This lady vicky contacted me about putting me in her book of 'the top 500 blogs on the web' she was so sweet that I agreed to let her do a guest post as well.




There are some women who just seem to always know what to do when it comes to fashion. Others, however, need a little more guidance.

Do not feel bad if you are part of the latter category, by brushing up on basic fashion techniques and the major 'don'ts', you can be sure that you aren't going to end up looking like a fashion disaster.

Here are the main points you absolutely must avoid at all costs. Committing these fashion sins will definitely attract attention, however, this is not going to type of attention you'd ideally like to be getting.

Major Mistake #1 Blaring Lingerie

If you are going to wear clothes that are made of very thin material, or any type of white pants or skirts, it is absolutely essential you go with seamless, beige undergarments. Unless you are selectively choosing a sheer shirt and have a classy bra to match (and even this can be done very wrong), you need to take steps from unwanted bra and panty lines.

Major Mistake #2 Gapes Between Buttons

Have a good look at all the blouses that you currently have in your closet. If any of them tend to gape in between the buttons up the front, you need to either fix this with some double-sided tape or purchase a blouse that fits you better.

Major Mistake #3 Pants That Are Not An Appropriate Length

Your pants need to be either long enough to be 'pants', or short enough to be capri's. Going to the in-between will just make you look funny and uncoordinated. When it doubt, take pants slightly longer and buy a higher heel to avoid pants that appear too short.

As an additional positive benefit, longer pants tend to make you look instantly thinner, which is something almost all women strive for. .

Major Mistake #4 Baring Your Middle When You Really Shouldn't

Potentially the biggest mistake many younger women are making right now is wearing mid-driff bearing clothes when they aren't exactly in prime shape. Unless you have got a toned stomach with little body fat, you will look a hundred times sexier with a stylish shirt that covers you up.

Major Mistake #5 Clothes That Are Wrinkled

You may think a minor wrinkle isn't all that big of a deal, but it's noticeable and will not enhance your image at all. A simple technique to remove a pesky wrinkle when you're short on time in the morning and don't have time to iron is to pop that piece of clothing in the dryer for a few minutes. The heat should remove the wrinkle and make it ready to wear.

Major Mistake #6 Inappropriate Dressing For The Occasion

You may think you are going to be the most eye-catching person at the function because you are dressing 'differently' than everyone else, but this can be a very, very bad thing.

Dress appropriately. Not only will you be more comfortable, those around you will be as well. Save the extreme looks for the teenagers who enjoy this type of attention.

Major Mistake #7 Too Much Jewellery

Finally, the last mistake some women make is wearing just a little too much jewellery. While you definitely do want to select pieces that will enhance your look, when you start to resemble a Christmas tree because you are so thoroughly decorated you know you may have crossed that fine line.

As a general rule, only choose one or two larger pieces and then keep the rest to a minimum. Just as you likely don't do overly bright eyes with overly bright lipstick, the same rule should apply here.

By making sure you check over these mistakes each day and ensuring you are not becoming a victim, you will put your best foot forward when it comes to fashion.

Everyone does make a fashion mistake once in a while, but by learning from your experience you can help be sure you never put yourself in that awkward position again.

About Guest Blogger: Vicky is a freelance writer, author, and blogger. She is currently writing a book on the top 500 blogs on the web, as well as assisting her friend on a coupon search engine.


Poppycock Thoughts said...

the rinkle part made me laugh

WendyB said...

Insanity! There's no such thing as too much jewelry. I think we can all agree on that as long as I'm in the room. I don't care what you say behind my back.

trendinista said...

button gapes -- ugh. hate them. but i agree with wendy. rock it mr. t style!!

Marleaux said...

Personally, I'm good on all these, but I know a few people who need this list...

Jen- thanks for linking me.

Mash said...

thank you for all those tips :)

Lotem said...

Definitely :)

Lynn said...

Agree with screaming undies, hahaha!!

Dollfaced Rebel said...

Yeah, I deff. need to start ironing my clothing... I'm really bad about that ^_^

Cate said...

great post. i'm happy the fashion don't weren't "never wear pvc trousers" or "never wear blue and red together" or something (because there is someone out there who can make everything look good), but these were really useful fashion don'ts. thanks!

and jen: wow it's so cool that you're going to be in the book!!!

punky said...

CONGRATS...when can we buy the book?

bronwyn said...

Congrats Jen, you totally deserve it!!! Keep us posted about the book.
PS I also love Jack Johnson

Live Fabulously said...

good tips! i hate button gapes...yeck. congrats on being in a book...so exciting!

btw, that photo of marion and forrest whitaker is precious.

The Seeker said...

I'm glad you'll be part of that book, you deserve it.

Good tips.