I went to the opening of the first Zara in Ottawa, we still don't have an H & M, Urban Outfitters or Mango, but it's a start! Well it was quite chaotic especially for Ottawa and they were running out of floor stock real quick. You could tell that some of the staff were not fully trained (I've got years of retail experience), and they had technical issues (security alarm kept going off, debit machine not working therefore causing long lines) so I ended up coming back the following day when it was a lot calmer. There are definitely some nice pieces, and not so nice pieces, I always find Zara to be a mixed bag. Here's what I picked up:

Drop crotch pants. I wore these to work today, I love them!

This looks much better on then it does on a hanger.

I went on a bit of a spree at one of my favorite stores, American Apparel. I've been eyeing that romper for at least a year now, I finally decided to get it since I will be in Australia over Christmas.

I got this bra to wear under the romper though I like it more for showing the back then the front since I'm quite chesty, I spill out quite bit. I'll have to cut and adjust the straps.

I swear this is the perfect little t-shirt.

I love this moss green.

They've got thermal skirts out for winter, so cozy.


Senorita Fashionista said...

Love the pieces you found, wonderful colors! We're missing an H&M and Mango here in Kansas City too, it's a bummer!

Tatii said...

I'm sooo glad you're back!
I was lost without your blog :)
Thanks for all your articles!