I love Lo on Laguna Beach and The Hills, I wish I had a personality like hers. She has the best one liners, no wonder her and LC are so close! I think it's really cute that they share clothes, but I had such bad experiences with that in the past. I can't even tell you the amount of clothing I've never gotten back!

In "The Lauren Conrad Collection"



The stars showed up in droves for the In Style Party, and I have to say I was very impressed. I guess with the lack of award ceremonies this year everyone is really turning it out style wise when they get the chance.

Kristen Bell / Jennifer Love Hewitt

I love Kristen's dress, but I would have preferred if she had blue/red or silver shoes on, think about how much she would have stood out!! As for Jennifer, she looks sweet and boring as always.

Leighton Meester / Minka Kelly

These two are my favorite for the best dressed, I really want Leighton's dress and Mika's shoes really set everything off, though I can't tell if they are orange or red. I hope they are orange, how funky!

Joley Fisher / Anna Friel

Oh Joley, I just don't like it. The detail of the dress, the belt is just too much and too 90s. I'm really impressed with Anna though, she looks like she belongs on the runway, what a risk taker!

Jennifer Morrison / Debra Messing

Both classy and safe outfits, though I think Debra Messing wears too much black, she's got red hair she would look stunning in almost any color!



Is denim back or something? I'm not sure about the outfit on the cover, but it sure does come off as high fashion. She kinda looks evil there, like she would eat you alive and spit out your bones *shudders*



I'm happy that Kristen at least looks like herself unlike the Lindsay Lohan ones. I'm not sure what to say except the ads are typically what I would expect of MIU MIU, I wish they would shock me a bit more.


Here are pretty much the rest of the Dolce and Gabbana ads (minus a few). I really like them this season, they went in a different direction with the women's wear adverts, but the men's ads look pretty typical of D & G.

Mahalo fashion,

Photo Credits: ONTD, Thefashionspot


WendyB said...

Anna Friel has the most interesting outfit.

bitterbabe said...

Lo - I love Lo!!!! But I hate sharing clothes - namely because people always stretch them, or return them dirty, or something else you know?

I love that dress on Leighton Meester! I am going to link to this post I hope that is ok?

LoveHateSensation said...

Sharing clothes cant work for me because all my friends are all different sizes.

I love Kristen Bell. Jennifer Love Hewitt looks different every time I see her. Leighton is soo adorable. And the Keira cover is really spooky.

By the way, I really love your blog so I linked you!!

Aretha said...

I like the D&G ads, the girls look beatiful...
James McAvoy is my new sexy guy I think hahha

Héloïse J. said...

ouh! too many subjects -great :) ..uh, no actually i never share clothes with my friends-wish i could - but currently my size is small to fit to theirs. i would luv though to wear the same size esp with my mom. THAT would be lovely!! ;)
keira is too 'bad' here indeed. why?? ..!
p.s i would also luv if you linked me back :P (since it is your policy!!)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ will link you guys soon...

fashionchronicles said...

loved kristen bell! (i've loved here since veronica mars, hehe), loved de miu miu ads too! so alice in wonderland-like. hated keira in that W cover, she could have looked so much prettier!! and that denim look is mmmm, no the best chanel she could get.
loved yur blog!!


Secretista said...

LC is brave for letting Lo borrow her clothing. I love my friends, but I would never let them borrow my clothing, and if I do it's something that I don't mind if it gets ruined. And items that I don't really care about take up less than 3/4 of my wardrobe, haha!

Anonymous said...

I really love Kristen pics!

Belinda said...

I agree with Aretha....James McAvoy is hot! There's just something very sexy and smouldering about him. I watched Becoming Jane last night, and the chemistry between his and Anne Hathaway's character is electric. Lucky girl!

Heather said...

Whenever I share clothes with friends I never get them back!

AFitz said...

I'll admit, I'm a bit disapointed Leighton's style isn't as interesting as her Gossip Girl alter ego, but Anna Friel does not disapoint.

And I did not know Kirsten was modelling for Miu Miu! This makes me so happy! I love her, even if she is a mediocre actress.

Wendy said...

I don't share clothes with my friends because we don't have the same style. We do go shopping together, which gets weird sometimes.

Great D&G ads!

Jamila said...

Shopping trips are the best. Especially if you're going to the best stores! Dont worry I'm hooked too!!!

hannah said...

i love leightons dress! it is amazing.

and jennifer morrison looks so chic, she has great fashion sense (or a good stylist). maybe i only like her because im obsessed with house...?


styleandthecity.com - Street style & romance in Paris said...

Hi Jen,

Great post and congratulation for your fashion blogger awards

Tomorrow i will post a nice street style photo romance with about 50 to 100 photos.
You'll have nice outfit and Gemma Ward as you never seen her before !

Let's link us !


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ thank you, can't wait to see it!!

Andrea.N said...

I never share clothes with my friends. Just never thought of it, and some of them arent the same size as I am. I'm alright with sharing accessories though.

I LOVE THE D&G ads! They look fantastic! Thanks for the comment on my blog too! (:


!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

keira looks hottttt!!!!!!!

Mash said...

I love Jennifer Morrison's outfit very chic and elegant .
Kristen dunst is lovely in the Miu Miu adv seems like Alice in Wonderland &hearts
and for finish Kiera is fabulous in W magazine :)

The Seeker said...

I think Mika's shoes are orange, that's great.
I don't share clothes with my friends, some of them arent the same size as I am and we don't have the same style.
I really like the D&G ads.

Cate said...

oooohh Keira looks creepy!

Anonymous said...

ooo i like anna's dress :)

and gotta get that issue of W now! thanks for telling me

Vintage Bunny said...

I promise to send in my nomiantions this week !!
I love Lo too,I love her sarcasm!

The Clothes Horse said...

Lo is my favorite of the girls, I've always wanted more of her since Laguna Beach's first season. I want to see more and more of Leighton! And the ads with Kirsten are stellar.

Miss Woo said...

As much as I love my friends I never share clothes. When it comes to CDs books or DVDs anything goes, but clothes is just a little bit too personal. And your picture of James Macovy in leather made my day!

Marie-Kristine said...

love kirsten dunst in miu miu. give me a good old fashioned ad campaign with a hipster girl and a mirror and I'm satisfied. I have to say that leighton and minka were my picks for best dressed at instyle too.
i'm not sure what W is doing with keira in that trashy denim outfit... not my pick for such a classy girl at all.

FashionQueen101 said...

Great post! I love the D&G ads and havent seen them all yet! I love how they look, the sunglasses one is so beautiful!

I like anna friels outfits and Minka Kellys dress.

Love the hills, neber realised they sahre outfits. Lo is so funny. x

Kira Fashion said...


great post, i didn´t see before that D&G new campaign is awsome!! The beauty is the amazing, wow! so much beautiful them three ;)

a kiss

Kira Fashion said...


great post, i didn´t see before that D&G new campaign is awsome!! The beauty is the amazing, wow! so much beautiful them three ;)

a kiss

coco said...

I love LO too and I had never noticed how much they share
very good eye!

tiptoe said...

I love the new D&G ads. Did you see the Prada ads? They were so wonderful. I loved Leighton's dress. It's so attractive.

PrincessPolly said...

Jennifer L-H's outfit IS boring but the shoes are fab. Anna Friel certainly has come a long way since her Brookside days . . . http://www.annafriel.org/images/TV/Brookside/caps1/bscap01.jpg

Cee-Cee said...

i love dresses with pockets!

im referring to Minka Kelly's dress..

deexdeexdreamer said...

i get so excited when Lo pops up on the hills- shes hilarious, shes so cute even when shes acting kinda crazy (ahem britney moment)!

i wish me + my friends shared our clothes! but the usual reaction is more, 'erm, nooo i'll skip on the sequinned sack. thanks though!'

they just dont get tulip hems. sigh

bronwyn said...

I really enjoyed this round-up. I'm loving the D&G ads!

discothequechic said...

Lo is so funny!
She seems to be one of the only genuine people in the Hills, and the Justin Bobby moment was a classic.

Lo: So you don’t want us to call you Justin Bobby?
Justin: You can call me whatever the hell you want.
Lo: I kind of like Justin Bobby.
Justin: Okay, whatever floats you.

Funny girl!

The Miu Miu ads kind of disappointed me. And Kirsten, Miuccia, Mert and Marcus is the perfect combination for me. Not quite sure what happened..

Gloria said...

this one's a really great post, no lie!! covering everything, really. I of course am not such a fan of the hill girls and less a fan of LC's actual line, but I love the other celebrities, 'specially kristen bell and anna friel! their style is gorgeous.

Jackie said...

I love that dress Minka Kelly is wearing...

the first time i saw the dolce & gabbana ads, i was so amazed. I love how colorful everything is.

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cotton candy said...

omgosh, i've been trying to comment on your blog for ages but i just couldn't seem to until now. =D Hope you received my nomination form via mail - im not sure whether it worked cos my net's been lagging like crazy. and come to think of it, i've never shared clothes with my friends or vice versa because we have totally differnt tastes and we're totally different sizes/heights but oh, i think it would be very fun to do so.