I'm back from my around the world trip, currently living back in Melbourne, Australia.
I've been posting my adventures on here:


I've only just started so patience. Don't expect great fashions, I only had a backpack! I will be back to Mahalo Fashion soon, with a more personal touch. x


Imelda said...

I'll be checking out your other blog right away!
Can't wait for you to have this blog back in action :)

Design Darling said...

i'll be so happy to have you back! i've missed your witty take on fashion.

ThevingseN said...

Finally! I've been looking forward to the moment the blog was to be back in action, and wiii! It is :D

Hope your trip was nice :)

Ms Confashion said...

Welcome back-yay, I look forward to see what findings you do!!!

Hope you had a good one??

<3 Nete

leather lace blog said...

amazing travel!!


Janet Victoria said...

you're so lucky! i can't wait till the day i get to travel the world.

pls check out my blog ;)

ediot said...

wish you a great trip darling. im off to see the other site- ive been missing you!! its been so long since ive been here- bad bad girl..


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Anonymous said...

All in all, time well spended here.

Anthea said...

Can't wait for your return!

El'Aundra said...

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Indigo said...

Ohh I hope you had fun!!! XX

jhon said...

Interesting post. Keep it up.

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