Award winning architect Zaha Hadid has designed this limited collection of boots for Lacoste. The shoes, rubberized structures that wrap around the legs.

The design expression behind the collaboration with Lacoste footwear allows the evolution of dynamic fluid grids says Hadid.When wrapped around the shape of a foot, these expand and contract to negotiate and adapt to the body ergonomically. In Doing so a landscape emerges, undulating and radiating as it merges seamlessly with the body.



She had previously designed Chanel's Mobile Art which travelled to many cities.

Zaha Hadid and Karl Lagerfeld.

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Stella McCartney is designing a line for Baby Gap and Gap Kids.

Gisele Bundchen is expecting.

Rachel Zoe has just finished wrapping up the second season of her show.

Lily Allen will be the face of Chanel handbags. Wow...

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone to marry in August.

90s supermodel Karen Mulder was recently arrested for yelling at her plastic surgeon.

Chanel Iman arrived early for a Teen Vogue photoshoot and instead of sitting around decided to help re-organize "The fashion closet" with the other interns much to their delight and surprise.

Men's fashion week rolls on in Paris

Ben Westwood (Vivienne Westwood's son) is launching a line of menswear.

Christian Audigier wills how in Paris for Spring 2010.

Kanye West's sneaker line for Louis Vuitton has apparently already sold out.

Nicole Richie is designing a maternity line for A Pea in the Pod.

Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall has debuted her line for Bluefly.

Betsey Johnson says she will never retire: I will never retire while I’ve still got my legs and my make-up box.

Beyonce is planning on launching a junior label under the name Sasha Fierce for House of Dereon.

Anna Sui for Target hits stores September 13th.

Swarovski were suppose to be designing the costumes for Michael Jackson's This Is It tour. They were suppose to feature 300,000 crystals, in 53 different shapes, 43 different sizes, and 27 different colors. Sad.

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hippyhippychic said...

lily allen for chanel! :| eugh that woman! unattractive, common, cheap, her lines arent witty they're just stupid. i suddenly just lost a load of respect for chanel...