In honour of Nicole getting sentenced to four days in the big house I figured I'd do a blow out special on her. She's my ultimate favorite fashionista, she shows how you can transform from having pretty trashy style to beomg a bonified trend setter. Go Nicole, just please gain some weight for the baby. B-A-B-Y.

In Nylon magazine.


The new Gap ads are out, is it me or are they starting to look the same?! I worked at Gap for nearly two years and by the end of it I got bored with the clothing. I still have so much of it left in my closet from using my 50% discount. Even though I quit my job on a bitter note, I still believe that Gap is a good place to go for your staples.

Mahalo fashion,

Photo Credits: Justjared.com

Ps. Seems like Nicole Richie won hands down for having the best 'headgear'! Every ones opinions seemed pretty scattered after that :) Nicole Trend: Headscarves and wearing your hoodie over your head.


Anonymous said...

Nicole is my favorite so I love this post.

Also, worked for Banana republic for 5-1/2 years. It took along time to get rid of all the stuff I had bought over the years.

penelope said...

b4 these, i've thought tt she's jus an airhead.. but somehow.. i feel tt she's kinda.. vulnerable? yer.. GAIN MORE WEIGHT NICOLE!!!

anyhow, thanks for yr comment(: clueless is jus fab!!! how i wish we cud haf another movie lyk tt soon!!!

chandra said...

my boyfriend LOVES nicole. she's probably my favorite out of the bunch too. she really has transformed over the years.

Marsadie said...

I don't know anyone who doesn't adore Nicole's style! I mean, she really knows how to do it. I especially love the looks you featured: one with the Chanel bag and platform pumps, the other with the blue Balenciaga bag and jeans.

As far as Gap is concerned, I've never personally shopped there. I guess it would be a good place to shop for staples, but the style has always looked so drab and dreary to me. Then again, I'm not much of t-shirts/jeans kinda girl! I like pizzazz...Express is more my speed for 'staples' :)

sara said...

OMG: love love love Nicole's style, but do agree NEEDS weight for the baby (and herself).

I like the GAP ads, and again you're right, one of the best places for your basics.

great post.

x sara o

.m. said...

love her style. but guess she'll have to get used to stripes or an orange jumpsuit! she'll probably still wear her headscarves and sumglasses wit it though, if they let her :P

coco said...

ahhhh nothing makes me more happy than some nicole richie pics
she really knows how to dress
im glad she isnt going to jail for too long if only for the fact ill miss her outifits too much

Carolina Lange said...

I love her style, she allways looks so good! Great post!

Emma said...

Ah, Nicole. So cracked-out, yet so amusing. Here's hoping the whole FOUR DAYS of incarceration will clear her head a bit.

Diana Coronado said...

I luv Nicole's Style, but sometimes she looks sooo skiny and insane

Kaye said...

Nicole is rocking! LOVE her! LOVE her style- she seems so comfortable in whatever she wears: wish I had her grand wardrobe...

Hey Jen, on a side note, remember how you posted a DIY to make that bracelet? I finally got around and bought a cheap $2 bangle thats just waiting for me to fuss over!!

Secret Agent said...

AND she's funny & sexy too!
I like those GAP ads. Yeah, they do look kinda similar... but yet, sorta don't. That Jon Mayer picture looks good...nice photography, good lighting.

I like to shop at Club Monaco for my light sweater staples. But GAP definitely has some nice, well-priced jeans.

Kira Fashion said...


i just love Nicole´s style for too long, she is really cool! so skinny, but cool.

that look to the court is so amazing!
i wish i get dressed like her all the time! hehehe

a kiss

SET said...


Gloria said...

I'd like Nicole's style maybe if I could look past her skeletalness.

The court pictures make her look a lot more elegant...and they look pretty artsy too, lol.

dianabobar said...

love nicole s style

Who's That Fashionista? said...

Gap CAN be a tad boring.

Anonymous said...

nicole always turns up looking fab... havent bought anything at gap other than that pink scent i forget the name and a white button-up shirt... and i ended up having to turn up the sleeves cos it wasn't as long as i needed em 2 be(im 5ft11 and have incredibly long arms)

fashionista said...

ahhh...nicole- great style, not-so-great choices.
so did you see my post on your high waisted jeans dilemma?

Meg said...

I sometimes wonder whether she has got an improved sense of style, or whether she actually just lives by her stylist's word. But then I just generally dislike people who are famous for nothing.

Dani said...

Beautiful post on Nicole. the pics were the best.

Jennifer said...

atlanta social - I use to love using my discount at BR, wow five years that's a long time. The clothes are BR are at least more fashion forward then gap but they are so expensive.

chandra - She's the smart one out of all of them!

Marsadie - I know what you mean about gap and yeah Nicole has the best overall style, she knows what she's doing and what she's trying to achieve she always dresses perfect for the right occasions.

.m. - hahhaa, she'll survive.

coco - Same, I never get tired of Nicole pictures!

Emma - From the interview she did it sounds like she's learned her lesson.

Diana Coronado - she looks better now then when she initially lost the weight.

Kaye - Ohhh yay! Post pictures on your blog when you finish them, I might feature them on here!

Secret Agent - CM is good, but I tried to get a job there and they didn't hire me hahha!

Jennifer said...

SET - agree, it's not her fault the media follows her around.

Who's That Fashionista? - Agreed but it is what they are known for.

Meg - I don't think she chose to be famous, I think the paps made her famous in the end they decide whos important and who is not in hollywood if you know what i mean.

hannah said...

i love nicole's style. hippie-chic?

i love how she looks at the armani exchange sunglasses party. gorgeous.

Tui said...

I love nicole's style
but she's so damn skinny!!!!!!!!!!!