EVA LONGORIA. She's hosting...AGAIN?

This dress is too long, the length below her knees is not good at all. I'm short too so I know how she feels, but she can't afford to have it hemmed a little? I like the rest of the look though...well except the mumsy shoes I just noticed.


EVA IN CAROLINA HERRERA. How very Sophia Loren.

EVA IN OSCAR DE LA RENTA. I have to say that in pretty much all instances I choose the runway over Eva. I know it's a bit unfortunate.

EVA IN EMANUEL UNGARO. Although I love the color, this dress hangs strangely on her. It could have been my favorite had it been worn right.

EVA IN GUSTAVO CADILE. I love the way her hair is styled here, it's so cute. This is my favorite look hands down for her. Plus it's in blush pink so you can't go too wrong.

EVA IN OSCAR DE LA RENTA. Love this blue dress, this is also a good look for her.

EVA IN SCHERER GONZALEZ. I loathe this color pink, you know the one with a hint of purple. It's all sorts of ugly! Eva tries to pull it off, but it's not quite working out.

EVA IN CARLOS MIELE. This could have been a good look, but unfortunately she doesn't pull it off. I believe this dress was made for someone very tall.



AMERICA FERRERA. Love love love this dress, she was in my top favorites of the night. I can't catch her on anything really it was perfect.

She could have also gone with gold accessories, but the ones she chose are just as good. I'm finally going to see the Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants tomorrow, yay!


ANA ORTIZ. America's co star in Ugly Betty. This dress sort of looks like a bad knock off of something Marchesa would make. I gave her three stars instead of two because I do like the color. The hair could use some help though...


JESSICA ALBA. My top favorite of the night along with America Ferrera. I love everything about the dress and the look. Can you believe she's actually looks happy? She probably has some device pinching her ass reminding her to smile extra hard.


PAULA ABDUL. WTF. She's taking the whole Latin lolita thing to the extreme. I have her half a star for creativity, but I wish I could even cut that star further in half.

CHERYL BURKE. I would have given her a four, but her hair cut and personality annoy me. She needs to change things up, quick!

DANIA RAMIREZ IN GUSTAVO CADILE. This dress is killer, even though I don't think she pulls it off 100% I gave her five stars anyway for having the guts to wear this color.
SOFIA VERGARA. Great shade of red. I'm not a fan of red on my skin tone, but I would consider wearing this one, in this style dress in particular.

MARISOL NICHOLS. This is such a beautiful dress, the color is striking. I think she made a perfect choice, and how cute is the neckline? The shoes are a miss though, she should have worn solid black ones.

DAISY FUENTES. Simple, classic and just pretty.

SCARLET ORTIZ. I didn't give her three stars because she has horrible bangs.

JUDY REYES. I appreciate that she took a risk and she pulled it off. This girl reminds me of Thandie Newton.

SHAKI. She normally wears pretty boring red carpet dresses, but this is amazing I'm glad that she's sticking to her style instead of forcing herself into a satin gown that doesn't suit her or her personality.
SELENA GOMEZ. Disney's new big thing. I would have given her five stars if this look didn't wash her out a little. I guess I always love a pop of color...maybe a red clutch? Is that too much? Maybe gold?

ASHLEY TISDALE. She's not completely over the top for once, yay! I like this sophisticated beachy look.

LANA PARRILA. This dress is gorgeous!! I also love the silk around the waist, and she manages not to make it look too 'Little Bo Peep'.

PERSIA WHITE. Wow she's gotten a lot more Tattos since Girlfriend's ended. I actually like the dress, but the hair is a mess!

JULIE GONZALOV IN GUSTAVO CADILE. I think this is the perfect white dress.

THE CHEETAH GIRLS. They are all a mess, and frankly I'm too lazy to go over their outfits. The group just isn't the same without Raven. I heard she left the 'group' because they were not getting along. I believe it, Adrienne and Kiely are evil little bitches, remember what they did to their former 3LW bandmate?

Ps. I'm making some small changes to Mahalo Fashion, depending on how you look at it. Regulars might take notice. As life changes other things must shift as well.




Nay'Chelle said...

Nice post. My favorite was Eva in Gustavo Cadile.

WendyB said...

I love Shakira. There's just something about her...

None of the dresses make me feel like running out and buying something.

carleen said...

I just really dislike eva's stylist, robert verdi. I never liked him because he DOES NOT dress people well! I think she needs someone like rachel zoe who deals with the more petite look!

fashion herald said...

yes, eva needs to dump that stylist.
love shakira, she looks so at ease in that dress.
hope all your changes are good!

KATLIN said...

Wait, are all those Eva pics from ONE night?? If so, geez she changes a lot and how do they switch her hair up so fast? Ana Ortiz's dress looks like it could have potential with some better construction and placement.

Lily said...

I am a fan of America Ferrera, and I really liked here outfit in the pic! the makeup was really pretty and fresh too. And the dress is supercute and fits her perfectly!

Aliena said...

My favourite of the night is America Ferrer, she's perfect! Dressed up, but not overdoing it and proud of her curver! 10/10. As for Eva, I like the blue one best.

Belinda said...

I think America is so beautiful and she looks absolutely stunning in that dress.

Playground Love is also one of my all time favourite Air songs - so haunting, yet there's something very sensual about it. Gotta love a tune that features the sax! :o)

Cate said...

a month without mahalofashion has been a hard month..
somehow i don't like eva longoria's style. she always seems a tad too polished, too shiny, too...everything. i like the emanuel ungaro dress, but on eva? i dunno.

ew, paula abdul's dress. choker? whatever.

dania ramirez looks great!!! she deserves five stars!

scarlet ortiz's bangs are indeed horrible.

ashley tisdale - i guess she considers her look here sophisticated.

i've noticed the changes in mahalo fashion that you don't have today's links anymore, and that you have today's song instead. cool change!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ More to come cate;) I've just become so busy with life outside of the internet that I need to adjust the amount of time I can spend on here.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Belinda - I love that song too, i heard it before and was mesmerized so I had to chase down who sang it and I finally did.

Aliena & Lily - agree, america was amazing, one of the best if not the best of the night.

carleen - I'm going to have to look up he's previous work.

Daphné said...

Jessica Alba looks fantastic in that dress and you're right, she does look happy!How weird!

Vera and Renee said...

Eva has such cute face

Lauren said...

America does look great. At first I wasn't sure about the white shoes, but I like them now.

The Seeker said...

Great post.
Well there's a new lenght for skirts but it's more full skirts.
I think the first picture of Eva was taken in a wrong angle, she seems to have a long torso, she looks better in the #3 picture.

America looks soooo cute.


fritha louise said...

America Ferrera looks all kinds of amazing in that dress!

Anonymous said...

wow thats a ridiculous number of costume changes ugg. i like sofia's red gown the best, it is a gorgeous shade!

nashi said...

great post! I love fashion! keep on good work!