I don't know much about this girl except that she's sort of the new Corey Kennedy, but I don't think she'll get as famous. she hangs out with Mischa Barton and she use to be in a band. She's got great style, so I thought I'd share!



The Olsen's clothing line is really starting to catch on, here it is recently worn by Christina Ricci and Natalie Portman. I love this line, it's cheaper priced then "The Row" and a lot more colorful.

Elizabeth and James



Gisele Bundchen for Versace

I like the ads, well because they are typically Versace. I've never been a big fan of Versace's style, but they do make beautiful dresses.

Burberry Possum

I like these ads, I think it's really cute how they sort of "threw" the models into the picture. It looks like they are going somewhere and having a good time. Oh I wish I had a Burberry Trench...someday...

Intimately Beckham

I can't tell you what it smells like, but for some reason I like this ad. It's much better then the "Night" ad they had for their last perfume. This one is a bit cleaner and fresher, they certainly are the fashionable power couple aren't they?



Saintly Mischa
Why bother?

Keira knightly and Rupert Friend

Winter / Summer

I love the contrast, they are my favorite stylish couple. Now if only Keira could control her mouth diarrhea.

Mariah Carey
I never thought I'd put her in here as anything other then a fashion don't, but I actually like this outfit. It's not the best, but she actually looks semi-normal here.

Rumer Willis
I've never seen anyone change their look as much as her, I really hope she sticks to this one. Maybe she is the better looking one of the Willis girls...never mind, I take that back my vote. I'm going with Tallulah or Lulah, whatever she wants to be called these days.

Mahalo fashion,

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deexdeexdreamer said...

wow thanks to the last keira pic i just got transported to the late 90s! His n' hers bell bottoms, plain tees + flip flops...


WendyB said...

Oooh! That blue Burberry coat!

Heather said...

Harley doesn't look quite as adolescent as Cory Kennedy looks, I like her style! And I love the Olsen's line.

Audrey Hilton said...

Oow tu m'as mis en lien =D mercii =)

J'adoore ton blog car il permet d'apprendre un milliars de choses d'avoir des photos intéressantes sans devoir passer par dix sites différents =D

Bravo ;)

Daphné said...

I have always loved Burberry ads and the spring one is just as nice as the other ones!LOVE IT!
And that Elizabeth&James line by the Olsen twins looks really nice!

susie_bubble said...

Ah..Harley...I hear her MySpace has a bit of a compulsive following... gosh when will these cycles of webit girls end...?

jenuine glam said...

giselle is absolutely GORGEOUS! :D

Mash said...

shame on you , you tempt me for buy magazines , you're the devil :) ahaha btw Viera Newton is gorgeous I love what she wears in the second picture &hearts
I love the campaign Versace ,I love Gisele so much
and no for Burberry , I mean I love the adv but I can't stand Agyness like Mariah Carey :(
I would like to link you , hope you'll be ok :)

Cool Urbanite. said...

I do not understand how you can come up with so many thingies to blog about. And all of this I mean in a very, very good way! I couldn't do it, but I'm glad you áre doing it! :)

Aah, the Olsen are starting to become something in fashionn not only because if their style (Y)! It looks good on Natalie and you don't ammediatly see it's from E&J, because in that pic it just is very Natalie.
Haha those ads from Burberry remind me of me and my friends! We are always jumping and posing quite like that on pictures.
How adorable, Keira wearing a baggy jeans that suits her ánd her boyfriend!
And Marey, you should get dressed like that more often. You don't need al that drama-fashion!

PrincessPolly said...

Those blue shoes in the Versace ad are THE gorgeous shade of blue. I HATE MISCHA BARTON - her style is massively overrated. And i hate Posh and Becks - they do my head in! Why is she incapable of actually smiling - it's not THAT difficult! And surely she has more to smile about that most of us??? Ungrateful cow.

Sorry for the rant!

ChiliLady said...

Rumer Willis is so strange *lol*

The Seeker said...

Oh I love that blue Burberry trench... Maybe when I grow up... lololo

Miss Woo said...

I never heard of Harley until I click on your page but I really like her style. Why no smiling with all these web celebrities though?

Jay Cam said...

mouth diarrhea! lol
i like keira's style too

someday i might grow my hair like rupert's

Soul Tanggg said...

i would hate HATE to be labeled the "new cory kennedy" and considering Harley is her friend , she probably wouldn't be too excited about it either.

I think her style is defined enough to where she wouldn't need to be compared to Cory.

Soul Tanggg said...

i would hate HATE to be labeled the "new cory kennedy" and considering Harley is her friend , she probably wouldn't be too excited about it either.

I think her style is defined enough to where she wouldn't need to be compared to Cory.

atelier said...

I like Natalie Portman in that framboise colour dress, she looks cute. I'm sorry but I don't like M. Carey outfit, but I must admit you are right, and she looks semi-normal. I love too Keira boyfriend style

SICK. said...

oh ! i've been trying to post about harley for a long time i could just never find any good pictures of her :]

i like the post.


Anonymous said...

great blog!!!
visit my one, too: http://whydoesitalwaysrainonme-blog.blogspot.com/


PS: I think, Rumer Willis is a bit crazy...

Allecra said...

the burberry ad !! love it.

Jill said...

I like the Elizabeth + James Line, and that dress that Mischa is wearing.

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

I love Natalie Portman!

I dont like Rumer.


Anonymous said...

I love that that one Burberry coat is brightttt blue. So awesome. :] & the Olsen's line is pretty cool, I like the colors.

Anonymous said...

i love burberry ads a lot!
can you tell me what´s wrong with mischa!?? i love that girl but i still dont kno why she was arrested or something!

aaand i must confess i love the olsen´s style and their collections is lovely!

i wish i could afford some of their dresses!

fashionistakay said...

okay you're the first to know about my new post. you always keep me on a tight leash, and i'm really thankful for that.
p.s.would you like to trade links?

vonnie said...

posh and david look AWESOME


Imelda said...

I love that Versace add with Gisele Bundchen!

Katie Rosemary said...

the Harley girl is definitely very Cory-esque. Very pretty too
Love the B.P. ad... they look all young and carefree.
Random fact... I go to college with a guy who's modelled for Burberry. He's so pretty it almost makes me cry! haha

Tara said...

I love the shade of blue in the Versace add! Its very playful and chic. Also adore the Olsen's line. They are really starting to pick up on fashion again. =]

hannah said...

harley is brilliant. i noticed her on the cobra snake and even made a folder for photos of her on my computer. great picks!


bigglassesgirl said...

I like Harley, I like her in the Christopher Kane dress.

Anonymous said...

oo i do love e&j more, its a refreshing aside from the NYC black the twins are usually swathed in.

mischa actually does look good their, but she's no angel, nice try dui dip

The Clothes Horse said...

Harley has cool-girl style/ great hair, which seems to be the criterium of the moment. And I love Keira in every season.

discothequechic said...

Chhh, okay, I really don't want to like this Harley-ridiculously-posh-name-why-not-add-Fitzherbert? but man, she has got some pretty hot get-ups.

The Mischa link is not so important in my opinion. I used to love Ms B, but some duff outfits, film choices and following those shameless "sorrow" photo ops, I'm kind of over her. Bring back Marissaaa.


Seraphine said...

Keira always looks great. What did she say? Did I miss something?

In Yr Fshn said...

Now I am a little bit obsessed with the black dress Rumer is wearing in the last pic. Any idea where it comes from?

Bobble Bee said...

wow, i've never heard of HARLEY VIERA NEWTON before, im glad you posted about her, she sure looks fabulous!

Seraphine said...

i rather like rumer. she stands up to father bruce, i think she is finding her own way, he own voice. i'm curious what she will make of herself.