Lily Allen - I've been in love with her style the last year or so, she'd daring but she keeps it simple at the same time. That harlequin style skirt is adorable, I want it. I know they were selling this style at Topshop, but that was last year...

Peaches Geldof - This is apparently part of her "makeover", let's see if it lasts.

Katie Price - WTF. I mean I know she's out there, and I don't normally get shocked easily, but what the hell is this? I thought she had her breast reduced? They look like two swollen mountains or something...

Lindsay Lohan - wears Balmain to court! I gotta give her props for trying fashion wise, but she's taking this drugged out 'look' too far.

Rihanna - I think a lot of people are starting to see her as try hard. At first it seemed like she was having fun trying different things but lately she's been looking a bit too ridic for me. Seems she's doing it for the attention instead of self expression. Anyway, that hair styled like that is awful.

Halle Berry last night. All I can say is sizzle!

Eva Mendes - I like a hat when it looks cute, but I don't particularly like this one.

Angela Simmons. I don't completely like the boots, but the rest is nice.

Jessica Stroup. Nice.

Stephanie Pratt & Audrina Partridge. I'm not really into that skirt, something is off about it. I think it just looks cheap.

Khloe Kardashian. I like the dress and Chanel belt, nicely done.

Jennifer Lopez. This is probably one of my favorite looks from her ever. She should do the babydoll look more often.

Alexa Chung in Rebecca Taylor. I had a similar leopard dress like this when I lived in Australia, I'm not sure what happened to it. So sad.

Taylor Momsen. At such a young age, she's definitely on route to becoming the next Courtney Love. lol

Jessica Simpson. I like the fact that she looks happy, great outfit too. She use to dress so terribly, but the last year she's redeemed herself.

Kylie Minogue. Fancy Pyjamas?

Miranda Kerr. After seeing this I'm definitely on the hunt for an animal print skirt.

Rachel Bilson. I hear those Wellies cost a fortune! I like a trench coat on her.

I'm in love with the hat and studded purse, hand it over Rachel.

Blake Lively. Nicely done, but I would have preferred some color with the choice of clutch.

Jennifer Love Hewitt. Wow her boots look identical to the ones I bought recently (see a few posts back)

Lauren Conrad. Casual chic simplicity.

Whitney Port. That's the perfect little knit dress.

Alesha Dixon. Not sure about those leggings...


Denise said...

all gorgeous ladies.love their looks.

but katie? wow! really???/ she's sooooo ____________. hihihihi

Eyeliah said...

so so happy you are back still!! woop woop - celebration dance!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I'm happy to be back too guys xx

Liesbeth said...

I LOVE YOU for being back! Gosh i really missed the site!


Love, Liesbeth (from Amsterdam)

K.Line said...

Hey Jen, nice to see you... I actually think that Halle's dress is too small in the boobs - not that she isn't the most gorgeous thing ever. I only wish she'd got the right size here...

kokostiletto said...

omg wtf is wrong with stephanie pratt's legs??? they look like toothpicks !!!

kokostiletto said...

seriously stephanie's legs look disgutsting ...

Frock Around the Clock said...

I adore Lily Allen - I went to see her when she first appeared a couple of years ago - she was amazing and I've loved her ever since! Rhianna looks a lot like some sort of crazy chicken with her hair like that. That's not a good thing! :) x

Tala said...

Glad you are back !! Love the leopard and the animal print!! And here is how you can make it work for you: http://fashionableearth.org/blog/2009/10/19/animal-prints/