I was actually looking for that Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton book that everybody seems to have, but I could not find it at this particular book store so I ended up getting the glamour book. It's such a fun read and full of pictures, definitely suggested for the style challenged. (and not challenged)



I've got the Lohan curse, I'm obsessed with leggings and yes I wear them all the time. I don't wear the shorter cuts though, I might change my mind as it gets warmer. My boyfriend bought me this TNA bag to match my bigger one he got me for christmas. It seems like everyone in Canada has one of these bags, it's a huge craze here.



I'm kidding. Okay maybe half kidding. Some of them were not too bad eh? I don't mind the animal print ones. I remember I use to have all these neon colored ones back in the 90s and I use to go around slapping everything with it, oh those days.



Doesn't this girl ever take a break? I guess you have to do what's right for your career...what is that exactly? I can hardly remember that she's an actress...



I saw a really long preview for the movie yesterday when I went to see Run Fatboy Run (which is great btw, Thandie Newton is so stylish in it).




Why do they have to hide her face? It's not *that* bad.



Our favorite coke head goes to Disney with the kids.



Lauren and Whitney look great, but if you look at a close up of this picture Audrina is airbrushed within every inch of her life!

Whitney and Nicky Hilton are friends! Say what.

I love her white blouse and blue clutch!

Audrina is milking "The Hills" more then Lauren, it just seems like she's everywhere lately. What does she even do in her life? She seems sad inside.


Are you going to buy this?



Wow she's actually dressed really casual, that's so rare for her. I still don't like her hair, it's too blond, no wonder people call her mushy. (Ps. I think it's cause her face blends with her hair, not her weight)

I like this dress, but I'm not sure about this hairstyle on her.

Ugh why did she have to dye her hair back? Doesn't she know how old it makes her look?

ZOE KRAVITZ AND BEN FOSTERII love her cardigan and bag in the first picture so much.

Again I'm going to rag on the hair, everyone knows it's not doing her any justice.


Next on my shopping list: White tennis shoes.

Did anybody watch Oprah's Puppy Mill special dedicated to Sophie? I was fighting back the tears the whole time. Can you believe some of these dogs can't walk and have never even been outside in their lives?Go to animal shelters for your pets people! There are plenty that need rescuing and that face being put down. If you do buy your pet from a pet store make sure it comes from a good place, check it out for yourself! Google it or something!!!!


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Betty said...

Hey Jen!!
LOved the read!! Great for first thing MOnday morning haha

I'm so impressed it's like reading a fashion/celeb goss mag

I love your vintage lacoste, Hey next time you're in Sydney CALL ME cos i'll take you to Glebe markets if you havent been there before you will LOVE it vintage clothes & accessories

& i didn't know Kate Moss has kids ? haha who's the father ?!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ Hey betty darling
She has one kid a daughter I can't remember what the name of the father is.

I should be in sydney sometime in september, we'll have to go to the markets for sure!

WendyB said...

*Gasp!* I loved those bracelets!

Fashion-DiscipleXXX said...

Is it me or does Kelly Rowland try too hard but still never gets it right, at least with beyonce you know that shit is for real, but to fake it and still not get it right... thats just sad

loving ashley olsen

i like Mischa's hair, and why do people call her mushy, i dont get it??? is it coz she gained a bit of weight, if so thats just mean, if not someone fill me in please!!

kate moss has been wearing those boots to death, i love how she actually wears her clothes, not like some of these wear once throw away celebs, but really, she can afford another pair!!

Kira Fashion said...

I am always so happy when i see an olsen smiling, or better, i am always happy when i see someone that dont usually smile in public, smiling!

a kiss and a hug,

Secretista said...

Aww doggy. :(

Does Heidi really think she has that much star power that people will buy her clothing? Well, some people will...


LOL, when I was watching I love the 90s they discarded the bracelets because people were getting hurt! WHAT IDIOT HURTS THEMSELF WITH A SLAP BRACELET!! PAHAHA!... Well, I guess it's possible if you wear and tear your bracelets. But is that possible?! LOL

Seraphine said...

I love Kate Moss. She's my fav fashion model ever. The photo of her with her mouth open isn't her best, however. Still, everyone should see Disneyland at least once in their lives. I love she is taking her children here.

copperoranges said...

i love when the paps catch the olsens smiling ... they are sooo cute when they smile!

also .. i personally think cameron diaz is pretty unfortunate looking and not very talented. but maybe i am harsh.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I agree, she probably looked really good back in the day
she has a cute quality about her but I don't think she's a good actress it's not like she'll ever win an oscar!

Belle said...

chloe's an actress? O_O i'm so lost.

kate looks pretty smokin in the third batch of pictures, but the skinny jeans look is tiring now.

whitney is BLAH. i do like her jeans though, although with all the airbrushing maybe they aren't so nice looking in person?

heidiwhore makes me want to cry inside.

SICK. said...

ooh, looove the lacoste sweater.
i have that aa skirt, except in triblend blue, it's so comfy, but i find it makes my bum look weird.
but that's not enough to deter me.
one word for heidiwood: EW. NO. REPULSIVE. okay maybe that was three.
ashley is such a cutiepie.

SOPHIE DIED !?!! i hate sad stories about puppies, i love animals so so so much.


Wendy said...

I have been recently obsessed with footless black leggings, they're just so comfy.

Shaz said...

oh you bought back memories of my childhood with those slap bracelets..they were so cool back in school.

It also looks like Mischa Barton has put on a bit of weight, not in bad way but she doesn't look as bony as she used to.

And i love Lauren Conrads white blouse, leggings and blue clutch combo...superb no?

Ediot said...

thanks for you comments darling! I think mischa is looking pretty good here.. considering those new snaps when she wore short shorts and a large sweater.. that was just too much..
i love laurens white blouse.
and oh posting the sex and the city shots really makes me long to see the movie..

Ediot said...

and i forgot..
really need those slap bracelets. so cool!

Addison said...

YES! BRING BACK SLAPBANDS!!! im serious. best invention ever!

ps. heidi's clothing range makes me cringe

Miss Woo said...

Am I wrong to secretly hoping slap bracelets to come back in fashion? (really like those acid mix colored ones..)

and Kate Moss looks so pissed off in those pics!

emsie said...

Wow, jam-packed post!

I love the lacoste sweater, & all your other buys for that matter. Chloe looks lovely in the Uniqlo ads. I'm glad to see Mischa back around.

Imelda Matt said...

first things first...Imelda say's animal print snaps are the bomb!

Hmmm when was the last time Chloe Sevingy stared in a film? So now she designs clothes, shoes and the things cute 'indie' girls think they need. Yes she's made some brave fashion-forward decisions but enough already! She's a greedy f**k, you're either an actress or an designer!

I'm sorry I don't want to bring on the despot but she's really sticking in my craw!! xxx

SKYLA said...

another great post! Who needs tacky magazines when you can read stylish gossip on here.
The Hills girls really bug me, but then I hate all the reality TV crap.I'm so disappointed in Mischa; gone is her lovely hair, great style and 'I'm not like the LA people' morals. Now she's badly dyed blonde, looking like a Lohan slob and on drugs.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

about Mischa Barton I think it's cause her face blends with her hair, not her weight!

Debbie Shiamay said...

I think Mischa should really get a chnage of hairstyle too. And all your pictures here are so fab i don't know where to start!!! Haha i love your slap bracelet idea!!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

SKYLA - Thanks for the lovely compliment! hehe

Imelda Matt - I'm going to see if I can find some on ebay!

Ediot - I can't wait for the movie to come out!

GC said...

Who would buy Heidiwood? sorry to say but seriously.

La Belette Rouge said...

I would love the vintage Lacoste sweater with your new red skirt. Great finds!!

Nicole Then said...

i was crazy about those silly slappy things! If the patterns are nice, i might consider wearing them just for old times sake. haha

a side order of style said...

OMG petitions should be started to bring back slap on bracelets! i love em. but they do end up hurting when you wear them... but still! and yeah agree with the whole renee thing, not her hair style...

Cate said...

hey jen!
-love your new cardi! and i flipped thru glamour's book of do's and dont's in rome, but there weren't enough celebrities for me ^^
-i'm not leggings OBSESSED, but i do wear them pretty often, even though many people say they've had well enough of them.
-oooh yeah, i used to love slap bracelets too! and should i be honest? i still love them. my brother has a neon one and i always steal it from him ^^
-and REALLY? chloe's an actress? i have never seen, or even heard about a film that she was in! the ads are damn cool though!
-i think kate is so cool, but you all know that by now, and lila grace, her daughter (the father is jefferson hack) is so cute!
-i never recognize kelly rowland when i see her. i like her music, but i just never recognize her.
-white tennis shoes are YAAAY!

and last but not least:
RIP, Sophie.

atelier said...

I like SATC pics! and the Olsen shoes... I don't like them. Why Kate Moss is never wearing a bra? even with children around! Chloé will be over soon if she continues overexposing herself in any mag she can!

Seraphine said...

didn't they ban snap braclets because people got hurt playing around with them?

Aretha said...

Great post! Love what you wrote on animals, love them too!!!

Anonymous said...

WHAT!!? chloe's an actress too!? haha just kidding, but you wouldn't know...

snap bracelets! woohoo! love them, my school doesn't though, they were banned

god who would let kate moss take charge of their kids for a day!?

Dollfaced Rebel said...

I love your sweater!!! I always look forward to seeing the things you buy! Such good taste.

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

hey, lots of info!!
i like this... tks for your blog =****

The Seeker said...

Great finds, love the cardi with the skirt and the scarf :)
Lucky girl with your boyfriend's gift...
Don't know that book you speak, Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton book, so I don't have it, is it good?
SEX AND THE CITY... what can I say that hasn't already said???
They should told that that was a quote of Mahatma Gandhi.
Oh I love Audrina's shoes!
I love the way you talk about animals, I'm with you!!!!!


jellofer said...

Haha, so true about the Aritzia/TNA bags...It's hugeeee here. Don't worry about the Lohan curse, I have it too. HAHA. No shame in it!

And slap bracelets?? Yesss...I used to have neon coloured ones too. It feels like so long ago!

The Clothes Horse said...

Please, no one buy Heidiwood, or LC-world (or whatever she wants to call it), for that matter! And I'm not gonna lie, I still like slap bracelets...

punky said...

Im going to start mine own clothing line...Punkywood..what do you guiys think?

UGH...I give it 3 months before its in Aj wright.

Imelda said...

I love all the things you bought, especially the vintage lacoste!!

I love slap bracelets! I become nostalgic just thinking of them!

enc said...

Cool things you bought!