Karl Lagerfeld says that Amy Winehouse is his new muse. Okay we all know she's got her 'issues', but I to admit I have always admired her style. I would never really dress the way Amy does, but I've always been pulled to certain pieces she has on. I wish I could say that I have a specific style just like hers. My favorite pieces from her are definitely the ballerina flats and the short shorts!




I really want to own something similar to this, unfortunately with my recent move my bank account doesn't allow for any extravagances. Who do you think wore it best?

Who rocked it the best?
Elizabeth Hurley
Anne Hathaway
alek wek
Diane Lane
Minka Kelly



Mahalo fashion,

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Heather said...

My bias against Amy Winehouse involves an ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend :)... but I agree with you on the certain-pieces thing, and I really like Lagerfield's take.

Secret Agent said...

Ya know, if Amy dressed like the models, she'd be a mega-superstar. Ya know, keeping with her own look and style, but being a little more put together and classy. Cause right now, she looks...messy...or should I say... messed.

atelier said...

I don't understand how Lagerfeld could even say that. And I think the only thing she could possibly inspired in her catwalk was the hair, c'on! it's impossible, she is nor the profile neither the kind-of-woman who wears Chanel. I think he did it trying to provoke, but it was too much.

Carolina Lange said...

I like something about Amy's style, like her jeans. And I like the way Karl Lagerfeld used her style as an inspiration!
And Nicole Kidman should never, ever dress like that again! No one should!

Jay Cam said...

Amy Winehouse sure has her own uniwue style all right!

Mer said...

Well, I agree with atelier. I really admire Amy winehouse, she is sooo talented, she is something. But to say she inspired CHANEL?? I find it a bit boring :-/

Sage said...

omg Nicole what is wrong with you?? I also posted about her! I also kinda appreciate Amy's style but i cant see how its similar to Karl Lagerfeld's .. anyway, I have now linked you: dont forget to not link me as MENTAL (Sage) but plain MENTAL..thx

Vintage Bunny said...

Welcome back!
You are right about Amy Winehouse.I love the way she wears those shorts.

Sage said...

omg I just discovered the silver terror is Balenciaga by Nicholas Chesquiere!!

Lynn said...

The thing I like about Amy Winehouse is her eye makeup, very Brigitte Bardot, Liz Taylor and my idol Audrey Hepburn. I've always done my eyes like that, since college in fact, but with less less liner hehehe...

As for Nicole I hope this is not the start of a period of dressing gone wrong like when she first started out. I think she's the better candidate for KL's muse (but certainly not in this outfit!).

Wendiva said...

yes, amy winehouse has got issues, but a good style is all about originality...and she's got that fo sho!

Aretha said...

Her style is so pinup girl, I like her! I also love what Karl did for Chanel, that Coco Rocha pics looks great

Aisha said...

She has SOME nice stuff, but mostly I'm not a big fan of her choices, maybe I would start noticing them if she looked healthier and stayed out of trouble. It's not that hard.

There is something I admire about her and is how she doesn't go out without those two things that have became typical (but still cool) from her: eye make-up and that REALLY REALLY poofy hair.

Still, karl has gone nuts.

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

I'm linked!

Amy Winehouse knows how to pull things off. No one else can pull off a beehive or worn out ballet slippers.


Who's That Fashionista? said...

okay so I really like the way Alek Wek and Anne Hathaway look. About 2 weeks ago I bought a dress similar in purple. I am really excited to have it but, I have no where to wear it this season but at least by the time I wear it no one else will be wearing anything like it.

Kira Fashion said...

she has issues, but she is really influencing a lot of people!

a kiss

thanks for passing, miss you here!

Anonymous said...

well leave it to karl to be controversial, for a man that absorbs everything around him from books to music without looking back honestly amy is no major surprise, i just haven't ever found her particularly classy, a word i usually associate with chanel..hmm

Jackie said...

Wow... too much futuristic, Nicole.
I was really hoping that she would wear something classy and sophisticated, the way she looked in The Golden Compass... but oh well.

I've never quite been a fan of Amy Winehouse... her look seems a bit... err... questionable. I don't really think that's the word...

Jackie said...

Oh oops, I forgot to add something, I think you meant next year in that comment you left me....

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

Heather - His take is so classy, I love it!

Secret Agent - Your right if she cleaned herself up she would look great :)

Carolina Lange - I still can't believe she wore that!!!

Vintage Bunny - Thanks for the welcome back;)

Lynn - Nicole is pretty inconsistant lately.

Aretha - Pinup girl, thats right! well pinup girl on crack, literally!

Vintage Bunny said...

happy Birthday!

Vintage Bunny said...

happy Birthday!