I'll be putting up a list of everyone that has been nominated as well after the vote on february 15th, thank you for your contribution, I've gotten heaps of emails already!!



Poor poor Heidi Montag, when I saw these pictures of her I was absolutely shocked. She was such a good looking girl and I still think she comes off nice on the show despite Spencer's manipulations. When I heard about the boobs I was like Ok, when I heard about the nose I was like Ok, but your lips? You could have at least gotten a good lip job. She had perfectly good lips before, now she's looking like a plastic bimbo. Sad. Did anyone see that girl on Oprah that wanted to look like barbie? She was so pretty before, looked just like Julia Roberts...now the thought of what she's done to herself scares the shit out of me.




I've always been a big fan of Benetton ads, they capture my eye when I see them in a magazine. They are fun, colorful and come with a message at the same time. I can't really say too much about the store itself, the times I've been in there I haven't been to wowed though they have the occasional must have item.

Chanel Iman / Gaye McDonald / Tatyana Usova
(Not sure who the other model is)


No that's not a cockroach mangled with a dead bird, it's Mary-Kate Olsen. I think this is worse then the vampire phase, it's just awful. I'm not sure what's going on with her lately, didn't she and Max Snow break up? I've noticed every time she has a new boyfriend her style changes. I wish she would get back with David her style was the best then and she really seemed happy.


I love Devon Aoki I've always been intrigued by her beauty, she's Japanese, English and German. She's apparently the worlds shortest major model at 5'6, here she is in Vogue.

Mahalo Fashion,

Photo Credits: Vogue, Dlisted, ONTD


WendyB said...

Mary-Kate is not having her best moment there, but if people were watching me all the time they would see a LOT of bad moments. I wish she would wear one of my rings! She has such a large collection.

dusk&summer said...

I've always loved Devon too


Omg I KNOW! I cried when JT died! Great post, Heidi looks so screwed up, by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

wow this is like the first time i've been 4th comment, impressive haha ;)

oo benneton add is very colorful, make me want to frolick on a beach, damn the ice i nearly killed myself on in my driveway this morning

that model is intriguing, i've never heard of her actually, but love that first dress

i've never realized mk changed her style w/ bfs, interesting

Aretha said...

Devon Aoki is sooo cute! I can't wait to vote in your blog awards!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

WendyB - your rings are fabulous wnedy, mk should buy them!!

SHE♥FAHSHUN - Poor jt and liberty :(

jayne - Devon was in 2fast2furious
her brother is the dj steve aoki you may see him with a lot of celebrities at clubs.

Kaye said...

the benetton ads is major-such tribal chic! I love the theme of it, ty for posting!

Mash said...

I also love the adv for Benetton because it's full of colors and the name of the models are :Du Juan, Hanne-Gaby Odiele, Inna Pilipenko, Oxana Pautova, Tara Gill, Taryn Davidson, Taylor Fuchs ;) plus the three others you name :) I love Devon's editorial , she's so beautiful <3
btw I dunno who s this girl on the bottom but she's scared me a lot :(

The Seeker said...

Benetton ads are always great, they go far from the clothes.
Didn't know Devon Aoki she has really a different kind of beauty, but I like it, seems misteriouse

Secret Agent said...

Speaking of ridiculous lips, go have a look at Paris'. She looks worst and worst every day...as well as Lindsay. Man...issues.

Héloïse J. said...

i luv devon too. she has an amazing face. (ashamed! but..) i liked a lot mk's outfit here. she's so unpredictable always!
*i'm linking you my dear.
i'm exicited with the awards!! :D

Cate said...

on the subject of benetton, they have a really lovely chanelesque jacket right now, which i want so badly... gaye mcdonald is really beautiful.

bronwyn said...

Devon looks very sweet, she also looks SO young. I love the clothes she's modelling in this layout. As for Ashley - that fur coat looks so grungy - the top underneath looks like it could be interesting tho' I'm still thinking about my nominations and will mail you later.
Have a fab day

Elisabeth said...

Yikes; Mary-Kate looks a fright, the poor doll.

Devon Aoki is gorgeous; her hair is fantastic!

Kira Fashion said...

you are so right about MK
that hair, that fur and that sunglesses are awful!
i hope she gets back to her great and old style too!

a kiss

Carolina Lange said...

I love the Benetton ads, allways amazing!
Devon Aoki is looking amazing in Vogue, great photos!

Allecra said...

I looove Aoki!!

molly said...

ugh those lips heidi had look terrible

coco said...

There was an old Hills episode on and it was really strange how much Heidi has changed
she is a pretty girl i hope she doesn't go too far, she is starting to get too plastic!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, why do people think they need all that plastic surgery? So silly.

& that's cool that Devon Aoki is only 5'6". Yay short people! :]

atelier said...

I love the first pic of the editorial "one day in tokyo", the dress is lovely. And I think Katie Holmes looks better with that "Suri cut".

the iron chic said...

Can you think of an example where a lip job looked natural or good?
I can't. They always look pouty, like Keira Knightly.

PrincessPolly said...

Devon is adorable; she looks like a little doll.

Jill said...

Devon Aoki is really pretty, & it's nice to know short one's get work too. Even though I don't consider 5' 6" really short either.

Anonymous said...

eek! heidi looks like she has a milk stache.

Natalie said...

I loove Katherine Heigl's (is that how you spell it?) dress!!

Ceci n'est pas une blogger. said...

Wow, Heidi doesn't even look like herself any more...what a shame too :(