Beyonce during Michael's tribute performance.

Prince & Paris Jackson. I have to say, prince talks just like Michael, eerie.

Lady Gaga. She looks like some sort of space aged Disney character. I really really love it. She manages to make everyone look like it's from some sort of magical dream.

Jennifer Nettles. She's definitely got the body and the height to pull off this dress. She looks great.

Ashanti. She definitely should have gone with different shoes, a busy dress needs simple shoes.

Beyonce. A crazy dress with huge earrings and sparkles in her hair, I'm not into it, although it's not particularly bad either.

Carrie Underwood and my home town Ottawa Senators player Mike Fisher. I saw him play just last week! I never thought Carrie Underwood & Hilary duff would end up dating players, playing for my town. lol

Canadian girls representing: Coco Rocha with Kim D'Eon and Cheryl Hickey. I think Cheryl is the only one that brought it, I'm a bit confused by Coco's look.

Fergie. This is a nice look for her, especially with the dark hair.

Miley Cyrus. Nice to see her dressing her age, somebody definitely styled her. I've always loved this teal color on dresses.

Jennifer Hudson.

Ke$ha. She's like a more pop and less dance version of Lady Gaga. I think she looks fantastic.

Kristen Bell. She can do better, no doubt, but I like the tophalf of the dress.

Jennifer Lopez. Dress is ok, hair looks fantastic.

Heidi Klum & Seal. Nice to see Heidi going for the sultry sexy look, can't believe she's a mother of 4!

Mya. It's nice, but nothing special. I feel like she ripped out a page from Beyonce's help book.

Rihanna. Is she going for some sort of snow princess look? It looks like an edgy wedding dress, I don't get it.

Nicole Kidman. There use to be a time where she was such a trend setter on the red carpet, but I guess the key words are "there use to be a time".

Marissa Miller. It's alright, I don't get the fuss about her.

Katy Perry. She's one of those people that can pull anything off, I like it (on her).

Mary J. Blige. Everytime I see her in a nice dress, I always think "unfortunate tattoos". I love tattoos myself, but hers need to be removed or fixed.

Taylor Swift. Our big winner of the night! She should win the best dressed award too, the dress and color are just WOW. I should have posted a picture of the back too because it's beautifully cut.

Melody Thorton representing The Pussy Cat Dolls. Seems like she's been doing a lot of that lately. I like the way the color of the dress gradually fades out.

Lea Michele. It reminds me a bit of an ice skating dress, but she's pulling it off. You can't go too wrong in midnight blue.

Pink. I guess I'll have to call Pink's look the last year or two pretty and edgy. I really do like this look on her, she's glowing.

Kaley Cuoco. She's definitely up there in the best dressed for me, the cut of this dress fits her immaculately. If I had her height and body, I would have worn this exact dress.

Nicole Polizzi. Who invited her? As far as Snooki is concerned, this is a good look for her. Since when does she dress so understatedly? A stylist must have gotten to her. I have to say I love Jersey Shore, those people are nuts!

Natalia Lafourcade. Cute & quirky.

Melanie Fiona. She pulled out all the stops, usually these dresses can look like garbage bags, but she looks very pretty.

Olivia Munn. One of these looks I like better up close.

Kristine Elezaj. Rocking that Balmain dress.

Carrie Ann Inaba. The folds in this dress make me instantly love it, one of my favorite looks.

The Recording Academy And Clive Davis Annual Pre-GRAMMY Gala:


WendyB said...

Gaga was my favorite of course...and I want sparkles for my hair now.

xoliquoricexo said...

great, comprehensive post! wasn't particularly wowed by anyone, though.

P.S. J-hud's wearing Victoria Beckham.

sofi said...

cocos dress is actually from her new line its called rococo. i agree though its rather cheap looking. she talks about it on her blog!

prettygeeky.com said...

I absolutely LOOOVED Pink's performance...very different from the rest of the others and what great acrobatic moves! Lady GaGa's legs just went on forever in that costume, loved it all the way!

I also loved the make-up on Rhianna, quite beautiful imo.

Fashion Tidbits said...

i think taylor swift is such a sweetie

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Indigo said...

wow they all look fab!! Wish I had some of those dresses!!! X