What do we think of the Olsen's new clothing line for JC Penny? From what I've been gathering, lots of disappointment. I didn't expect a bunch of sweats, more something like Elizabeth and James just more affordable. I definitely won't be buying any of this, but to each their own.



Becky (everyday makeup) said...

wow, its very casual. Im not that impressed. They should come out with cute dresses.

Chloe said...

Too casual for me- I'll pass!

Nini said...

its the grunge look! MK is really trying to bring that back.

That said, it seems like this is definitely targeted at teens who also shop at aeropostale and splurge at abercrombie. I actually thought it was aeropostale at first...which makes me sad. I, too, was hoping for Elizabeth and James the more affordable version.

alis said...

The knit blazer is ok but seriously, what's up with the sweats? Oh well, it would never be available in my country anyway.