I've been gone a while, this is what happens when you have a drama filled summer and I've been travelling a lot. I've managed to pick up some things here and there that I'll share with you guys.

Scarf: Forever 21 - Toronto

Tops: H & M - Toronto

I love the jersey sheer materials of this t-shirt.

Shoes: Payless - Ottawa

I wear these at the office, they make a casual outfit look so dressy.

Boots: Spring - Ottawa

I've been wanting boots like this for so long!

Studded T-shirt: H & M - Toronto

Top : H & M - Toronto

Unfortunately I bought that striped top without trying it on, it's a size 6 and it's baggy on me. I've seen this top in various H & Ms, make sure you try it beforehand.

Cardigan: H & M - Quebec City

Michael Jackson Beat it t-shirt: eBay

Cotton Blazer: Simmons - Quebec City

distressed cropped t-shirt: H & M - Quebec City

Long loose vest: Garage - Ottawa

Jeans: H & M - Quebec City

Skinny Jeans: Gap - Ottawa

Cropped top: American Apparel - Ottawa

Ruffle top: Gap - Ottawa

Dress: Marc Jacobs

Dress: H & M - Quebec City

Striped dress: Suzy Shear - Ottawa

Dress: Primark - London

Tank: Aritzia - Ottawa

Belt: Primark - London

Necklace: Primark - London

That pink necklace reminds me of a previous Tom Binns collection.

Hat: Le Chateau - Ottawa

Purse: Primark - London

Belt: Primark - London

I've already lost my leopard belt, I'm so sad.

"shoes": Primark

Loose sheer floral top: Costa Blanca - Ottawa

Shoes: Aldo - Ottawa

Dress: Topshop - New York

Dress: H & M - New York

Floral Top: Forever 21 - New York

Top: Topshop - New York

H & M: New York

Jeans: Topshop - New York

Top: Mandee - new York

Dress: H & M - New York

Knit dress: H & M - New York

Corduroy Pants: Forever 21 - New York

Cardigan: Topshop - New York

Sheer cardigan: Charlotte Russe

Zipper Cardigan: H & M - New York

Asymmetrical navy cardigan: H & M - New York
Prink lace gardican: Costa Blanca - Ottawa


WendyB said...

Wow, lots of cute things. I like that bumblebee striped shirt.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

hehe thanks wendy xx

Chomy said...

good to see u back!!!!

Allie said...

Welcome back!

Looooooove the Primark kicks.

Joana said...

i want ur closet :O kisses from Portugal !

hiromix said...

aaah~! welcome baack~! so glad to see you haven't lost your ability to be a great fashion blogger :)

Eyeliah said...

Oh I really like the Costa Blanca top - welcome back I am so excited!