- Launch Of Amber Valletta For Monrow
- BVLGARI Anniversary Celebration At Sunset Tower
- Tommy Hilfiger And Martina Klein Attend Launch Of "Favorite Things"
- Kiss Me QASIMI
- Ciroc Vodka Presents Sean "Diddy" Combs' Birthday Celebration

Rachel Bilson. I know I say I love a lot of looks, but this one is way up there for me. I'm even going to keep this picture, it screams me completely. Rachel if you styled this yourself, I bow to you.

Amber Lancaster. This is the perfect casual animal print dress, again I'm beyond impressed.

Amber Valletta. Perfect choice of shoes to go with that dress.

Crystal Lourd. leather/latex jacket & leggings? seems a bit too much. It's one or the other.

Lori Loughlin. It's an improvement for her, but I wish she would push the envelop more.

Selma Blair & Ginner Goodwin. I didn't think I'd really be into bubble dresses again but Selma's is really adorable.

Tommy Hilfiger, Dee Hilfiger & Martina Klein.

I like this pink dress, but on her especially.

Pixie Geldof getting her usual Hipster on.

Gerogia May Jagger and Joy Vieli. I can't believe Joy is wearing that 90s choker. I remember when I was little I use to save all my money to buy them, I was obsessed.

Karen Goldie. I like the fabric up close. It didn't really work for me at first, but after staring at it for a bit i decided that I like this look.

Gerogia May Jagger. Definitely my favorite at this party. I love yellow in pretty much any shade, especially when done right. I don't think that necklace is necessary, but it doesn't look bad.

Emma Chitty / Olivia Inge. Olivia's clog looking shoes are awful.

Coco Sumner / Alice Dellal. Talk about a flashback with Coco. Alice's wedges are cool, that girl is crazy when it comes to fashion. I guess that's what she's famous for.

Morwena Lytton-Cobbold / Madeleine Davenport. As for Morwena unfortunately her look is nothing special, I like Madeline's jacket it's quite unique in color.

Cassie. I like it, even the shaved head. This is a great slinky dress, with just a bit of boob.

Kim kardashian. The way the dress sits on her boob is just a bit too strange. I'll give her points for having flawless makeup.

Dawn Richard. Why are you matching your hair to your dress? Crazy.

Helen Lee Schifter. I really want a dress like this, she's probably one of th best dressed at this party.

June Ambrose. I don't expect anything less from a stylist. I'm not a fan of the shoes though, pumps would have been better.

Estelle. I'm still jealous of her bambi eyes.

Veronica Webb. Holy shit she sure cleans up well, remember this from two days ago? She clearly can't get dress without a stylist.

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isabella said...

shifters dress is from american apparel!!