IVANKA TRUMP. I'm a fan of this girl, she's gorgeous, smart and she knows how to dress. I think the brown shoes are a great mix with this mini dress, and it's unexpected.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA. When was the last time we saw her without her clown makeup on? She's looking better then usual though, but I would re-think the shoes.

HILARY SWANK. She cut off all her hair again? I think it makes her look way older!

ALI LARTER. Beach girl gone wrong, I just don't like it. She probably should have gone for more casual jewelry.
HAYDEN PANETTIERE. When was the last time she went to an event with her hair down? That dress was risky for her, but I think it's too short.

KATE WALSH. There's too much darkness here, the shoes, the hair, the dress and the tan. It doesn't look bad or anything, but I think silver shoes would have brightened things up.

LUCY LIU. Those YSL pumps are so popular! Maybe there will be knock offs coming to a store near you. Lucy looks good, but not her usual extravagant self.


90210 PARTY

SHENAE GRIMES. Lace lace lace, it's everywhere lately! I love lace because it's romantic, young and refreshing looking. I would love this dress or something similar for myself.

JESSICA STROUP. Beachy maxi dresses are still all the rage...maybe they will be there next summer? I would have liked to see her with some very blue makeup around the eyes.

JENNIE GARTH. The dress is saved by the black cuff, it makes it edgier. I don't like the eye shadow though, she should have gone with something smokier.

LORI LAUGHLIN. What an ugly dress and what blocky shoes. The shoes are ok, just not with that dress.

SHANNEN DOHERTY. I guess everyone is afraid of her or something? I watched some of the original show, but I was too young to understand what was going on at the time. Hopefully she can maintain herself this time. I think her look is great, actually I love it.

SIENNA MILLER. Love this edgy two tone swimsuit and the bangles are a nice touch.


KATIE HOLMES. Another day another pair of rolled jeans. Her robot settings must be stuck on repeat.

Wow are these two morphing into each other? Freakish!!

ALEXA CHUNG. One of my favorite fashionistas. her style is so close to mine.


JESSICA SIMPSON. How is her country album doing anyway? I feel bad for this girl, hopefully somebody gives her a break soon. I really like this top, and I normally don't like much of what she has on.

NICKY HILTON. Mmm love studs. studs studs studs!! Get your 90s bedazzlers out!


MILEY CYRUS. First Chanel Iman, now Miley in those boots? What do we think?

ASHLEY SIMPSON. In Toronto promoting the Zellers request line. Zellers sucks when it comes to fashion, why can't they be more like Target? They are virtually the same store. Well it's an effort I guess...

VIVICA A. FOX. She looks good here, but she's trying too hard with the stepford wives hairdo.

CHRISTINA MILIAN. Tweed and alligator skin? Never thought I would ever see this combination.

KARL LAGERFELD AND SON SEBASTIAN. How does he wear all that bling in the heat?

"When the famous toy brand, Margarete Steiff, allows itself to produce the first ever "couture" teddy bear, it 's with the master of today's luxury Karl Lagerfeld. A unique and unusual collaboration that shows us, one more time, how Lagerfeld is always on the avant garde. Steiff keeps on the innovation and brings you the first teddy bear made for older kids."


JESSICA ALBA. Thank God she's looking miserable, all of that smiling at the ALMA Awards was so fake.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY. Love the humpty dumpty pants, I have to get a pair.

GUESS WHO RAIDED AMERICAN APPAREL? HEIDI MONTAG. On the set of her 80s style music video for her single Overdosin' . I guess MTV has given her some money and she no longer has to shoot them herself with Spencer.


HSM3 PARTY. Where is Vanessa Hudgens?



Dear God, let me look that good when I'm 50. Amen.




WendyB said...

LOL @ "Thank God she's looking miserable"! I love Christian Milian's dress.

1234 said...

madonna is so freaking hot. she has the heart sunglasses! and what the hell was heidi thinking??

Ediot said...

What a great entry- ive been away for a week-all dried up from fashionnews and celebpics. you really gave me my dose! great!
and by the way- do you know how one can become a member of fashionspot? i saw you put an entry there.. take care and have a great day!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I'll send you an invite when i get in from work.

Ediot said...

soundS grReat. been wanting to join it for quite a while.
take care
so long

jayne said...

lucy lui looks great, classy with a bit of edge

rachel mcadams looks really sweet and fresh and always

love sia!

Seraphine said...

miley's boots. you have to forgive her because of her age. on anyone older, however, they look awful.

Make Do and Mend said...

Lots of Madonna crotch shots - not sure about the look even though she's is in fine shape it's a bit scary!

Make Do and Mend said...

Lots of Madonna crotch shots - not sure about the look even though she's is in fine shape it's a bit scary!

Juliet said...

it is sad Christina is back to her ugly-makeup days, she has a baby, shouldn't look like a slut.

juliet xxx

Emily said...

poor poor heidi montag! you gotta hand it to her for how hard she tries. sadly, that's the biggest turn-off ever!

The Seeker said...

Hmmm... what a great post, full of information.
Thanks for all the work.


fashion herald said...

oh, miley, no to the boots with that dress. or maybe just no to the boots, but she is a teen. Heidi's video, the horrors!

rosie. said...

thank you for the comment!

xx, rosie

this wheel's on fire said...

ewwww heidi

Jennifer Stoddart said...

omg! could Heidi Montag be any more irritating? barf is right...

Key said...

first question:
where is vanessa hudgens!?? :O
why she´s not with Zac??

second question:
Karl has a son!? :O i though he was gay... :S
His teddy bear is so cute! i want one!!! :D