-16th Annual Elle Women in Hollywood Tribute
-2009 Whitney Museum Gala
-"Pope Joan" World Premiere
-Laura Day Book Launch
-"Astro Boy" Los Angeles Premiere

Alexa Chung - Since I haven't seen much of Keira Knightley the last year or so, I've had to rely on Alexa to fill in the void of British fashionista for me, and that she did! This has definitely been her year to shine. Perfect balance of hip, classy and chic as always.

Lindsay Lohan. Gotta love her, I'm better then you pose! She always looks like she's on drugs.

Alexandra Richards - She pulls this look of nicely, it's not for everyone.

Leigh Lezark - It's okay, but a bit safe.

Patty Kim - Seems like the dress could have used a hem, but that aside, she looks fantastic in that Versace dress.

Byrdie Bell - One of my favorites at this event, talk about turning heads. Taylor Momsen should take some points from her on how to do it right.

Lake Bell - She has such a presence about her, I did a celeb style post on Lake a while back. This color is stunning, but then again she has the completion to pull off any color.

Donatella Versace - I really wish she would do something about that trout pout.

Nigel Barker and his wife Cristen- She looks great, but I'll always have a thing for her man. Yum.

Shakira - I'm not liking this at all, the dress and hair is just awful. Shakira always seems to have a problem with her red carpet look. Then again, she's got her own unique style, but this dress is till a no.

Jennifer Hudson - The eye makeup is a little much, but this soft pink is a great color for her.

Jamee Gregory in Oscar De la Renta. Lovely, but I think she should have pulled her hair back.

Julie Macklowe in Rodarte. It's an interesting mix of hard and soft.

Amanda Hearst. I love that dress, apparently everyone else does too...another one of those dresses that keeps going and going...

Taylor Momsen. Her hair looks greasy and her makeup is awful! Epic fail!

Mischa Barton. I don't like it so much from the front, but from the side it's quite nice. The look may be a little old her her.

Mamie Gummer. I like it better up close then from a far.

The Hilfigers. Looking good.

Willa Holland. Very nice, something I would wear for sure.

Beckie Newton. I like how she always looks fresh and youthful.

Jenna Dewan. There's always something off about that girl I can't quite put my finger on.

Zoe Saldana. I think she should have worn her hair in a side braid, would have gone better with the whole Boho look of the dress.

Emily Blunt. Not sure about the nude lipstick, but the rest is perfection. The bow on the dress is a nice finish.

Amber Rose. She can pull off any look.

Renee Zellweger . That's quite a sassy little red dress, I'm glad she didn't go for the usual black shoe.

Katie Holmes. It's nice to see our favorite robot all dressed up, sans Tom!

Diane Kruger in Balanciaga. My favorite at this Elle event handsdown. How does she do it? I wonder if she has a stylist, or if she's really that good.

Julianne Moore. Good effort, but the dress needs a bit more shape.

Johanna Wokalek in Alberta Ferretti. Love the dress, shame about the boots. She should have gone for bolder lips too.

Demi Moore. Nice.

Kristen Bell. The hair seems a bit flat, but the dress is really cute. I like the mix of prints.


Chelsea said...

love this post, agree with you on all!
byrdie bell is amazing, i love her style & alexa looks cute

for streetstyle, runway, styling, life, love & fashion inspirations of all sorts have a peep at my blog


WendyB said...

Am laughing at "our favorite robot."

Make Do Style said...

the Elle dreses were a much better bunch than the previous. I'm laughing at 'favourite robot' remark too and yes Diane does have a stylist!

Senorita Fashionista said...

Love your perspective on your images! I agree with Chelsea, Byrdie and Alexa are fabulous!

Savvy Gal said...

oh my gosh, i have not visited in a while. great post as usual. hpe all is well.

Juliet said...

I can't even tell with words how GREAT it is to get you back! I know i'm a bit late with this, but still. Trust me, you were missed! I hope everything is well with you now.

juliet xxx

keira antoia rose said...

Alexa Chung has become quite the inspiration for myself and others (proof in the various Alexa tweets I receive). Byrdie Bell knows how to wear metallics!! The Oscar de La Renta is gorgeous. Taylor is a perfect example of wearing colors that flatter your hair color...that does not work :( Demi looks great! Zoe <33 I would wear that in a heart beat.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

hippyhippychic said...

eugh taylor momsen!
2 thumbs down