How cute is this stuff? I wish I had a child to dress up like this. The prices are actually not too bad about 125$ for a simple kids dress at eluxury. Okay maybe that's not that good if you consider how fast kids grow! Can someone say thrift shop? haha.

I'm really wanting something similar to this skirt. So perfect for spring/summer.



Would you pay this much for her shoes? Or anything at all? On a positive note I have to say that I like that she makes bigger sizes, being a size 10 and she a size 11 or 12 I know how difficult it can be. She's still tacky though, you know I had to end it like that.



These are the wonderful daughters of Rev Run (For. Dj Run) from Run DMC and the nieces or Russel Simmons. Word is that they are outselling their uncles Phat Farm shoes. Wow! I'm normally not into this style, but I think these shoes/sneakers can look good when styled right.


I'm going to have to go visit a Gap store now. I don't like going there often since I quit working for them a while back, but this might be worth it!





Just when I start to think maybe she's losing her touch she wows me. Whomever styled this shoot did an amazing job.



Whitney's was my favorite followed by Katarzyna, I really hope they cut her hair like that.



I really love the Olsen clothing line, I just wish it wasn't so gosh darn over priced. The clothes are so simple though that you can find similar pieces!



I love how this girl thinks she's a fashion icon now. *Yawn* I don't understand Vogue's/Teen Vogue's obsession with her.



Where is Harlow? I need more pictures of her! I guess I should be asking where's Suri, is she getting re-booted or something? Anway I love that dress on Nicole, it's a fresh pick for spring!

MILEY CYRUSI'm obsessed with Miley's hair and hair color here.

I hope she's spending time in the studio working on that album of hers and not just shopping. I'm dying here Lily!

Fashionista in grooming, this girl has great style at such a young age.


I love these pictures, I think Cassie and her friend both look great. Her friend kinda looks like Ashlee Simpson here.

Always looking like she's ready for a photoshoot!

Wow she's actually looking great here, did she change surgeons?

Is she changing her style again? Her hair has gotten blonder too, you be the judge.


I love her dress here. It looks like something from Chloe, but I'm not 100 % sure.

LEELEE SOBIESKII miss this girl, I haven't seen her in a while. Looking great!

TORI SPELLING This dress looks great on pregnant Tori, great color!


Another stunning outfit. Keep it up!


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Anonymous said...

haha rebooting.

Well the good thing about the Lim kids line is that some of the dresses can very well go as tunics and tops for us "grown-ups" (and the skirt may work out fine as mini haha) and for a Lim tunic for us the kids' choices are certainly still more affordable! so you're having a Lim for "cheap". I do that sometimes!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I didn't think of that, it's a great idea!!

jellofer said...

Omg. 3.1 Philip Lim for kids...TOOOO cute.

And sorry to hear about the copycat, I have to agree with you on this though, the format is uncomfortably similar to your's...

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ Thank you, it's nice that your on my side!

WendyB said...

Of COURSE bows are in! :-)

WendyB said...

Of COURSE bows are in! :-)

Aretha said...

Hate the Hilton shoes, love the Lim little dresses!
Who's that girl in the blue dress by the way??
A big kiss Jen!

Wendy said...

Kate Bosworth's outfit has pretty nice details, but she still annoys me. I miss Ugly Betty, Vanessa is too great!

Seraphine said...

Paris' Epic Strappy looks wearably nice.
I haven't seen LeeLee Sobieski in the *longest* time! The gold outfit she's wearing is great on her.
I loved the kid's styles. It's fun to remember how much fun it is to dress up!

Secretista said...

Tori's preggers again?!

I'm starting to get annoyed my Miley, I really don't know why... she's great though...

I have big feet too! My boots are by Guess and they had by size. I'm a size 9/12-10 usually 10. I'm glad to see Paris' shoes aren't costing an arm and a leg because I don't think they would sell if they wore. They're alright looking... I don't know if I'd buy them. I'd have to try them on first.

Imelda Matt said...

I'd rather saw off my feet than wear those gruesome PH shoes...that is if I was going to get my tranny-on, coz I don't normally wear woman's shoes!

Cate said...

i love the philip lim skirt with the vans-y shoes!
god, paris's shoes look like any other shoes. they're nice, but nothing special. but at least she considers bigger sizes.
oh nicole's dress is cute! i read in ok! (okay, not the most reliable source, but still...) that she hates how her breasts are big now, but i think she looks so much healthier now!

yes lily allen, another album please!
and vanessa williams's dress is great, i agree!

Fashion Tidbits said...

rachel bilson looks AMAZING! love the messy-haired prada pic

Trendini said...

love lim's little line (haha)
and the row is frikin awesome- i need to mortgage the home i dont own to buy myself THE basic white tee...but I may just do it ;)

Trendini said...

love lim's little line (haha)
and the row is frikin awesome- i need to mortgage the home i dont own to buy myself THE basic white tee...but I may just do it ;)

LBIC said...

I don't get the hype over kate either. And don't get me started on the stripper shoes. overpriced stripper shoes are never a good look.

But The Row? I also love their clothes. But it's way too expensive for basics.

Neekoh said...

The sneakers are kinda cool. I know I'm totally obsessed, but ever since I went to New York, I've been noticing the hip-hop street style more. I think it can really be dressed up and be something unique.
And Mliey's hair is amazing! I love bangs sooooo much; such a fresh, sexy look :)

SKYLA said...

argh Paris seems to do anything to make up for the millions she won't be inheriting. love the tiered lim kid's skirt!
You asked me to remind you to link me =)


blog name: Kiki

The Stiletto Effect said...

The kids collection is so cute :)

hannah said...

you always have to much inspiration in your posts. i love them.

i am really digging cassies friends style, she does look like ashlee simpson. actually, the first person i thought of was clemence poesy with red hair, i dont know why i thought that.

miss duff is definatly going for a simple style nowadays. i like the red mocs, but i miss her style via 2005/06.

great post.

Fashion Ivy said...

Consider urself linked.

Curiosity Killer said...

I love Tori's dress - it looks super comfy.

Sheryl Wong said...

bows are great for that feminine touch!

Kira Fashion said...


so nice that kids line :)

about the copy, don´t be sad, we know you are the best!!!

So, thanks so much for always been so kind with me and linking me :) and thanks a lot, i feel honored you like my pics!

a kiss and a hug,

from the friend,


Tala said...

ok so, re: the row, are those black leggings or pants? they are really too fabulous, i wish i had extra $$$$ - or at least knew where to find an imitation version.

ps your site always entertains me and is so fun, that sucks about the other person stealing your ideas... good luck!!!! xoxo

The Clothes Horse said...

I don't like designer children's lines--I don't like babies that have greater wardrobe budgets than me!

Anonymous said...

I loooove Nicole Richie.

Paris Hilton's shoe line is fairly basic, but who am I kidding I love Paris too.

As always ,I love your site

e.jay said...

I would so wear the kids line as tops if my boobs were a bit smaller. Your blog is great, sorry someone stole your ideas...


bilson's outtakes.. are so freakin gorgeous! they could have used any of those for the cover! and the little girl posing for the phillip lim is so cute.. and i really like the 4th look!

the iron chic said...

Paris Hilton's shoes:
Large sizes + tacky= tranny/stripper.

Grace said...

how adorable is that kid collection by philip lim! too bad kids grow so fast. if you're not rich, it's not worth it!

tallulah willis dresses well, though i wish she looked more like her mom... (uh, how mean am i?!)

Kool Thing said...

The skirt is so pretty; and it's funny how it is striking on a woman and then so cute on a kid. Hilton's shoes are just blah, aren't they? So predictable. Bilson? She just makes me want to cry. She's just too hot for words!

copperoranges said...

The Lim line for kids is a little too grown up in my opinion. Look at the way the first child model is posing ... Completely unnatural for a girl that age! I feel like this and the reverse trend of women dressing like little girls (Erin Featherston) is a little unsettling.

I love that you posted a picture of Cassie. My boyfriend has such a crush on her! And Rihanna.

The Seeker said...

Hi Jen :) Hope you're doing fine and had a great time at Toronto.

Oh, I really like the kids collection, despite some seem to stylish for kids, who want to run and to play.

Paris's shoe line is cute, but not awesome, I think.

I love bows, good that they're in ;)

Well dear I'm having a trip to my mainland, you know I live in a island...

take care and keep going.


JuliAM said...

i'm also utterly obsessed with the white tiered 3.1 skirt...must...have

Natty said...

By god I hate Paris Hilton's shoe line!! Loving the kiddie Lim line though - cute cute cute!!

because im addicted said...

i adore those bilson out takes. also, i bet if one is petit enough they could fit in the philip lim for kids clothing. could be worth a shot.

fashionista said...

I LOVE THE PHILLIP LIM KIDS LINE! It's totally going to end up that I will only have a baby to dress it up in things like that. So adorable!

alis said...

Bilson never fails to deliver. I might even put up an inspiration board of her outfits on my wall!

Miley's hair IS hot, that color is sooooo rich & yummy.

Bosworth's the row blazer - omg I'm in love. I treat my "the row" cravings with american apparel, but no blazers obviously.

Love Cassie's silk royal tank. I think it's this one here:

Carolina Lange said...

love the photos of Rachel Bilson!

Ediot said...

nicole richies dress is so cute. love the bright pattern- and i want that cropped jacket from the row!

but the thing that caught my attention the most was the sneakers. love them!thanks for the tip!