Rihanna. I guess this is 'understated' for her...

Beyonce. I really like her jacket, I've been into cropped jackets the last month or so. I guess it's because I've seen them everywhere since the weather dropped.

There's something kind of Viktor & Rolfe about this.

Nicole Kidman. Wow I want her tiny body. I'm not usually into her causal style, but she looks nicely put together here. The jacket gives her a bit of an edge.

Victoria Beckham. Oh she's going to make my mission in life to get that Louis Vuitton bag. I'm in love.

The Simmons sisters & their mom. Stylish as always.

Mischa Barton. I hear her show just got "un-cancelled", good for her I guess.

Daisy Lowe. I love the native beading on her dress. I've really been into native style and beading since I went to a couple of museums over the summer.

Halle Berry. I like how she always keeps her own style, she dresses well.

Carey Mulligan also known as Shia Lebeouf's girlfriend. She's got Michelle Williams thing going on here.

Kate Bosworth. I didn't like her much a couple of years, but she's brought me around with her effortless style.

Sienna Miller. She's never letting go of that Prada bag.

Rachel Bilson. It's nice to see her a little more dressed up, those pants fit her beautifully.

Keira Knightley. She's alive!!

Kim Kardashian. She pulls off the oversized shoulders well, I like the crisp white. I wonder when this becomes out of style if everyones going to look back in shame?

Michelle Williams. She's always been at the top of my casual style radar. The girl knows how to do stylish/comfortable so well.

Diana Vickers. I really like all the color combinations here and the texture of the fabric.

Kate Moss. Well, Kate being Kate.

Kate Hudson. I'm not sure about the shoes, but WOW to that blue suit. It may not be anybody's cup of tea but I realy like it.

Gwen Stefani. Red lips are missing again!


hiromix said...

your comments crack me up, thank you! always good to read a few lines that are light and funny :D

i like kate bosworth's style - kinda understated and covetable & kate hudson's blue suit IS really cool... different, wonder if that many people could pull it off though


Lea said...

I really enjoy reading you blog, you're doing an amazing job with it!

Nicole Kidman looks incredible with that jacket, and Daisy Lowe's dress is so beautiful.

Meg said...

I like your comments! And Gwen totally looks like she's missing something with out her rep lipstick.

Juliet said...

I love these posts about casual style. There's so much more to get! Nicole looks gorgeous! As does Bilson and Victoria!

juliet xxx

iñaki said...

Mischa Barton really can't look good nowadays, can she?