I got two lipsticks form Cara at Lipstick Queen a couple months back, but I wasn't able to blog about it because I was in the middle of moving back home to Canada. I was sent sinner, which is red and Saint, more of a nude color. I can't really say much about Saint because the color wasn't right for my complexion, but I absolutely love love sinner I'm using it to this day. If you smear it it gives you that "just kissed look" which I love. In short the lipsticks offer amazing coverage and long lasting power, I can see why Poppy calls herself "The Lip Stick Queen".

Mahalo fashion,


WendyB said...

She's a very sweet person too. I interviewed her in the early '90s for the Wall Street Journal. She always does great reds.

Mash said...

oh you move to canada ? so do you speak french ?

Tara said...

I love the "just kissed" look too!!! You make me wanna go buy some more lipstick xD

Cool Urbanite. said...

The ads are great, very fashion magazine worthy. But I think you're absolutly right about being better of at H&M!
Great inspiration pics. My fave would be the girl with the red plaid shirt and green bag, next to the fab dude :P.
Love the short flower coat and the first outfit. They are typically Oscar, but I like them. And flowerprints you can actually wear good!