- 2010 Pirelli Calendar - Cocktail Reception
- GQ "Men Of The Year" Party
- Samsung Behold II Launch Event
- US Weekly's Hot Hollywood 2009

Lily Cole. Wow that's an interesting necklace, I've never been a fan of her fashion choices, but she looks good here.

Lady Victoria Hervey. Wow that pendant looks like it could snap her neck...

Eva Herzigova. Great mix of feminine and masculine, she sure can rock a man suit.

Daisy Lowe. (See who wore it better)

Gabrielle Union.

January Jones. I always look forward to her on the red carpet, she always brings some color. I like this take on the ballerina look.

Shenae Grimes. THIS is impressive, thank you for finally representing us Canadians well. I love that bustier dress, I can't fault her on anything.

Kim Kardashian. This is a bit dowdy.

Katy Perry. Somehow this dress manages not to be tacky or a total flashback.

Lauren Conrad. She kinda looks half asleep. I like the different tones and fabrics of black here.

Melanie Brown. Yeah I don't like it, there's always something off about most of her looks, her huppy should be arrested by the fashion police too.

Holly Montag. She just has no taste, it's unfortunate, and her makeup is BAD.

Estella Warren. I think her jacket might be from LaRock, they've been doing a more casual version of Balmain lately.

Elise Neal. Change the shoes and get rid of the bracelet, apart from that she looks nice.

Courtnay Semel. If you don't know who she is, you should cause her dad founded Yahoo! and she use to date Lindsay Lohan.

Leona Lewis in Melissa jelly shoes. She looks fantastic, I hope she keeps up all these amazing looks.

Whitney Port. Love the embellishment on this dress, she looks quite angelic. This is a great look for her and I like the choice of gold shoes.

Oliva Wild. She seems dressed a little too classy for this event, perfection.

Mya. She seems to make this busy outfit look simple.

Rachel Lee Cook. Wow she's alive? I'm still back on The Babysitters Club Days.

Karina Smirnoff. It's not really for me, but she looks nice.

Eliza Dushku. For a fashionista this sure is unimpressive. What happened to her? Seems like one dull outfit after another lately.

Cheryl Burke. I guess Peacock is still in.

Allison Sweeny. Omigod that chain belt should burn.

Julie Benz. Her bangs need a little help.

Kristen Cavallari in 3.1 Philip Lim. I guess that massive pay check from The Hills is coming in.

Audrina Partridge. Ah she's a brunette again? where have I been.


Melissa said...

The jacket that Estella Warren is wearing is NOT LaROK. However, the awesome embellished jacket that Nikki Hilton wore a few posts back was definitely LaROK. It's called the Captain Glam jacket. (I'm a LaROK intern!)

Eyeliah said...

I photoed Rachel Lee Cook a couple weeks ago for The Eyeline.ca, still need to post her. :-)