Kmart here in Canada went bankrupt years ago, so imagine my surprise when I moved to Australia and found it there. I definitely prefer shopping at Target of Kmart, but there is no doubt which is cheaper.

You have to have a small boysih body to buy swimwear from Kmart in my opinion.

The dress on the right is very cute, I would definitely wear it.

I think you can definitely tell someof these outfits came from Kmart, but with the right confidence and and style you can definitely pull it off. At least they are trying to give Target a bit of competition.


enc said...

I had no idea K-Mart did fashion shows. They're not a big presence where I live; Wal-Mart has a stranglehold on the local community here, and they couldn't do this.

Aliena said...

I had no idea either but some of the looks are very good! I really enjoyed the post.