I had to post about her, I was absolutely besotted and became obsessed when I heard her story.

- She's a simultaneous model / photographer, meaning she takes her own pictures.
- She ventures to New York's ritziest stores and set's up her camera/props and takes pictures in fitting rooms in expensive designer gowns.
- She's been arrested for this
-She goes out late at night and takes pictures where she knows it can be dangerous, just to get the perfect shot.
- She been attacked by 8 thugs on one of her late night excursions, she was left clutching for her camera begging them not to take it.
- She's 21, and Belarusian and apparently insane. We love her for it.

If you want to see a video of all of this, click here.







Always showing those nipples of hers.



I didn't think Anchorblue would spend that much money on this, but they've truly gone all out. Hollywood and Highland became Heidiwood for a day. This is ridiculous, doesn't Heidi feel strange capitalizing on the fame she got because of Lauren? This collection is bad, it's worse then bad!

Look at all those paps!

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little, seriously.

Wow, I thought I was sick of polka dots after the whole trend took off a couple of years back, but this dress looks really cute on Lauren.



The minute I saw this picture of Kat I thought of Chanel. I know it's not exactly the same, but it's an interesting way to pull off the look in the real world. Not to say that I like Kat's whole look I think the necklace should go and that she could take off 5 of the 10 pounds of the makeup she has on.

I love this, I definitely want something like this for the summer. Geometric patterns are so fun. I'm not sure, but this looks like Emilio Pucci to me.


Still no wedding rings. I know they are trying to keep this under wraps, but do they have to go to such extremes?

New hair and a few extra pounds, she's on the right path!


I'm obsessed with anything that has a beachy vibe, I'm crazy for this dress. Kristen looks radiant and beautiful.

Spring florals, get 'em while their hot.


This look is a bit different for her, I'm so use to her layering everything. I guess it's warming up in LA.

Oh I adore this boat dress. It's hard to find good vintage boat dresses, trust me I've been looking for a long time.


Love her long/sweater/ cardigan/coat whatever you call them.


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The Clothes Horse said...

Ha-ha, I posted on Elle too (back when my blog was in its beginning), she is a total inspiration. Bilson looks stunning in the bow blouse and simple outfit. Ugh...Heidiwood.

Zoë said...

woahh that spread at the beginning was awesome!

Juliet said...

To me, Rihanna looks terrible. Bilson is just a sweetheart as always.

juliet xxx

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ hehe rachel is cute.
rihanna terrible? I think she looks good here, but often she doesn't get it right.

Belle said...

Wow those pictures that Elle Muliarchyk is in/takes are amazing.

Elle said...

Um wow, that Elle chick is quite interesting. Nice pics tho! That Heidiwood line is hideous. And I love all the maxi dresses in this post!

WendyB said...

Kate is so adorable in those old pix!

enc said...
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enc said...

How incredibly strange: I was at H&H eating dinner with my husband and his daughter when the Heidiwood show was going on. Daughter wanted to see the Heidiwood show, but we missed almost all of it because we were eating. We managed to see the last two looks, and the designer herself. Daughter spoke up before I voiced my opinion, saying it was so-so. I agreed with her. She's 11.

Romany said...

I'm soo curious about this whole story! I mean, what's up? Why would they fire Nina? She's giving Elle more publicity than they could ever hope for...
p.s. I always sort of liked Nina but if it turned out she was a total b****, then maybe she deserved to get fired? Oh well...

Romany said...

Oh and about this particular post:

Omg -- Elle Muliarchyk! Those are the most beautiful fashion images I have ever seen...I bet that she will be HUGE one day, whether it be as a photographer or a model (or both?) because clearly she is an absolute natural at both of those....

Oh wow they really did make a big deal about Heidi's line. I wonder if there's somewhere where we can see the entire collection...?
Lauren's dress is totally cute!

I really love that Stella M jumpsuit that Rihanna is wearing - it looks great on her.


Secretista said...

Elle is CARAZYY!

Heidi, go away! UGH! I don't know how many times I say that everytime I see a post of her on here, lol! Oh wait I do... EVERYTIME!

copperoranges said...

you always post really neat things. i looove the elle muliarchyk story! what a fascinating individual.

i love the first bilson look!

ferg's tiedye pants are completely fug.

Seraphine said...

I *love* Elle's photography! The very first one, the red on red in the mirror, is a masterpiece. It's wonderful, smart, surprising, mysterious, familiar, sexy. Awesome, Jen, awesome for sharing this with us. Hugs!

Sequined Pants said...

Elle's photographs are stunning. Very beautiful and provocative.

I may be the only one but I like Fergie's pants. It works I think because the rest of the look is very simple, white shirt etc.

I really enjoyed this post. Cheers!

Belinda said...

Is that Heidiwood line for real?? I've never seen anything so:

a) Boring
b) Unstylish
c) Tacky

What a waste of money!

iñaki said...

I had never heard of the photographer at the top, but I am glad you brought that up! Those are some really amazing photos! So cheers! :)


iñaki said...

PS. Bosworth looks stunning to me!


Fashion-DiscipleXXX said...

Wow that Elle Chick sure is incredible, her photos are amazing.

I like Rihanna's look but I'm not sure if head to toes floral’s would be my bag.

Bilson looks great

Beyonce and Jay-Z are taking the whole privacy thing to another level, people don’t care that much, at least their getting publicity, which I think is their ploy. However I would have loved to see what the paper’s are calling a small tasteful affair, because knowing B, there is no such thing, it would have been as over the top as they come and the gown, don’t get me started on what I imagine the gown looked like… Oh what do you know, maybe I do care lil bit ;)

Great post

Shaz said...


nannies crochet said...

kate looks weird whens smiling

alis said...

ELLE MULIARCHYK- WOW. I'm inspired, thanks for this post jen.

Kate Moss- time and drugs have been kind to her, back in the days her smile looks like she's about to sneeze.

Heidiwood - Yuck. Ew. Ugh. Whatever.

Rihanna and Kristen Bell look amazing. I want those prints!

Bilson just persuaded me to go buy those wayfarer knock-offs from topshop.

Tie-dye : no. but fergie looks okay because she balanced it with the crisp white shirt and sunnies.

Kaye said...

wow. Elle. Are her photos in magazines? Because if they're not, then by GOD- it should be! I'm thinking i-D...

lara said...

The feathers on kates head look a bit like the ones erin wasson was spotted lately , how funny :) and I love the story about Elle Muliarchyk!!

Neekoh said...

Wow!! I'd never even heard of Elle... she sounds (and certainly looks) amazing!
<3 Lauren -- The Hills tonight!
And Heidi? BLECH!!

Aretha said...

Love the dress on Kim Kardashian and Kristen Bell, they look lovely!
And I don't know what someone let Heidi do this "collection", I just simply can't stand her...

Dollfaced Rebel said...
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Dollfaced Rebel said...

I think I have a new found hero. I love the dressing room bandit. I've never heard of such a thing until now.

Anonymous said...

woah! that story is insanely awesome, i love it! but the part where she got mugged by thugs reminded me a lot of "clueless" when cher is mugged and starts whining about ruining her dress haha

god, i almost hate cate blanchett haha, she looks amazing!

rachel bilson is rockin as always, i would almost hate her too, but she's too damn cute haha

vintage kate moss- kinda alarming how different the two sets are, but how she looks amazing in both!

Mine said...

omg, those pictures of this ELLE MULIARCHYK girl are soo gorgeous!I love them!Also Bilsons Outifts like everytime.I want all of her clothes maan!
But who had the idea of getting heidi montag a fashion line.The clothes look cheapy like hell.
greetings to lovely jen<3

Kira Fashion said...

hello dear Jen!

so nice your last posts!
you are really the best!
i am amazed about the story of Elle...so cool her pictures, done by herself!

thanks a lot for that post, really inspire me!

a kiss and a hug,
thanks a lot for always been so kind with me :)

Molly :] said...

Elle. IS. Amazing.
A little crazy perhaps, but still amazing.

Eugh Heidi. But yay Bilson! :) x

jellofer said...

Wow. That's all I have to say about Elle's photos. They look absolutely amazing.

And errrrgh to Heidiwood. lol

Lotem said...

OMG Kate Moss looked kind of gross at 16. She is beautiful (and quite ourageous for a 16 year old) but she's far too skinny. ugh.

And that Elle is fricking amazing.
That's a serious inspiration.

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

uau, i love come here girl!!!!
all the pics are great, specialyy the new model you introduced irst.... i updated my blog now, wait for you there!


molly said...

wow!! just wow...the story and the photographs..amazing!
thank you soo much for sharing

Secret Agent said...

Wow, that model/photographer girl takes some awesome photos.
Kate Moss and Agent Provocateur wow. This can't be her... it looks as if she actually has some curves. Must be Photoshop. It's looks hot.
Heidiwood is an interesting step in Heidi's career.

savvy gal said...

Oh, I heard about the model/photographer gal before, her work is quite interesting. What people do for their art...

Pretty.Hip said...

Wow, Elle Muliarchyk is amazing!

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

fergie looked a mess
wasn't feeling kat deluna at all
kate moss::wow, she does what she does well
beyonce looked beautiful in her shot

i like the pictures at the beginning

Raining Hats and Clogs said...

the fitting room bandit is amazing! thanks for posting!

sara said...

Elle's photos are really amazing! I love Rachel's look on her, I think it's nice and simple, and of course a nice change for her. I like tie-dye jeans but I think Fergie's are a bit too much.

x sara o

SICK. said...

i heard about elle on fashiontv !
she's so amazing, and most definiteyl insane (in the best way possible).

hmm, at least fergie is taking fashion risks, but i think it could be better.

kristin looks pretty, rihanna looks a bit miffed.

wait, kim kardashian in - gasp - something other than a short, borderline hooker, excessively sparkly outfit ? no way !

i like the chanel looks waaay more than kat's.

like i've said before, one word for heidiwood: EW.


ps- thank you so much for your sweet comment !!

JuliAM said...

okay, two things: those photos are amazing. i would love to have prints of those up on my walls. does she sell? also, heidi's collection looks like a fredericks of hollywood catalog: i second your vomit reaction

Pop-Corn said...

I like Rachel Bilson's style !

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^^ I do credit my pictures, look at the left hand bar of my blog.
If it's from a different website, I state the source If i can remember.

Also look at the black bar below my blog before commenting thanks sharon!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^^^ Next time leave your email so I can respond to you directly instead of hiding as per the rules thanks!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

- Sharon's comment has been deleted.

SKYLA said...

=O WOW ELLE-thanks jen for proviidng me with this kind of inspiration! She's amazing! and kate moss-definitely used to smile a lot more :p

Imelda said...

I love the pictures by Elle Muliarchyk and her story is just what makes me even like the pictures more!

Modelizer said...

I think it's interesting she doesn't have a website, but her photos are all over the internet. She's super talented and it's refreshing to see a badass approach [aside from my own, haha] to fashion that's fresh and different.

the iron chic said...

I think Fergie thinks she's trying to start something with those pants. Well I'm here to tell her she's sooooo not!

Fashion Tidbits said...

Bilson looks good in the white shirt!