Babe has been everywhere lately, it was a good marketing idea to use Eva Longoria as their spokes person cause she looks amazing in the ads, even though the clothes in my opinion are shit. Every time I've gone to babe in America I cant help thinking of how cheap and overpriced the clothes are. It reminds me of expensive club wear, if you live in Canada and shop at leChateau then you know what I mean.

I can't wait for desperate housewives to start up again! I wonder if Edie did kill herself...

The fashions at Posh & Beck's welcome to America party was pretty soso. I'm surprised at how many celebrities went to this party, do they even care about soccer? Gosh Hollywood is becoming such a cult.

I think Katie's dress was probably really beautiful in real life, but in the pictures it looks like it was drawn on with crayola markers. I do love the purple shoes her or her stylist picked out. I don't completely hate Mel B's dress but I don't like it either. Devon Aoki looks great though, she's such a stunning beauty.

Okay normally I am a fan of matching different colors together, but let it be known that two bright colors should never been seen together, it totally ruins Eva's outfit in my opinion. She should have paired black or red shoes with that dress not lime green. Alyson Hannigan looks great, but there's just too much black going on.

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey, both of them...tragic outfits, but they seem happy together. I don't like her hair cut either I think it makes her look older. Vivica A. Fox, another tragedy all over, bad boob and face job, at least she's trying.

Mahalo fashion,

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SET said...


Juliet said...

as you said, eva looks good, the clothes don't.

juliet xxx

Romeika said...

Oh, Eva is a sexy lady, and the photographs look good, but i have the idea it only looks good on her... I agree on what you said.

About Katie's dress, it looks beautiful, but it seems like she lacks cleavage. And she's so much taller than Tom hehehehehe

Alisson Hannigan! I didn't know she was still around.. Love her hair, but it's too much black indeed. It looks too correct, too boring.

chandra said...

i can't stand eva. sadly, i can't really stand anyone that went to this party. it was very disappointing.

penelope said...

haha i love yr attitude!! twd bee and the beck's party..

and yer.. so many things are becoming more and more ovrpriced.. hello.. inflation anyone?!

anyhow.. i loved this post best!

alexgirl said...

Great post! I am so in agreement with everything you said. Esp. Jenny McCarthy's dress. What was she thinking? And I've never shopped at Bebe, but that's a cute spread.

-S said...

i was utterly joyed at the beckhams in american or whatever the reality show was called. i just wished it was a bit longer. an hour special? just not enough.

rollergirl said...

Eva looks OLD! Isn't Bebe for young babes? And as for the Beckhams party, apparently most of the people there are either scientology friends of the Cruises or managed by the same people as the Beckhams. That show got panned in the UK!

Secret Agent said...

Le Chateau = Expensive clubwear? (Definitely)...some of their stuff is getting nicer (even their models Cameron Russell and Brad Kroenig? whoa). But I definitely felt a couple years ago everything was hoochie.

Vivica A. Fox...damn. Not only are her boobs messed, but she's injecting too much in her lips. It's starting to look like a chicken's asshole.

Ohh.. and btw, It's Bebe.. not Babe. Unless, that's how they call it in Australia?

Hollywood's becoming a cult? I'd join it!

Gloria said...

It took me a minute to realize that was jenny mccarthy...but her and jim carrey definitely do look dreadful! And I had no problem with Eva's dress...until I looked down at the shoes when you pointed them out!

glamour girly said...

my experience with bebe is also one of crappy clothing with an enormous price tag!


Bella said...

I agree...Bebe is cheasy...but Eva looks pretty in the adds...and Katie Holmes dress looks like a giant jalepeno, althought the shoes are gorgeous....i love them...

Kira Fashion said...

I really liked that amazing style from the Spice Sports Girl..she is so classy and so rocker...i love that mixed ;)

a kiss

The Stiletto Effect said...

i don't really like the beckhams that much so i don't understand all the fuzz around them :( but i couldnt agree more with your opinion in what regards the outfits :)
to attend a party organized by "Posh Spice" the guests could have gone with more cute outfits!

Sunniva said...

Oh I love the combination red and purple..such a shame that Katie Holmes didn't get the dress right..it should have been shorter.

And you are so right about Eva Longoria's colour matching! I usually love the combination green and yellow, but she should have chosen a much softer shade of green.


Anonymous said...

the reference to le chateau has endeared me to you and your blog 4eva! seriously.. lol... i'm canadian... so i know EXACTLY what you're talking about.. i've been in2 bebe and i agree their clothes are overpriced.. and not so great... i actually think katie looks fab... the red is great on her.. her haircut is awesome as are her shoes.. i hate the fact that i always see mel b in satin... i've heard of stilleto loyalty... brand loyalty... never fabric loyalty.. wt hell.. devon is gorgeous.. i love her shoes.. actually saw a similar pair at aldo... they didnt have my size.. i'm scouring aldos for the one i want... 4 inches of sexy sin... i actually like evas shoes with that outfit.. she rocks it... i would do the red... but i could also do this if i was in the mood to be funkier... alysons haircut is great... hate jennys dress... saw vivica in it @ the bet awards.. i think the dress is bad news altogether... vivica is so plastic its horrendous...

love your blog babe

Anonymous said...

I gotta say your blog is really great and the posts are always fun.

.m. said...

i know le chateau is overpriced, but it's changed a bit since you've last seen it, they're trying to be more trendy and less clubby.
i love the last pic of eva were she's slanted, she look hot. I'm gonna try that pose, LOL

Amy said...

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miss vintage love said...

Yes, the Le Chateau syndrome...it looks great from far away, but up close you can see how cheaply it was made. Basically disposable clothing.

Marsadie said...

Call me crazy, but I adore Mel B's dress.

Dani said...

Love Eva's shoes, hate katie's dress.
Did you guys see a photo of Tom Cruise doing the Risky Business dance routine at the party, while Katie did sexy moves herself? I saw it in a brazilian magazine...

Anonymous said...

oh dear god jenny. please burn that dress, no one should ever be seen in it!

Anonymous said...

by jenny i meant jenny mccarthy, not you!

fashionistakay said...

At first glance of the ad, I thought Eva model type? But then I read a bit of ur post and decided its not Eva she's awesome!Ur right it is the clothes...their just not quite up to par for me. And it would look so much better if the ads were in color...make it just a little dramatic.

Jennifer said...

SET - I love the dress, it's the shoes that piss me off.

Romeika - Her hair does look great but way too much black going on she needed to break it up better maybe with white pumps?

chandra - I can't belive how many people went too, hollywood is such a cult.

penelope - Thanks girl!

alexgirl - The spread is good but that's where it stops!

-S - they didn't play it here, I'll have to download it.

rollergirl - I dont think eva looks that bad, she seems 'hip' even for an older person i guess.

Secret Agent - ha, sirens is worse then le chateau now thats clothes you can throw out.

Gloria - Terrible, isn't it?

Bella - you made me laugh!

The Stiletto Effect - I don't understand the fuss either, david is hot though.

Sunniva - You are right, shorter would have been better but I do love the purple shoes!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe - aww thanks for your long reply. Yes lechateau has a huge price tag envolved if your going to get clothes like that go to sirens and save some cash! I agree I love kate's hair cut and yeah vivica looked equally as bad in that dress at the BET awards.

atlanta social - Thanks doll!

CountryGirl_CityLife - agree, burn it, maybe it would have looked okay as a cute strapless dress.

fashionistakay - I love eva especially on DH!
.m. - Hmm I think they were just trying to change a bit around the time I left, I can't wait to get home and see what i've missed.

Amy - I will, don't worry about that, in about 5 minutes;)

miss vintage love - so true but it's a good place for funky dresses to wear to formals etc.

Dani - I saw that the picture is hilarious.

Tui said...

actually i like eva in the yellow and green...but maybe it's just because she pulls it off