Iman. She's 54 years old, screw you Iman. I'm 24 and I don't even look that good.

Tyra Banks. She's been much much improved lately, normally she's such a red carpet disaster.

Rihanna. That's a lot of dress, I do like it though, the color appeals to me and the makeup is perfection.

Catherine Zeta Jones - She looks amazing in Jewel tones.

Zoe Kravitz. I like that she's been wearing her hair pulled back like this, we can see her beautiful face.

Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Wow those girls look good for having spent all that time in captivity! Euna is not messing around!!

Lisa Ling. That dress gets an epic FAIL, the length, color, pleating...just awful. She should have gotten her sister to dress her.

Katherine McPhee. I almost didn't recognize her with this new blonde hair of hers. I was in a bit of a shock at first, but she does pull it off.

Estelle. This is quite dark for her, is she in mourning?

Serena Williams. She's been looking great lately.

Stella McCartney. That's a stunning blazer, I love the shape and construction of it.

Gabourey Sidibe. I can't wait for Precious to come out already!

Padma Lakshmi. I forgot she was pregnant, she's glowing.

Amy Poehler. This outfit makes her look so much older then she is.

Anna Chlumsky. Oh the My Girl days! She got married, I saw pictures online, lovely wedding.

Kerry Washington. She always looks great in light soft colors, I bet Mary-Kate would want to steal this dress.

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hiromix said...

zoe kravitz' leatherjacket is the MOST covetable i've seen this year! 0_0 the colour's incredible... i wonder which brand it is?