I know, late again.

Beyonce. She's really trying to be Rihanna 2.0, I wonder if this is her work or that of a stylist. The pants will be a bit hit and miss, but I think they are cool.

Blake Lively. Not a fan of tha makeup, but this dress is a step up.

Nicky Hilton. I want this dress in my closet.

Naomi Campbell. All the who's who of London came out the the Glastonbury festival recently in very expensive wellies.

Peaches and Pixie Geldof. I'm really liking Pixie's shorts in the second picture.

Lily Allen. I've got a beach party coming up in a week or so and I really would love to wear this look head to toe!

Chanelling Michael Jackson.

Lo Bosworth in a Matthew Williamson top. She looks adorable, I love this look from head to toe.

Fergie. She's been rocking some seriously stylish looks lately.

Christina Milian. I'm glad she toned down the hair.

Rihanna. Although she's dressed in black, I think she looks over the top for this court room appearance. What's up with the pearl necklace? This inst a funeral. It's too bad Chris didn't get jail time, but I can't wait to see him do hard labour.

Halle Berry. Absolutely stunning, I would wear this myself.

Kerry Washington. I always nearly do jumps when I see pictures of her, she's impeccable.

Mischa Barton. I believe her bag is from her own collection, it's quite cute actually.

Ashlee Simpson. It's been a while since she's stepped it up style wise.

Lindsay Lohan channelling her inner MJ.


I really like the edginess of this military jacket along with this floral printed dress.

Lady Gaga. Only she could wear a giant button on her head and look cool.

Britney Spears looking like the old days, just the way I like it. haha.

Ciara. I like the first look especially.

Mary-Kate Olsen. She LOVES her Alexander Wang bag. Glad it's back in action!

Ashley Olsen.

Solange Knowles. I always look forward to seeing her performance outfits, she goes all out.

Eva Green. Her makeup looks great with that dress, but I'm not sure about the shoes.

Jessical Biel. I actually really want those shorts, since I already have that AA hoodie.

Kim Porter AKA. P. Diddy's ex. She looks stunning here.

Jessica Simpson. I'm glad people seem to be giving her a break lately.

Cameron Diaz. Interesting ripped jeans she's got on, not sure if I'm into all the colors.

Anne Hathaway. She kinda looks like a ballerina here, not sure if I'm into it.

Lauren Conrad.

Lily Allen. It's a little Lady Gagaish, but I like this wig on her. the dress is cute too, but I probably would have gone for other shoes.

Letoya Luckett. I'm always impressed with all her looks.

Lucy Liu. Flawless.

Beth Ostrosky. I believe she's wearing Marc Jacobs.

Marion Cotillard. Stunning as always, I like the way the overall look is styled.

Stephanie Pratt.

Kelly Osbourne. I see she's matching hair styles with her Fiance. Reminds me of Brad Pitt & Gwyneth Paltrow in the 90s.

Lara Bingle. Doing what she does best...


Tracey Ellle said...

i absolutely love kellys entire look, camerons jeans, loove kerry washington.. so fab... great pics jen

WendyB said...

Lily looks good with lavender hair. And I adore Lady Gaga.

Delmy said...

I def see Rihanna in Beyonce. Lilly Allen reminds me of Fafi.

As always Love your blog!

Jordana said...

Love Blake's and Fergie's dresses!

Allie said...

I actually kind of like the Blake Lively ensemble. And I actually kind of like that red bikini Lindsay is doing.

chantelle said...

washington and olsen were the best!

Lexie said...

mischa looks SO cute there! how refreshing!

mode.ulation said...

Rihanna looks fantabulous in that leopard print jacket!

Barb. said...

I love Lindsay style!
and I wish have a hair like Lauren Conrad!


Carina said...

lady gaga is crazy ;)

i will change my url into pale-grey.blogspot.com : )


Kat said...

Hi there! I like how Hally Berry's black dress drapes oh her shoulder.

stilettostetico said...

I truly think that Halle Berry's understated Majesty will never fail to mesmerize me . . . just like Ciara's luscious BODY !!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Gianni said...

I love this blog!
Katy Perry: I adore the Mickey Mouse tube dress

Lily Allen: she rocks!

Mischa Barton: She's the only one who could pull it off.

Van Cleef

alice said...

Your blog is really amazing.
you must be hard working for it.
hopping more from u.keep it up.

kidlazy said...

Really like your blog!!loads of celeb pictures!!!