I'm sorry I haven't been around the last couple of days, I've had family stuff come up. My mom had a blood clot in her lung, that's what can happen when you smoke! In case you didn't know a blood clot in both lungs can kill you in about a minute without you even knowing it. She's fine now though so that's good. Besides that I've been tired as all fuck, I even took the day off work today cause I had a million things to get done in my apartment! I did find time to do some shopping cause you know how it is.

A great vintage bag I found at Value Village (Savers)

I've really been into animal jewelry lately, ever since I saw Alexa Chung sporting the elephant pendant.

-image removed-

I found this great loose cardigan at American Apparel, perfect since it's always freezing at work. And the purple dress was only 26 $ at The Gap, sometimes I love their sales!




JESSICA STAM AT CHLOE I feel bad for her, she looks mortified.

I remember the flower pot model on the left, she fell like three times! I can't believe they put actual water in the flower pot, it went splashing everywhere! Poor girl, I wonder if she's till working?

Looks painful


Why do designers make their models walk in outrageous heels?




Eh, some of the pieces are working for me, others are not simply because I don't think they are all that wearable!



If you haven't seen my previous post about this, click here.


French Journalist and TV presenter.


Outtake from the people magazine shoot.

The hippest parents in town

Nicole is wearing a lot of solids lately, it's hard to see the details of her outfits, but she still looks amazing. It says a lot that I loved her even when she was trashy on the simple life!



Yes she goes by one name here at mahalo fashion.

I don't think Rachel really wants to see her sister. *sad face*

Lookin' good.



Rhianna is so hit and miss with me. She really has a wild style that she likes to stick to and prat of it is refreshing. At least she is taking some risks!

Ugh this girl has the worst stage costumes. Ever. Somebody needs to get fired, stat!



She's wearing her hair a lot better these days, it doesn't look fried out in every direction. I still don't like the color though, it's so bright. *shields eyes*


Rehab has done her good! Work it!

Rachel looks really good here with her hair slicked back, like a model. She seems to be missing that spark though, ever since she and Ryan broke up.

Tidbit: She was born and raised in Zambia, but later her family moved to England. I thougth she was American for the longest time, shows how much I know.
Thandie always gets it right style Wise, I've never seen her wear a bad outfit.

I love it when whorehan breaks out her pearls, she's trying to say "I'm classy" err ok.




My favorite pictures this week.

I can't believe they shaved that girls hair and made it blond, it works for her though!

Oh the ferocity!



I remember when I was living in Melbourne, this girl's face was everywhere every train station every building. Is that really necessary? She's boring to me, and unspecial. Delta Goodrem, now that's substance!




I love that they are reaching out to women of flava!

She dresses well no doubt, but she's only 19! Get over yourself!


I have to say I like these patent bags more then the old Dooney & Bourke bags with the tacky hearts all over them. (I'm sorry if you own one)

God, would anybody really carry around "They Hayden Bag"? It's bad enough that it has an HP tag on it!

I thought Christina would have been over this whole look by now? When is she going to go back to being dirty? I don't like the first ad too much, but the second is good. These must have been shot before the fake sillicon filled veiny baby boobs.


Isn't this the guy who snorted his fathers ashes when he couldn't find any coke?


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Anonymous said...

wow long, but awesome post!

sorry about the family issues, hope your mom gets better :)

i have your gap dress in blue and I adore it, and i NEED the zebra necklace for aldo, love love love it!

you're right about the chloe stuff, some of it looks wearable- others just look like- hey i'm chloe sevenigy and i'm hot shit so buy this!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ wanted it in blue but they only had purple left which is fine cause I don't own much that is purple!

Jelenie said...

Sorry to hear the news re: your mom. Hope the situation will resolve itself soon. :)

Chloe's collection is hideous on so many levels.

the iron chic said...

In that falling model series, the second one from the bottom made me laugh out loud. Her body looks unreal!!!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ haha yeah I know slow motion shots are always interesting!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Sarah Mendelsohn said...
so much to comment on. i love all the celeb pictures. nicole's baby pictures are adorable and the pictures of falling models are hilarious. and i didn't even think they were real people. im obsessed with your site. its fabulous.

Jay Cam said...

i'm glad your mom is ok!

and yes, that woman has a really bad costume! ugh!!

Anonymous said...

great post!!!
i love all the pictures! and i need a zebra necklace like yours!
it´s so cute ;D


Seraphine said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mom. That sounds really scary, and trumps just about everything else.
Shame on you showing all the models falling down. Frankly though, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more.
Hugs. I forgive you. Hugs to your mom too.

WendyB said...

Damn! Sorry about your mom. Glad she's okay.

enc said...

Old Keith, he's the Master Burnout. However, I think his ash-snorting antics are trumped by Ozzy's ant-snorting antics. Don't you?

Lindsay Lohan looks like she's been eating again!

copperoranges said...

i am sorry about your mother!

i've decided i really like chloe sevigny. she's weird as hell, but i think she is original and doesnt dress for anyone but herself. she doesnt try to set trends or be on top. she's neat.

Ediot said...

Hello. i'm reaööy sad to hear about your news. but i hope everything is ok now.
the falling models on the catwalk reminds me of children learning to walk.. kind of funny..
love your new buys. have a good weekend!

Mej said...

yipee! finally, a post!=) I love your finds, very beautiful especially the chic vintage bag.

Love lots,

Mej http://fashiolution.com

Grace said...

I'm sorry about your mama. Good thing she's ok! :) Retail therapy is indeed needed.

Sad but true- model falls are amusing.

Aliena said...

I'd missed you! Sorry about your mum, but glad everything is fine now.

Love the pics!

P said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, great thing she's ok :)

Great post!

Imelda said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mom, I'm glad she's okay now!
You bought some great stuff!
The part about the models falling is simpy hilarious!! Great post!!

And really Rihanna's stage outfits make me sick!

Cate said...

really sorry to hear about your mum's illness. but it's good she's fine now.

i loev the vintage bag, the very first one you posted a picture of! and wow, i could NEVER EVER afford a miu miu bag, only if i saved money for about a year or more ^^
i always feel so sorry for the models that fall down on the runway. poor things, starve themselves to death and are made walk in killer heels. i remember seeing the last model's fall in a magazine, and a man from the front row helped her up. very nice.
about chloe sevigny: i think the first, third and last outfit are hideous (i do not count the picture with the writing because you can't see any actual outfit) and i like the second outfit best, that dress is so cute!

and hooray for mademoiselle agnes!!!

hm, it really doesn't look like rachel bilson wants to see her sis. what a shame, she seems such a nice person! but her outfit in the last two pictures is awesome.
gosh rihanna is really getting on my nerves. i hate the latex leggings look, it's too dominatrix. i take it back. the stage outfit. OH MY GOSH!!! she REALLY looks like a dominatrix!

i love mischa barton's orange jacket!

haha imagine if someone carried round "the hayden bag" and someone else thought the HP stood for harry potter ^^ i think hayden panettiere is in too many barbie-ish ads.
keith richards! well, that is an idea! someone else than scarlett johansson for louis vuitton finally!!

Jillian said...

Good lord I just found this blog but it's great that was the longest post ever! haha

I LOVED the models falling haha oh that's terrible that i think it's funny... but stam is so cute the look on her face poor girl.

I LOVE that zebra necklace! I'm so jealous! I love giraffes and i've been looking for a good giraffe necklace for sometime now! hope i can find one as cute as that zebra!

I saw that woman trying to be anna wintour... i def didnt think it was her at all and i bet ms. wintour didn't take to kindly to an imposter!

Nicole Richies baby is precious! and i love rachel bilson... i LOVE your blog so wonderful!

Neekoh said...

Aww, glad to hear your mom is well! Missed you!

OK, I don't get the deal with Chloe Sevigny. I do not see the appeal in her. She's just odd... to me.
And Keith Richards for LV is totally the type of stuff I love to see :) Rock 'n' Roll 'n' High Fashion. Yum.

Lynn said...

Oh, sorry for your mom, and hope she's all better by now.

Lovely Miu Mius.

Ugghh Tyty's photoshopped pic. If she really embraces her curves, shouldn't she be telling her creative team to stop messing around with her images already?

Héloïse J. said...

omg that's a huge post!!! yeah bilson is like "ok go away now -stop pulling me -my image-aaa gggrrr!" yawwwn hate her!(srry r-fans!)
hahah 'bout keith-so funny. wtf? LV! are we gonna see him frotn row? falling rock stars..

dear hope your mother gets well soon. <3

Mary-Laure said...

Fabulous post!
At a Givenchy couture show once I saw a model not trip on the runway but lose her strapless top (it just collapsed), revealing her bare breasts. She laughed it off.

Kira Fashion said...


i am happy to know about you and about your mom, who is better now...

about the falls, it was really fun to see it, but i fell sorry for the models, it must be worse tragedy for them :)

a kiss and hug,


Jello on Springs said...

Such a nice juicy post, great way to end my blog round before going to class again, oof. I'm glad your mom's okay. Totally jealous of your miu miu bag. And aww is that really Bilson's sister? She looks so excited to see her but Rachel looks annoyed :sad face indeed:

Fashion-DescipleXXX said...

great post loving, bilson, micha and nicole in this one, keith rocks!

The Seeker said...

Sorry to know about your mother, I hope things are now really ok.

Love the stuff you bought.

The models falling... oh dear it was so funny. But poor girls... I feel sorry because they must have been so ashemed.


Belle said...

this is SUCH a wicked awesome post! sorry to hear about your mom. best wishes, get some well deserved rest, k?

that miu miu bag is utterly gorgeous. *runs off with it* i love the zebra necklace too. stam looks adorable mortified, she'll still get work although the other models are questionable. xD' i almost feel sorry for them. as for Opening Ceremony... i like the majority of the clothes because they're statement piececs, but i do agree with you on the wearbability factor--most wouldn't have the cajones, methinks.

and Keith richards is a zombie. i have no doubts.

Belle said...

oh god my typos make me cry.

Anonymous said...

I love your bag & I love animal accessories as well. I especially like elephants. :)

-J @ Hollow-Star.net

millicent said...

glad to hear that your mom pulled through. and don't worry, youre not the only one who's been tired and needing a day off ...

i love those pictures of nicole and rachel. in case you haven't noticed, i'm a big fan of nicole's (see my blog) haha

Wendy said...

Really awesome post. I always come to your blog for updates on the fashion world. Otherwise I would be such a hermit.

Dollfaced Rebel said...

This is the greatest post evvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!! YAY!
I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, Both of my parents are smokers, so I pray everything gets better.
The bags you bought were so awesome... I've been looking for the perfect straw bag for the longest time. I'm glad you founf one!

enc said...

Jen, I'm sorry, I failed to mention that I was sad to hear of your family troubles. I hope things improve soon.

iñaki said...

I really feel for the models who fall down on the runway, mostly for Ms. Stam. But, on the other hand, considering their job is to walk it and work it, there is not much space for sympathy.


Anonymous said...
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