My boyfriend came home with the September issue of Vogue yesterday to cheer me up since I was having a particularly hellish week at work. I could not believe how thick it was, he calls it "The phone book". 798 pages of fashion goodness, of course three quarters of those pages are ads ;)

tries to show us that high end designer looks can be wearable if you have the right attitude and confidence.

I love the Fall Prada lace looks. I love lace in general, it's always romantic and instantly stylish when done right.

IN LANVIN. Who knew stripes could look this dressy?

YSL. One glove, is that a new trend? Like the single earring a couple of years back? Would you ever wear long gloves with a short cocktail dress?

MICHAEL KORES. I think this outfit on the runway is tragic, but it's saved with the gold shoes, gloves and simple black bag. This just shows how important accessories are to an outfit.

LOUIS VUITTON. The dresses from this collection are so wearable, thank you Marc. Not everything has to be heavily constructed, beaded and over the top.

MIU MIU. You can't see it in this picture but the top has the "KK" initials on the side just like Vanessa had VP in the Miu Miu ads. I would be impresses if I saw any celebrities actually strutting items for this disastrous collection. I didn't know Miu Miu was converting into sportswear ;)

DRIES VAN NOTEN. Those shoes!

PRADA. When I first saw the skirt I thought it was from the Jean Paul Gauthier couture line, it's so identical.

CHANEL. Probably one of my favorites out of all the looks. I want those tights, but they are probably 500$, and I wonder how long it will take before they have a massive hole in them?

THAKOON. Last time I wrote about Thakoon, I mentioned how this collection was pretty shady. It was a combination of things many previous designers had done, the dress is totally Marc by Marc Jacobs fall, what about the Balenciagaesque shoes and floral prints? Although it was well done and I love all the pieces, I'm amazed at how much acclamation he's gotten for this particular line.

BALENCIAGA. I would have liked to see the curves of this dress more in this picture.

MARNI. Always doing color block, I guess it's their thing. I don't think Marni has gotten enough credit and exposure lately.

DIOR. It's not the exact same one in the picture, but you get the point.





Would you wear these?



I've always admired Peruvian style, the woman are always dressed so brightly and colorful! You can draw inspiration from all aspects of their clothing, but I am particularly fond of these purses & clutches from Graceoliver.com. They've also been recently featured in Teen Vogue



GOLDEN BROOKS. Golden gets better as the years go by. I wish they would bring back Girlfriends, it was one of my favorite shows.

CHRISTINA MILIAN. The silver grey and white, I don't get it. I don't like this look at all and I think maybe she's wearing a bit too much makeup.

NICKY HILTON. This Herve Leger dress does wonders for her body.

PARIS HILTON. I don't like the way the dress is puckered up on the side, and what's the beaded thing on the shoulder, plus that strange necklace. It all just doesn't go, Paris is a trend mess as usual.

TILA TEQUILA AND GF COURTNAY SEMEL. Yes not Courtney, Courtnay! She's Lindsay Lohan's ex and her father is the CEO of Yahoo! Poor girl, she's seriously fug, I have trouble looking at her face. And normally I can find beauty in almost anything...God help her.



MARIAH CAREY & NICK CANNON /MARY J. BLIGE. Wow, this outfit is in the top for the best Mariah has looked in a long time. The dress is still super short though, typical Mariah. I would be nice to see her in something more covered up for once. What's wrong with a cute maxi dress?

KELLY RIPA AND HUSBAND MARK CONSUELOS. This print is gorgeous. Mark's jeans are way too baggy though, his outfit would have been nice if the jeans were more fitting.

CIARA & LL COOL J / STAR JONES. Maxi dresses galore! Star is actually looking pretty good...well for her. What's with the open mouth pout though? You'll never be sexy star, sorry to say. And Ciara, please fix your roots.

KATHY & RICK HILTON / MARY J BLIGE & KENDU. Everytime I see pictures of Kathy she's always wearing a long flowing top, what's wrong with a cute pant suit



CHANEL IMAN. I didn't mind those boots when she wore them last week, but they really don't go with that dress.

ESTELLE IN BASSO & BROOKE. That dress is not cute and I don't like what it's doing to her tits.

ANTM GIRLS JASLENE & TOCCARA. Jaslene is so frail, it's crazy! Her body actually scares me, especially when she exposes her midriff, she needs to keep that shit covered.

TRACEE ELLIS ROSS. How very Ashley Olsen of her. Love Tracee's quirky style, I wrote about it a few weeks ago. (Search her name on the top right hand side)

CASSIE IN ELIZABETH AND JAMES. The Olsen's clothing line is getting so popular, especially the feather pieces. I though they were disastrous when I first saw them, but worn correctly (Like above) it's not half bad.

TAMEKA FOSTER. Usher's lady is looking less fug then normal, she pulled out all her fashion cards here.




Today's Celeb Style: She's reinvented herself probably more then any other woman on the planet, let's take a moment to reflect.

I'll always have a soft spot for the Material Girl video and song.

How can we forget the Jean Paul Gauthier cone bra?
I actually really liked Madonna with dark hair, I think she should dye it back because it would make her look a little younger. At the same time though, she was meant to be blonde.

Look at those eyebrows! My boyfriend could not believe that it was her!

One of my favorite dresses from Madonna is the one she wore on the right, I probably would not have matched the shoes though.

The Frozen, gothic days.

Dancefloor queen.

Madonna lends her style skills to H & M.

Madonna is supposedly adopting another baby called Mercy from Malawi.

The last couple of years she's been stepping out in daring designer gowns.

Today: Hip Hop Madonna



ASHLEE SIMPSON & NICOLE RICHIE. I didn't think these two ever talked. I guess they have something in common now, they are both mothers. I really like the way Nicole's hair is braided, maybe I should try it for work on Monday.

Why can't I find boots like this anywhere in this city? Thank God I'm going to Europe in three weeks, I can imagine all the goodies that are awaiting me.

Who is that tank top by? I'm obsessed with it, it's official.

She looks so much like Joel, I love babies with chubby cheeks. So cute!

This look is almost like a very demure Anna Sui.

SAMANTHA RONSON. She was in Montreal to play the store opening of the H & M on St-Catherine's street last week. Apparently she was on her phone the whole time and acted pretty much uninterested. I guess us Canadians are not cool enough for her :/

SAMANTHA AND LALALA LOHAN. I wonder what Sam is checking out?

LALALA LOHAN IN PHILIP LIM 3.1 She manages to make this classy top look kinda trashy. The YSL pumps don't seem to go with this look at all.

KATE HUDSON. Rachel wore this skirt earlier this week and now Kate. I love it so much, it seems so comfortable. If I could find a similar fabric I would love to make it myself.

I admire Samantha's amazing array of vintage Tshirts.

MARIAH CAREY. Apparently she needs help doing everything. How sad. Remember the straw incident?

MARY KATE AND HER FRIENDS. Interesting friends...they sort of remind me of trashy annoying hipsters. Hopefully that's not really the case...

MISCHA BARTON. Two words: Hot Mess. I have this strange pet peeve when it comes to fashion, I hate prints of food, fruits, veggies whatever I think it's stupid.

I have to admit I went ape shit when I saw this dress, it's too cute. Mischa is obviously enjoying being slim again, but I thought she was hotter and more appealing with curves.

It must be nice to shop all the time without worrying about the price tag.

SPOTTED: KEIRA KNIGHTLEY IN INDONESIA. I've been wondering where she has been hiding. I miss my Keira, even with that horrible verbal diarrhea she suffers from.

OBAMA IN HAWAII. Barack spends time in his place of brith with his daughters. They are so cute!

THE OTHER KK SISTERS. Kylie and kendel and their mom Kris. BRUCE JENNER & KHLOE

KIM KARDASHIAN. I think the Fendi bag is too casual for this dress.

THE KKK SISTERS. I think Kourtney dresses the worst out of them all, I just don't get her style. Khloe comes in first and Kim in second, they both know how to dress their bodies.

BEYONCE. Yeah we see you. That is such a cute hoodie, I love her entire look. I have the feeling she's going through some style changes because she's been dressing so much better lately. More toned down and lest glitzy.

ISLA FISHER AND OLIVE. She's such a sweet little thing, she looks like her mom. So when is she and Borat going to get married? It seems like they've been engaged forever.

GABRIELLE UNION. She has such an amazing presence on the red carpet. As cliche as it sounds, she wears they clothes they don't wear her.

NATALIE PORTMAN. If I could switch my life with anyone it would probably be her. It must be nice to be loved, respected and admired by all.

ASHLEY TISDALE. God damn, when does she not carry a Louis Vuitton bag? Give it a fucking rest.


AUDRINA. I don't often go gaga for Audrina's clothes, but that top would be perfect for clubbing.

LAUREN CONRAD. Another high waisted skirt?

HILARY DUFF. I'm not sure if that skirt is Herve Leger, but it sure does look similar in style.

TAMARA MOWRY. This dress suits her, and it looks effortless. I like it when people wear simple, easy, no fuss clothes.

SURI CRUISE. She looks like she's got a bit of a temper. It's a tough life being a robot baby.

BILSON. Everyone is wearing side braids lately.

EMMA ROBERTS AT THE DOLLY TEEN AWARDS. Australia's answer to Seventeen magazine is Dolly, I have a couple of issues and it's ok. Emma's dress is a miss for me, it reminds me too much of a trash bag. Why do people insist on wearing this kind of fabric?

NEWS: Ellen and Portia got married! Congrats!



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Make Do and Mend said...

Lovely catch up post.
Great Madonna pics even though I think she should go now and quietly and quckly!
Kiera K - why doe she bore me? She did nothing for those clothes.
Love the Graceoliver bags - fresh and fun.
Please let Suri have a gigantic temper!!

jayne said...

wow i really love the new vogue shoot, much better than I anticipated from the ugly cover! i can't decide which pic is my fav :)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-great post, loving Madonna here, a great tribute!!

emsie said...

I really like the thakoon keira shoot. Rachel Bilson's blue skirt is lovely - & I can't quite get enough of braids at the moment.

The Seeker said...

Thank you Jen for the interesting part of Vogue!!!

I loved this post, that was a lovely tribute to Madonna. Wow 50 years old and looking that good...


WendyB said...

Hey, Ciara's wearing the long version of my T-Bags dress. I didn't realize I was going to see that dress coming and going!

keira antoia rose said...

As much as I hate to say it I love Audrina's dress and Lauren's outfit. I think I'm starting to really like their style.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

keira antoia rose said...

Oh and Keira Knightley is gorgeous as always.

1234 said...

i think cocktail dresses with long gloves go marvelously together. i really dont like those boots chanel iman keeps sporting, a nice pair of heels would do so much better.

Jackie said...

Ooh, I cannot stand those Keira Knightley shots. There is something about her face and her hair in them that makes me sort of want to hurl.

And I cannot stand the Kim Kardashian shots either. I think it might have ruined the Brooke Shields pictures.

trendconsulting said...

sister and her little brother !
they were so cute both that i couldn't resist to take some photos of them
the beautiful sister was so protective that this photos means a lot for me : love, family and protection

cheers from Paris


(R)evolver74 said...

Nononono kim kardashian!!!

But I want that Dior on Kiera!!!! It's gorgeous!!

Lauren said...

I love the Keira Knightley shoot, I remember when she did Vogue a few years ago, the photos were taken in Africa and it was all safari inspired. And I'm with you on hating fruit prints, I definitely am not digging the weird strawberry dress.

copperoranges said...

keira totes could have been a model. she looks so natural in front of the camera. i dont find her beautiful, but the girl knows how to wear clothes.

i love KK's tribute to jeans! that is really neat. except that she looks like a full-figured eva longoria?

i would NOT wear the sock and shoe combo?? that's weird.

i feel like mark consuelos was looking for a way to look younger? i dont know why he'd wear such baggy jeans!

how did usher get stuck with TF? he could have done better i think.

i love that family portrait of madonna.

great post lady!

NewlyInspired said...

Lovely lovely lovely! Have fun in Europe!

di said...

I loved the photos of keira, and the chanel dress it gorgeous.

Kim kardashian mmm... theres still something that doesnt convince me.

And the marc shoes are so inovators i wish I could see them in person!

Candace said...

I just love ur funny comments to the celeb photos!! ;)

enc said...

I say "nay" to those new Calvin Klein jeans ad spinoffs. I prefer the originals.

we wear things said...

i adore kiera knightly!! what a fabulous shoot!


fashionista said...

I love when Keira does Vogue, even though she's on the cover of EVERY magazine and it gets a bit old...

Although I loathe Kim Kardashian, I think the Brooke Shields pictures are pretty cute!

Fashion Tidbits said...

side braids must be the "in" thing at the moment

Belinda said...

Absolutely love that YSL dress on Keira, as well as the vibrant Grace Oliver clutch. Must check out the website. :o)

Aliena said...

Not that I like Keira Knightley too much, but she does look amazing on thos pics! Great post!

alis said...

-I LOVE the Keira shoot, despite her head shape looking funny on the Balenciaga pic.
-Kim K NOOO. Brook Sheilds looks athletic, comfortable and effortless, Kim K looks like she's struggling to shape her body in those poses and keeping her butt off the ground.
-Sock shoes: ummm, no way.
-Nice collection of maxi dresses, I like Ciara's best.
-Estelle, bad dress, AWFUL necklace.
-I like all Nicole richie's looks. When did she get such amazing skin??
-I could swear the picture of MK and hispter friends was taken in the 90s, but alas, no.
-Mischa Barton=Minnie Mouse. I can't stand her.
-Keira, Kim(black dress),Beyonce look great.
-Emma Roberts' ugly dress is so not bugging me, what a beautiful smile she has.
-Olive looks like a cArtoon character, SO CUTE!
-Audrina's top looks like something Erin Wasson would wear, love it.
-I could barf on that camo LV, and even then it wouldn't look worse. The new it-bag of pretentious ppl.

ps:Buy Nicole's boots here, they are the cheapest, and ship to Canada.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

mimi and cannon look very happy

Juliet said...

i can't believe how long your posts are ! I made you one of my goddesses. The original ads with brook sheilds were so much better. Mariah and LiLo should go and see the mirror.
Keira looks amazing in those designs!

juliet xxx

Some Notes on Napkins said...

I love lauren conrads skirt! I am so guilty of overdoing the high waisted skirt shirt combo.

Penny said...

is that a U.S issue of Vogue? i love it when they show how wearable runway looks can be.
all those celebs have quite shiney faces!

Dapper Kid said...

Kiera looks fabulous, love the Miu Miu shot! Defo a NO to Kim K!! Love the Peruvian clutch, it looks funky and crazy in a good way :)

Siljesfashion said...

Great post! You alwasy write so savy and funny about the celebs, so I love coming here for a daily pick me up. Love Keira, cant wait to get the magazine out here.

The Seeker said...

Glad you liked my island :)
Well it has the both sides of the coin... Somethings good, like no polution, ever green, calm... but there're things I would like to have like good cinemas, cultural events, shoppings....

coco said...

Normally I don't like Beyonce's style but I liked what she wore this week.
And Natalie looked lovely in that dress. She has worn it before, it's always nice to see celebrities wear clothes again and again.

Savvy Mode SG said...

love the chanel dress. very very flattery. i don't like the lv camo bags... wtf.

Miss V said...

madonna is fantastic. let me know when you've added me toyour links thanks!!xx

LuLu124 said...

hi jen, woow what a loong fantastic post!!! i'm pretty sure i've linked you already, but if you want to make sure you can always check out my blog list :D thank you soo much for your comments and concern <333 yaay for keira fans!!! she's my favorite celeb, i just love her, and i can't wait to get my hands on that issue of vogue!!! :D xoxo, lulu

Kira Fashion said...

Great Peru and Madonna´s adds!!!

a kiss!!!

Jia & Monica said...

oh wow I love the shots of Kiera!!

Oh and if you are looking for Minnetonka moccasins, you can find them in Stance, Bayshore!

Jill said...

My favourite Kiera shot is of her in YSL. On the other hand not a fan of Kim Kardashian's ads. I would not wear the flats from MJ, I can buy my own socks. I agree that the crop top on Lohan looks trashy, but I really like the white dress Keira is wearing in the indonesia shots. Another great post.