A bunch of celebrities hosted New Years parties this year, it's like a new thing or something. Like they don't make enough money? I tried to get into Skybar when I was in LA, we got there early and everything, no line up, but the bouncer nicely told us he could only let people in that were "On the list" so we went to Ketchup instead. Can us regular folks get into any clubs in LA? Anyway I'm totally going off track, this is about New Years fashion, or lack there of. 2008 brought a lot of tackiness! I went to The Great Canadian Cabin last night with my boyfriend we had a really goo time, I'm happy to report that the last song I heard in 07 was Gimmie More by Britney Spears hahaha. Anyway I'm going off track again...


Paris showed us what she's going to do in 2008, and that is party some more. I don't like her dress one bit. Mandy moore's dress reminds me of something Rachel Bilson wore a few months back. These two are kind of similar in style now that I think about it, you could almost say Mandy was the original Bilson since she's been around longer, but Rachel just did it better.


When class meets trash. You can't tell in this picture but Pam's 'dress' has a sign that says "Chanel" on it. I'm gong to assume that this boob baring dress is not Chanel, please God don't let it be Chanel! As for Kim, I actually really like this dress on her I love the colors and it goes with the whole tribal prints that are in this season. Kim really knows how to dress her body.


Lilo's dress may have been okay if she wore black shoes any color but silver it's just too much. None of the girls from The Hills really blew me away, but Lo stepped out with a whole lotta boob. Audrina looks cute in black as always!


Miley would have looked okay if she wasn't wearing that 90s apple hat. Yuk. As for Mary J. what can I say, she has a style all her own.


I love Lenny Kravitz, he's a style icon in my books. Kerry Washington is continuing her stylish year into 2008, check out her style here.


These two American Idol champs look amazing. I'm a big fan of the black leggings with dark shose combo, I've been wearing it a lot lately.


I can appreciate that Posh tried something different and wore a bandana, but I'm not exacly sure if it works. It just seems a bit too casual to go with her fancy dress. And what the hell is Tila wearing? I really like this girl for some reason, but she's getting way too full of herself.


Am I the only one that likes these two as a couple? I think they are so cute, I'm glad Ashlee is happy after the whole Josh incident. Mariah showed up with her clothes painted on again, what else is new.



Okay we already knew this, but I really love this picture of Nicole and Joel they look like the hippest parents ever. Nicole is due anytime now, I wonder if she is to posh to push? I'll have to dedicate a post to her when she gives birth!



Janet is in Prestige Hong Kong this month, and she is looking hotter then ever. I felt bad for her when her last album 20 Y.O. tanked, cause you can tell she's really giving it her all to stay in the business. I hope her new single "Feedback" does well cause it is killer!

Mahalo fashion,

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WendyB said...

I love Mary J's look, but she's got to stop doing those harsh wigs that make her look so worn out! Janet's yo-yo dieting has gotten very creepy.

Vintage Bunny said...

how hot does Janet look ?Wow !
Its scary though the way she fluctuates,it will catch up sooner or later!

Seraphine said...

Don't worry about what bouncers
say, sometimes they have bad
nights and make bad decisions.
Wishing you all the best for
the new year. Happy 2008!

hannah said...

i really thought that the dress mandy wore was the same one as rachels, that was my first thought. haha.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I don't think it's the same but similar, especially in color.

WendyB - I don't like her wigs either, they do age her.

Vintage Bunny - I hope she stays hot forever hahha

Seraphine - Oh he was perfecty nice so we were not upset about it, we knew we wouldn't get in.

PrincessPolly said...

Paris shows . . . that in 2008 she is going to continue to dress like trailer trash. Like I've said before, she's proof that money can't buy taste or class. (In case you haven't guessed, i hate her!) :) P x

PrincessPolly said...

Paris shows . . . that in 2008 she is going to continue to dress like trailer trash. Like I've said before, she's proof that money can't buy taste or class. (In case you haven't guessed, i hate her!) :) P x

Wendy said...

I really like Miley's coat. Not a fan of Janet Jackson, but must admit, she looks pretty good.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I like that dress Paris wore! You are allowed to be a bit trashy on New Years. But everyone else looked like *complete* trash. Ugh Hannah Montana, stop trying to look chic, you're a baby, go host something on Nickelodeon.

Tila wore a few outfits on her New Years show. They were all pretty crazy but I suppose it's allowed on the holiday. I mean, I wore a tiara just hanging in my apartment! She is getting too skinny I think. Her face looks haggard. I actually didn't hate her when she first came out on MySpace. I was on that site before it was really big and she was tolerable. She's cute as hell but her show is just so fucking fake. I don't think she's really bi-sexual. I think she was probably just molested as a kid and that's why she's such a freak. At least on New Years she wore actual clothes.

Lady N said...

whoa - Janet does look good again.
Happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Tila looks reaaally short in that picture. It's a pretty crazy dress, but I like that color.

Heather said...

I love Paris's dress, despite the fact that it is a shirt.

Anonymous said...

i can´t remember Nicole Richie without a swolled belly! it seems like she has been pregnate forever!
when does she finally gives birth!?

However, they look so cute together!

happy new year!

deexdeexdreamer said...

eek paris's dress looks like a rainbow vomited on it- or a lifesize radioactive tattoo i cant decide!

i think j is right about being allowed to look somewhat trashy on new years but slutty-trashy just looks unfortunate. i mean, if they started off like that how the hell did they look by morning?!

nothin happy bout that!

Lynn said...

I just adore Carrie Underwood and Lenny Kravitz is simply amzing, in both music and fashion sense.

Happy New Year!

Jello on Springs said...

I've been wearing black tights with dark shoes alot too, even though I have plenty of colored tights. Perhaps its because it sorta camouflages where my leg ends and where my foot starts? @_@ And Pamela's breasts :shudders:

penelope said...

yess!! nicole and joel are like. the fabbest together!!
anyhow i;m loving ashley's shoes and wht's wif the tequila queen?! it;s just trashy!!

coco said...

I really cannot wait for Nicole's babay, I hope it is a girl.... think of the clothes
And the hiltons/hills people all looked so trashy!

Ana said...

i have to say I think the whole sparkly dress trend is best worked with black opaques and plain heels. Ugh Pam's dress...it probablly is Chanel...she could probablly make anything classy turn to tacky.
Oh god Tila..I can believe she and Bobby broke up already..what a waste of show..
I defenitly agree that Pete and Ashlee are cute. They seem to fit together.

btw do you want to trade links?

Héloïse J. said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!! i'm feeling so tired the last couple of days.. but party time is now over and i'll post soon :)

Barb. said...

i like lindsay's dress. and nicole and joel so cute always! this baby will be the best!! lol

Jay Cam said...

whenever i look at janet jackson i can't help but see michael... scary

pam's dress sure shows a lot!

Imelda said...

I think you're right about Nicole and Joel! They are really stylish.
Just Imagine, a stylish baby on the way.

I must say, I really love your blog!

Mash said...

nicole is perfect :) and i love the 2 girls from American Idol <3 paris's dress is horrible :(

Aisha said...

Aw. Nicole and Joel are going to be like the coolest parents ever.

Janet looks gorgeous.

Happy 2008 ♥

Aretha said...

Hey hey hey, Happy New Year!
When can we see some pics of your style???

Miss Woo said...

If it wasn't for the matchy matchy shoes lilo's dress is the only one I think that look nice amongst all the trashy NYE car crash dresses. And a slightly late happy new year to you! :)

Fashionista said...

I am afraid that that Chanel dress Pamela Anderson wore, is really, undoubtably, authentic Chanel...

Obviously, I assume, Lagerfeld was joking around here, a joke Pamela didn't entirely get...

Happy New Year Everyone!!

May 2008 be a year of many more great posts and great fashion..


The Seeker said...

Oh God... Pamela's dress... and Paris's dress... are horrible!
But Pamela beets all.

Secret Agent said...

Oh Tila Tequila. Too bad her she got dumped by Bobby.

That Pam dress...looks...great.

The Clothes Horse said...

So many starlets rung in the new year in bad style. ugh. Janet looks...interesting.

Jackie said...

of the dress is chanel, i hope to god it wasn't designed to be worn like that.

Jill said...

To tell the truth, I really dislike the photos of Janet Jackson, she looks really stiff and uncomfortable, but I think Joel and Nicole are a really stylish couple.

miss fashion said...

happy new year!
i loved Carrie's look on NYE. it was so chic.

p.s. check out my blog, i am posting again!

bronwyn said...

Janet looks good, she certainly has staying power! How amazing to be in LA, it's on my list of places I really, really want to visit one day.

the iron chic said...

More like Janet is airbrushed again!
Did you see that Barbara Walters interview where Posh admitted that she would never eat a cookie? I'm all for her honesty but someone needs to administer her some intravenous cookie dough.

SET said...


Fashion Tidbits said...

actually i think that mariah carey looks quite back into shape!
happy new year to you too!! :)

In Yr Fshn said...

Janet looks hot, but her back and forth with the weight is a little weird. It almost seems like Posh forfot to take off the headband after she was done getting ready. V. strange!
Happy new year!

Lluviaschick said...

any of the outfits from New Years eve has impressed me, celebs need some imagination apart from the imagination they get from stylists

Mer said...

Oh my god, lack of style for the beginning of 2008! What are they doing with all the money for crying out loud!

Mer said...

oh, that´s true...you can´t buy style.


Cool Urbanite. said...

Jnet is looking good in those pictures. Hopes she makes a good comeback this new fresh year! I actually like the outfits from both A. Idol champs! The glitter jacket from Carrie is (Y) and the green jacket with the boots from Jordin is working too!.

atelier said...

I think that bandana and Posh don't match at all. Nicole looks as a really lovely pregnant woman.