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M.I.A. & Steve Aoki (Devon Aoki's brother) she is ready to pop soon, I wonder if she'll be performing all preggers at the Grammys ? She was nominated for "Oh...Saya" from Slumdog Millionaire.

Dakota Fanning. This jumpsuit is a really nice choice for her, it makes her look a little more grown up then the mini dresses she's use to sporting.

Isla Fisher. Everytime I see her I think of her hilarious character in Wedding Crashers. If you haven't seen it then your missing out. When is she going to tie the not with Sasha already?

Jennifer Aniston. I thought she's wearing her usual black, this is a nice feminine dress for Jen. I really like the shoes too, I just did a 'Label Love' on Azzedine Alaia.

Camilla Belle. At MusiCares supporting her man Joe Jonas. I guess this is a 'confirmation'.

Ronnie Wood (The bassist and guitarist for The Rolling Stones) divorced his wife and is now dating a 22 year old Kazakh-Russian girl named Ekaterina Ivanova (They apparently met at a club). She's cute and I like her style, but he could be her grandfather! And I thought mine and my boyfriends 4 year age difference was a bit much...oh wait I get it...the man is worth 200 million dollars...

Erin Wasson.
VB looking fabulous as usual.

If your wondering where Bilson has been, I think she's been here in Canada working on that house she and Canuck boyfriend Hayden Christensen are building some small town between Ottawa and Toronto (can't remember). Anyway she must have gotten sick of the winter, because she's back with a bang!

Oh that skirt is too adorable, she's winning major points with this look. I love how she incorporates young and run fabrics, but still looks polished.

Freida Pinto.

Whitney Port. This is looking a little try hard/Kate Moss to me, but I like it.

Lindsay Lohan. I love those jeans, i wonder what brand they are? They look really comfortable.

Lindsay Lohan. I have a feeling she does her own makeup sometimes...

The always fabulous and Haggard frenchie Lou Dillon, and we love her for it.

Jennifer Hudson. I'm glad she seems to be able to deal with life a little more now. I can't even begin to imagine what's she's been going through...

Jessica Biel. I love this outfit so much, I just wish she wasn't in it. Still a dude.

Kate Moss. Such a Kate look!

Jazmine Sullivan. I really like this casual, but fun take on the safari look.

Kim Kardashian. Are zippers on the outside coming back?

Tilda Swinton. She can wear anything, holy fierceness!

Gwyneth Paltrow. Looks like she's in Notting Hill here. The matchy boots don't really do it for me.

Pixie Geldof. Lusting for that studded jacket.

Mary-Kate PDA with new boytoy. She definitely likes to match her style to her boyfriends, just look at Max Snow or David Katzenberg. I remember when Nicole Richie was dating DJ AM, she use to say that they would coordinate outfits before leaving the house!

Solange. I like it, it's working for me. She got the right hint of crazy in without going over the top.

Taylor Momsen. She seems like such a bitch, well if she's not then she really needs to quick posing with a mean face in all her pictures. On a good note I LOVE her style.

Katy Perry. I like the outfit, but I'm not a fan of the new haircut. Kelly Osbourne called and she wants her hair back.

Keri Hilson. I love the legging faux denim jeans! Whatever company started to manufacture these first are geniuses. (I'm all about comfort.)

The Cruises have landed in Brazil! Oh I'd love to go there someday...

Check out the guy in the back trying to get a picture of them!

I think Katie needs to eat more, she seemed a lot healthier looking last year in comparison to now. I do love the dress though, so glam!

Vanessa Hudgens hiding as usual.

Mischa Barton.

I really like this look here, I wonder if the 'fur' is separate or a part of the coat?

Tori Spelling on the set of 90210. I really love this dress, I think it's by Aussie designers Zimmerman or Alice McCall, it's totally something either of them would do.

Former Mrs. Jude Law Sadie Frost. I'm really into this top/dress she's wearing. It reminds me of the Miu Miu Harlequin collection from last year.

Lily Allen playing in the 'snow' in London. She really loves that Prada hat doesn't she? I guess she should enjoy it since she said it was 'ridiculously expensive'.

Heidi Klum and Jonah. Too cute.

Zuma has style already! Gwen is turning 4-0 this year. Time flies...

Dita Von Teese is still taking it off at the Crazy Horse in Paris. I always find it strange when I hear Dita talk because I always expect her to sound so posh, but she has a normal sounding American accent.Kristen Cavallari. I would never wear that T-shrit, but it looks cute on her.

Molly Sims and designer Anya Hindmarch. Molly looks great in prints, she should wear it more often.

Madonna and her 22 year old boytoy Brazillian model Jesus Luz . I really shocked that they went so public...

Lourdes. I can't believe she has so much style at her age...I guess her mother is Madonna.

Sophia Bush. Wow that top half just isn't working, but blazer is a bit ill fitting and the color combinations don't really work for me.

Geneveive Jones. Fabness!

Salma Blair. Such a great and quick party look, take note!

Rihanna. I hate skulls and bones, I don't even like writing the words down, it's always creeped me out, but she does look sorta hip there.

Such a cute skirt.





Confessions of a Shopaholic writer Sophie Kinsella pulled out all the stops! I can't believe this is reality, I've been waiting for this movie for 2 years! I don't think it will be as good as the book though, I'm really annoyed that her character is no longer British.






Marian said...

Zoe is the cutest! so young and already making serious style choices.Lourdes is defo one to watch style wise,shes so beautiful.love seeing that green balmain dress off the runway.
muah x

WendyB said...

Lourdes is amazing. Out of all the teenyboppers and tweens who have been praised for their style over the years...she's the only one who really deserves it.

I read yesterday that if MIA hasn't given birth, she will be at the Grammys and that they've made arrangements to get her out of there quickly should she go into labor.

Unknown said...

yeah MIA is all set to do the grammys, she's due ON THE DATE of it. she looks so cute pregnant.
are you sure that that picture of freida pinto isn't actually rosario dawson? otherwise they look really alike. just something i noticed.
also: taylor and mischa both look like death. i'm just sayin'.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^^ oh guys I can't wait to see her performance now, she'll be fierce with that belly!

Winnie said...

Wow MIA is huge, Lourdes is far too cool at her age and Lily Allen looks cute in that Prada hat! Also, I agree, what were they thinking making Becky B's character American rather than British? Oh well, I guess it is an adaption after all.

Make Do Style said...

Ekaterina Ivanova is only after the money!
Geez Madonna - I mean Jesus looks hot but combine them both and their names and you've gotta wonder!!
Lourdes does look a diamond though

Siru said...

Your posts are truly amazing! Lourdes seems just like Madonna in 80s.

juliet xxx

henriettalucia said...

sadie frost is in thakoon, a friend of mine was given it in jan... also, alice mccall is going broke... so im 99.999% sure its not her dress, and its def not zimmermann. however, that ginnifer goodwin girl wore a camilla and marc dress... so theres some aussie rep.

dress here: http://gofugyourself.celebuzz.com/2009/02/04/84651086.jpg

keira antoia rose said...

My favorite pics came from the JENNI KAYNE AND ANDY LECOMPTE SALON PARTY. AMAZING. I AM IN LOVE WITH ALL THE OUTFITS. Dakota Fanning looks so much older, she is turning out to be a beautiful teenager. Camilla Belle's dress is gorgeous, stunning, beautiful. Rhianna's skirt is precious. Lou Dillon's dress is so hot. I want it! Taylor Momsen's style is probably my favorite at the moment. Or...one of my favorites.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Lexie said...

i love how mean you are to jessica biel. it cracks me up.

i cannot believe gwen stefani is 40 this year! omg! i wish she would have a daughter.

ginnifer goodwin nailed the premier look out of the he's just not cast!

Lauren said...

i am loving all these balmain dresses!!! i think i might dream about one tonight!

zoe aka drinkupthefashion said...

leona lewis looks horrible in that herve leger and neon pink shoes. ewwww.
rihanna looks great in that blue dress, the best she's looked for a while. i wish i could have gotten a better view of the balmain, but i bet she feels fortunate. balmain is so hot right now.
paris looks good. i like her with short hair.
nicole richie looks STUNNING. she wears that gold headpiece so well. love herrr <3

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out that it's Rosario Dawson, and not Freida Pinto, at Penelope Cruz's pre Oscar party.

Other than that, your blog is great eye candy and I can scroll through it all day. Actually, I already do. :)

Allie said...

Gwen is hitting 40??? No effing way!

And why, WHY is Kristin Cavallari still famous and/or relevant?? I wish someone would explain how/why she still gets invited places.

WendyB said...

OT but...the subway is not bad at all! Don't be scared. The lines you'd probably be using while doing tourist/work stuff are all fine. It's not like it's portrayed in '70s movies. I wouldn't want to get on one at, say, 3 a.m. but that's mostly because you could be alone in the station, which is creepy. And, like any mass transit anywhere, you always need to be conscious of your pure. But it's really okay :-)

Unknown said...

Camilla Belle is gorgeous. Dakota Fanning is so grown!!! geez I can't wait to see how her style evolves over the years.

MIA..can't wait! K. Cavallari..is why important, why? I love her still tho...still team Kristin from laguna beach! haha

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

I am such a fan of Dakota Fanning. She has developed into a young woman so gracefully.

Also, I really LOVE Nicole Ricthie, Marky-Kate and Solange's style. I love how they are always breaking boundaries and making their fashion work for them.

As always, thank you so much for all the work and effort that you put into these posts!!

Seraphine said...

ronnie wood from the rolling stones... ewwwww.
i saw dakota on letterman. she's really cute. i was impressed by her poise and self confidence.
i loved slum dog millionaire. it was a food movie.
i did'nt much care for rihanna's skull motif either. it looks insincere.

Unknown said...

What an amazingly comprehensive post! Thanks for all those great pics. Tori's yellow dress is so fun and flirty. I wish I could see it on someone else who could really rock it!

Anonymous said...

Lots of nice looks here, but I must admit, I didn't really recognize Dakota.

ediot said...

oh thanks a lot, yes. i would say they are dots- some pretty large.. enjoy the rest of your weekend darling

Theresa said...

love Camilla Belle's dress! it's amazing!! I'm almost speechless :)

Ella Gregory said...

I totally forgot M.I.A. was pregnant. I wish there were more pics of her, she has great style.

Siljesfashion said...

Were to start, you always make the most amazing posts! Loved Jennifer Connoly in Balmain, Nicole continues with fab dresses and Rachel Zoe has that jacket I have been lusting after. Its true that Tilda can wear anything, I think she is wonderfully weird. Bilson is always so cool, great inspiration for everyday looks!

Demi said...

thank you honey :)
I really want Dakota Fannings playsuit!!!


Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

i am still gushing over jennifer in balmain! she wears it well!

and thanks for your comment!! :) you MUST learn to surf..i am terrible at it..but have the best time trying anyway!

great post!

love LM xxx

giggleness said...

i love the way dakota fanning has grown up. she has great style. just compare her to like miley cyrus...ahah. it doesnt work. shes got such great style. :)

im thinking my next post just might be a dakota fanning post. :D

Shes Dressing Up said...

Ahhh MIA is hugely pregnant!! Madness.
I love all of the dresses from the He's Just Not That... premiere!

Mimi said...

I'm a huge fan of jumpers and the black one Dakota chose is awesome.
Isla looked great.Can't wait to see the film since I read all the books.
Actually Marchesa is one of my favorite designers but Camilla's dress didn't thrill me.It's really cute anyway.
Erin looked quite bad in this outfit I think.
Rachel's dress is super sweet.It's a pity she doesn't show off that often anymore.
I totally agree about Whitney&Allie.
Pixie's jacket is awesome.I wish I'd find some studds like hers.
I'm always so jealous about Taylor and Jenny Humphrey.
I hate Tori but her yellow dress is faultless.

Mirka said...

i watched the audrey gap ad and it was really witty, audreys trade mark really was the skinny black pant! i added your awesome blog to my blog list... :)

Baybay Mama said...

I LOVE MIA! Her photos in SPIN a couple of months ago were so beautiful! Ok, there was a lot to comment on but let me think of high lights...Jessica Biel is boring as well as Jennifer Aniston. I think Camilla Belle was made for fashion. Jennifer Connelly solidified her place in the celebrity fashion scene. drew didn't look that amazing but she's drew so she's forgiven.

María Pilar Bernal Maya said...

you always put so many pics at your post!!! Madonna boytoy is so cute and joung. He could be my boyfriend´s daughter! Many ideas comes from your pics. I like Jenifer aston and kate moss style.

Super Noodle Rach said...

Love MIA and love that she still wears a Motel dress/skirt whilst preggers!

Ekaterina Ivanova denim dress looks HOT i want...maybe I will have a three denim dresses when i find that one!

as manly as evry1 says Jessica Biel, she has got a bum and half tho!challenges beyonce it must!

Solange's style is a bit try hard?!her style is nothing compare to teeny jannelle monae standing next to her!

Hate lilly allens hat

And why does Scarlett looks so BLAH! she is hands down the hottest female actress for me and does not look all to good at the premier!

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

LOOOOVE isla fisher! and nicole richie's gold head piece is to die for.

oh and this made me crack up: "Jessica Biel. I love this outfit so much, I just wish she wasn't in it. Still a dude." i've seen her out and about in LA and, yeah, she still looks like a dude.