all eyes are on your chest!


RONAN KEATING AND HIS WIFE YVONNE / JAMIE WINSTONE. I don't know who Jamie is really besides that she's an actress, but I love her shoes and dress.


NATALIE PORTMAN. If I could trade lives with anyone it would be her, everyone seems to adore her, how nice.

NATALIE IN RODARTE. Now that is what pulling off a runway dress looks like.

Love the combination of this navy blue and vibrant purple.

Rolled jeans! I want want want her t-shirt.

KATIE HOLMES. I really like the cropped leather jacket, something different from the norm. Can't say the same about her sunglasses, I think they look silly on her.

Another day, another pair of rolled jeans.

Something about that coat just isn't quite right.

MICHELLE OBAMA IN THAKOON. She will make a super stylish first lady. No doubt.

THE HILTON SISTERS. You can really tell how different they are from each other in the picture on the left.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY. I was debating if I should get an animal print scarf or not, but I thought the look was sort of dead. Keira makes me hot for it again.

NICOLE RICHIE. I always thought those kinda fringe shawls were for Granny's and hippies, but Nicole makes it look desirable.

SIENNA MILLER. Why does she always look confused and like she's just wandering around?
I've seen her with that pink bag a few times. I'm not normally a huge fan of pink, but I'm really lusting after this bag.


LALA LOHAN AND HER MAIN FEMALE. So instead of attending her grandfathers funeral Lohan was too busy partying with Samantha and writing about her polical views on her Myspace blog. Classy. I don't care how much you hate your dad, ins't that a bit harsh?

KIKI DUNST. It looks a little grade 3 picture day to me.

I wonder if this dress is vintage?

LEONA LEWIS. She should have lost the leggings here.

HILARY DUFF. That's a seriously chunky necklace. Thoughts?

Love the look, especially the earrings. This looks a little closer to her old style circa 2006 early 2007. I miss it.

GOLDEN BROOKS. She looks ok, but why do people insist on wearing trash bag dresses?

CATE BLANCHETT. She looks great as always, but the colors seem a bit off for this time of the year.
MADONNA. The ferocity factor is out of control. Her face is sort of frozen in time though...

DIANE KRUGER IN DIOR. Nothing about Diane surprises me anymore. Is there anything she can't pull off?

KYLIE MINOGUE. New darker and longer hair. Nice change!

KIM KARDASHIAN. This look reminds me of See By Chloe from a few seasons ago.


JESSICA ALBA. I wonder if her daughter will be as grouchy as she is?

HEIDI AND HENRY. I wish Heidi was my mom! She does seem like she would be strict though...

CHRIS NOTH AND CANADIAN GIRLFRIEND TARA WILSON. How cute is their son? Chris looks really happy.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA AND MAX. Up close it actually looks like Christina has freckles, which is cute. You can hardly tell with all that clown makeup she paints on her face.

He's adorable.

Wow, she's got an incredible bod, for having a baby not long ago. Sheesh!

SELEMA GOMEZ. She actually makes those plain yellow thongs look really cool.

KATE MOSS. How to dress like her in three steps. A) Blazer b) Ankle boos C) Skinny jeans

ASHLEY TISDALE. Why does she always insist on wearing logos everywhere? It's so tacky, we already know you have money. Just when I thought her style was getting better...

LAUREN CONRAD AND WHITNEY PORT. The stripper heels again? How does she walk in those? OMG! Love Whitney's shoes though, are they not amazing? I don't know if they are Chloe, but they are of similar style.

TARYN MANNING. If you get to see more of this girl, you'll notice that she exudes 'cool'. I still have the Boomkat cd I bought years ago.

RIHANNA. Louis Vuitton Camo is everywhere. Not sure how I feel about the scarf, one minute I love it, the next I think it looks awful.




WendyB said...

Lots of good outfits in this one.

SET said...

HILARY DUFF chunky necklace is hot. Whitney shoes are hot, think chloe. Jessica Alba needs to chill. I have a very similar trech in black. Madonna look?????????????
Liz Hurley shows off her assets all the time.

(R)evolver74 said...

I adore Natalie Portman....that lacy dress is gorgeous...same w/ Diane Kruger...

jayne said...

great inspiration

nat rocked every outfit

love kiki's potential vintage dress

i never realized daisy lowe was gavin's daughter haha forgot about that scandal lol

Blakk said...

Daisy lowe looks hot, I love that dress

Im also loving hilary duff, that look is defo casual chic and yeah im feeling the chunky chain and the hat as well

Taryn looks reall cool, I love what shes wearing, her sgoes are gorge

Aliena said...

So many hot looks together!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i like katie's short leather jacket too. quite savvy.

Fashion Tidbits said...

what's NOT to love about Ms. Portman???!!!

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

DIANE KRUGER looked absoutly amazing...Thandie looked a HAM...I love christina, she looked fab and the baby s so so cute

Dropsofglamour said...

Hilary seems to be all about the chunky necklace lately. I love Natalie Portman's T-shirts, do you know where they are from?

Ediot said...

i love siennas style-about the comfusion- i think its all the paps-.all over her.. she probably needs to find a way to leave without them ahead of her.. and i really like the bag :)
thanks for your ever so interesting posts

Seraphine said...

i want people to refer to me as 'the body.' lol
i heard from somewhere today that lindsay 'lala' lohan is going to be in ugly betty this upcoming season?

coco said...

I don't think it is that bad Lindsay skipped the funeral. People can say goodbye in their own ways I guess.
I think Cam and Paul look good together. Better than him and Jen anyway.

I can see what I can do about a post for you. Maybe in hit and miss style? Are you excited for your trip?

issa said...

HA i love the description of natalie portman! everyone one does adore her! including me.. and it sure would be nice.

Sunniva said...

Oh I adore Sienna's bag so much too!!

this wheel's on fire said...

whoah i want whitney's legs!!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Great post (as always)... I wish I was rich so that I could buy that Valentino bag.
Secondly, you're totally right about Natalie Portman, and her hair looks so good right now.
Thirdly, I also love Whitney's shoes...those are incredible! and such a pretty colour!

Secret Agent said...

Nice post... everything looks good and all the ladies look super hot...Daisy Lowe especially. Quite jealous of Mark Ronson.
Natalie Portman also looks hot. I'd much prefer her in the casual outfit.