Sorry it's a bit early this week, I going to be away tomorrow.

Pixie Geldof. I love everything about her look, there's something nice about genuine style.

Eva Rachel Wood aka Dita Von Teese 2.0. I can't deny that she looks great in this dress. She always has interesting fashion choices, reminds me a bit of Tilta Swinton.

Tolula Adeyemi. How adorable is this girl? And she has amazing style to back it up. I'm obsessed.

Amelle Berrabah from the Sugababes. I have to say the bottoms do look quite cool, dare I say I would wear them myself. It seems like a really cool at home tie dye project

Thandie Newton. Never a dissapointment.

Kathie Griffin. I've said it before, I'll say it again, the woman can dress. I love it when she wears blue, it compliments her so well.

Fergie. Fantastic, the belt gives it that futuristic element she was going for.

Lindsay Price. That necklace is quite interesting, I want to buy a version of it.

Sienna out with her girlfriends.

So apparently Rihanna is dating Canadian boy Rapper Drake. You might remember him from Degrassi.

I have a bird necklace pretty much the same as this that I haven't worn in ages, but Rihanna makes it cool to me again.

Carine Resotin-Roitfeld's choice seems to be Alexander Wang while her mom is leaning towards Balmain.

Lindsay Lohan. She sure loves those shoes, she's been wearing them everywhere.

I like this look, probably what I would wear out to a nightclub, comfortable and cool.

Alexa Chung. Clearly wearing an adorable lace dress, I would expect no less from her.

Liz Hurley. I'm glad she's been keeping her boobs in check lately, they are always everywhere. I really like this dress, it's different, but still fabulous.

Mischa Barton still thinks she's cool.

Leigh Lezark. Is that a hint of teeth? I don't think I've ever seen this from her before. What's going on?

Nicky Hilton. She looks extremely fresh here.

Ashley Tisdale. I really need to get boots like this, I've been saying this for a while. I'm going to have to check Doc Martin or something.

Eva Mendes. Nice.

Sophie Ellis Bextor. She's currently the face of Rimmel London. Normally I don't like flowly tops, but this one is perfect.

Hilary Duff.

Beyonce glammed down. I'm not use to this...

I really need to get a jumpsuit, they really are going to be everywhere this season.

Heidi Klum. Knocked up again! I hope it's a girl!

Victoria Beckham. Well If I didn't believe it before it's official now she definitely has had a boob job. There's no way her boobs and nipples would stand like that after three children. I don't even have three kids and my boobs don't look like that. And what's with not wearing a bra? Everyone knows camera flashes show everything.

Agyness Deyn. Is she going to do more runway? Is she over now? I guess we'll see what happens for Spring 2010.

Paris Hilton. I hear she and Doug broke up. Another boyfriend bites the dust! I swear this girl has dated more men then both my hands combined counted over.

Lake Bell. She's always a treat on the read carpet and underrated fashion wise. I want to do a Celeb Style on her.

Olivia Palermo. Cut outs are going to be big for fall, keep an eye out for it.

Kate Bosworth. This picture is from a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to post it.

Kate Waterhouse. She's one of my favorite Aussie girls fashion wise right now, she's a hard core fashionista.

Tricia Helfer in case you didn't know she's a Canadian model and actress and the former host of Canada's Next Top Model. I thought she was terrible as the host and she came off more mean then nice. As for her outfit, it's ok.

Kate Hudson in Marc Jacobs.

Halle Berry. Her new short hair is taking me back 5 years...

Rosin Murphy. Always one to experiement.

Kristen Davis. That dress suits her beautifully, is midnight blue the new black lately?

Sarah Michelle Gellar. Hiding her baby bump.

Kim Kardashian. Yellow is definitely her color.

Lauren Conrad. So who is actually going to buy her book?

Khloe Kardashian.

Kristen Dunst. Where has she been hiding lately? After seeing this picture I'm on the look out for strappy shoes just like the ones she's wearing.

Ashley Olsen. Is that a hint of the famous Olsen duck lips in the second picture?

Lily Allen. I really like this casual look the genie pants, t-shirt and sunglasses are quite cool.

Cheryl Cole. That top reminds me of Alexander McQueen a few seasons ago.

Ginnifer Goodwin. She's definitely in my top 15 dressers in Hollywood.

Lynn Collins. I like the idea of this, but the proportions of the tophalf seem a little off to me.

Sienna Miller yesterday.

Rachel Bilson. Seeing that jacket/blazer definitely makes me want to go shopping.



Delmy said...

I love alexa chung! You always find the best!

Anonymous said...

evan looks amazing, hot

WendyB said...

Kristen's dress is my fave! I want.

Simes. said...

SOOOO COOL! All of them!

alis said...

I don't think that's Charlize, I think it's Hillary Duff. Anyway, great looks, I'm especially loving Kim k's yellow dress and Alexa Chung. I also adore Khloe K's black jumpsuit with those shoes. She's so stylish!

Alya said...

I've never seen Beyonce look casual! Like ever! She doesnt look bad, so why is she hiding?

and Halle Berry reminds me of her old self pre-Gabriel & baby. I love short hair on her. Its awesome!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

alis - she looks so tall here I really thought it was charlize, but charlize is never out in public anyway lol. I just checked your right it's hilary.

Make Do Style said...

Gosh lots of fab pics - what is Hilary Duff doing these days??

Margaux. said...

Fabulous pictures! :)

Allie said...

Wow, so many great looks it was actually a bit overwhelming! Fantastic post, you really covered everyone. I saw so many beautiful blues, every shade really seems to be catching on.

Seraphine said...

gaa! kate hudson looks frumpy in flip-flops.

fashion herald said...

I love Sienna's dress and those crazy Rihanna sunglasses.

Bex said...

I love the spats Leigh Lezark has on.

stilettostetico said...

OOooooh I really like the way this sexy bustier dress subtly emphasizes Liz Hurley's Iconic Boobs . . .
ps: Lake Bell = "BOMBshell's epitome", in all its natural "high content of explosiveness" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

emma said...

olivia palermo is so freaking pretty and well-dressed alll the time. even if she is a little bitchy sometimes. the girl can dress.

love the fashion kiwi