Yeah I'm back, finally.

I didn't plan on being away from the site for so long, things have just been so busy lately. Exams before the trip then when I got back I was psysically and emotionally drained for the first week then the following week I had to catch up on life plus the pile of work waiting for me at the office. Things are finally starting to fall back into place again, I've missed this more then you know!

I wish I could share more personal pictures with you guys, but that would involve my friends and I can't really post that stuff on here, but if you are keen there is always facebook. Email me if you want my credentials, please include your blog or website. I may or may not add you, it depends on how well I know you as a reader, so don't take offence!

(The little Russian dolls are form Berlin)

I had to renew my passport before I left, so annoying to start from scratch again as they are only good for 5 years here in Canada (Although I hear they are changing it soon with the new microchip).

I took so many flights on this trip it's a bit ridiculous, but it's taught me how to manage my stress level and look at things objectively.

Ottawa -London - Dublin - Marrakech (via London) - Casablanca - Rome - Berlin - Barcelona - London - Ottawa

I'm not really going to share that many pictures as well everyone knows what to expect of London. I'm actually considering moving there next year, so I'll be able to travel more. It's still just a thought though. It's the only city I can see myself living in for a while, I didn't even feel that way when I was living in Melbourne.

Camden market was amazing 10X better then I expected! I was planning only to spend an hour and I ended up staying for 4!

Yup that's me, walking around the beach in Bray. It was raining that day (What else is new), but we decided to check it out anyway. I tried to do some different things since I had already done all the touristy stuff when I was in Dublin last September.

Temple Bar area in Dublin, had some great nights here!

I tried to watch TV in Gaelic, but it was a bit too strange for me.

Morocco was the highlight of this entire trip, I'm so glad I decided to take a chance and go there in the end this place is so magical. We couldn't get Aladdin, flying carpets and Rock the Casbah out of heads lol.

My feet were hurting from these shoes I bought in the souk so me and my mate Alex found some bandages, we were quite amused by the name.

Djamaa El Fna square.

Palais Badia

Trying to get to my hostel is a challenge! Imagine when I got there it was the middle of the night on a Friday, it was pure chaos.

A Cobra snake at Djamaa El Fna square.

This was at the Majoelle Gardens, apparently they were Yves Saint Laurent's favorites.

You had to be quiet once you got the the memorial, we did our best.

I took my first bus tour ever, normally I would never do it, but it was worth it even though they kept driving by McDonald's. Yes we know you have them, congrats hehe



Those poor chickens, I can't believe what they did to them. They sell them for practically nothing, I saw children buying them, I can imagine they will probably be abused.

Shopping in the Souk is a special skill, too many goodies!!

Leaving Marrakech!

My backpack!

Arriving in Rome.

Go figure...

The Spanish steps were ridiculous, there were truly too many tourists around and imagine this was still in April I believe. I had the best time in Rome though, only second to Marrakech.

We went to an outdoor concert and it left a trail of destruction.

Partying under the saints, literally! Only in Rome lol.

Lovey Italian dinner all 9 of us enjoyed at Piazza Nuova, our group just grew and grew...

The Vatican.

The Colloseum.


I bought this book when I got to the Tegel airport, unfortunately it wasn't in the right language! Yes, I had a Jen moment.

I was blown away by Berlin, the city is so neat and organized it's hard not to be impressed. I want to go back someday soon for sure.

The Reichstag.

We went to the Berlin Zoo and I got to see Knut, the famous one that posed in Vanity Fair with Leonardo Dicaprio.

We went to this really cool underground club on Oranienburger Strasse.

I didn't do too much in Barcelona (I was meeing up my mates from Rome) besides lay around the beach and party. I was there last September so I had already seen the sights.

I didn't carry all this stuff in my backpack, some of it had to be mailed I guess I shopped too much. I'd be a good traveller if it wasn't for that.

The white and silver Jar is from Morocco.

Shoes I bought in the Souk in Marrakech, they hurt my feet though.

Sweets from Ireland, I only wanted the tin box though.

The guy tried to rip me off on that tshirt, good thing I was on my game!

Little bowls from Marrakech.

I think these are suppose to be tea cups, but I'm using them for candles. I miss the sweet mint tea in Morocco so much.

The only thing that didn't survive the trip back from Morocco was this bowl, it's okay though.

Another jar from Marrakech.

I was trying to get this painting I got in Morocco onto a canvas, I ended up taping it down at the back because I didn't have a stapler.

Wooden pencils from the Berlin Zoo, I knew I would not use them, but they were too cute to pass up.

Bag and tassel from Morocco.

Another tassel I got in Morocco, I've got two many keys on here even for the house in Australia lol.

My boyfriend was in Australia for a week while I was gone because his nan is sick, he did manage to bring me back this months Cleo which came with a free Kookai bag. I'm not too sure I like the covergirl though lol

I got this Irish magazine at the airport in Dublin, but I haven't read it. I'll add it to my international rack in the bathroom, makes for great toilet material.

Black dress from Primark, bought in London. Very Herve Leger esque and only for 10 pounds.

God I feel like I've been looking for a sailboat dress from the biginning of time, I finally found a great one at Blanco in Westfield in London and it was on sale for like 8 pounds.

Scarf from Blanco in London, I've already worn it to a wedding. Black scarf from H & M in London.

Funny one on the blue dress, I actually saw a girl wearing it in Barcelona at my hostel and I was admiring it, then when I was in London I spotted it at H & M I would have walked passed it if I had not seen how great it was on her. The shirt dress on the left is from Blanco.

Tank is from H & M and the belts from Primark in London.

Plaid top is from Camden Market in London.

Floral top is from Camden market and the scarf is from Topshop.

Dress is from Topshop in London.

Dress on the right is from H & M in Dublin and on the left from H & M in London.

Skirt is from the Camden Market and the bag is from Primark, both purchased in London.

Both skirts are from Primark in London.

Tank top and dress from Vero Moda in Berlin.

The blue tank dress on the left (ignore the stain) is from Topshop and the one on the left is from Bershka in London. That top from Bershka was such a good deal only 5 pounds regular price!

One of my favorite purchases, this denim dress from Topshop in London. I had a couple of girls spot me in it and run out and get it too hehe.

Tunic from the Souks in Morocco and top from Primark in London.

Cardigan from Topshop in London.

Sweater from Camden Market in London.

Tshirt and long Cardigan from Mango in Rome.

Jacket from H & M and Cardigan from Primark, both purchased in London.

Gold zipper leggings from Penneys (Primark) in Dublin. I think I only paid like 3 euro, they sell similar ones for like 50 (or more?) at American Apparel!

Studded shorts from Topshop in Dublin.

They came out with a new color for the racer tshirt at American Apparel, there were only two left...well I guess now only one. I wish I could have found it in the extra small (men's), but I'll have to deal with the bigger size.

50/50 tee and skirt both from American Apparel. I can't believe I bought this skirt in another again. I need to stay out of that store, I'm sure they know my face.

Mesh top from Club Monaco.

Geeky glasses from American Eagle.

Floral dress from Fairweather, the other one was free (buy one get one free). There wasn't too much to pick from in the free section, and it's not really my style, but once I tried it on at home I didn't mind it.

Sweater/Jacket from Aritzia

One of my favorite overall purchases is this top I got at Banana Republic yesterday, I'm in love with it. The pants are from Gap.

This weekend was also the Glebe Garage sale, I go with my mom every year. This year wasn't too sucessful for me as I didn't find any big ticket items, but I'm still happy with my finds. I really like the Leaning Tower of Pisa parmesean shaker and the 80s tshirt from China. ( The girl who sold it to me bought it herself back in the day! I love how legit it is.)

The week before it was the Tulip festival and I headed down the international paviallion. I love how they seel jewelry from around the world so I got to buy this Greek necklace and a bracelet too.

Ring form China, I wear it around my neck with the red rope though.

The ring on the right is from Indonesia.

My favorite purchase? My boyfriend got us a guitar! I'm slowly learning...

So I think it's safe to say I won't be shopping much this summer, I'm going to save my pennies for a change and daydream about celebrity looks instead.

I will try to get back to fashion in the next couple of days.


alis said...

Oh gosh, you totally brought back my travel itch. I'm in pain here :) I'm dying to move to London next year but Turkish citizens need a visa with a work permit. Do you have any ideas on how to execute your wish? You have immigrated before so you must have some experience :)
You did some great shopping, now I really regret I didn't go to Camden market.. Did you go to the Spitalfields market when in London?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
Love the photo's. Wow your quite the traveller. Its really cool. Hope you had a great time on your voyage but Im sure you have. Travelling is like the best thing ever allong with shopping. I really really need to go to Morocco I knew it before but after seeing your pics. Im sure. haha Ciao ,

Tanaqui said...

Oh I've got that Silver Kookai bag/Cleo too, bought it just for the bag to be honest.

Glad you're back, I check this site far too often ^_^

Great pictures and loved seeing what you brought back. I'm moving from Perth to Canada in a few months, but if I wasn't, I would have loved to have gone travelling with a friend who is currently somewhere in Europe! Oh I miss it.

Also, I wonder if there's H&M in Canada....hmm

Pretty Little World said...

Wow -- such wonderful, lush photos of all of the places that you went to! It looks like you had a really lovely trip!

All of your goodies that came home with you are fabulous as well! That bag with the tassel is to die for!!

Welcome home!

WendyB said...

Looks like a great time. Poor Knut is supposed to be quite insane now...

CultureCynic said...

WELCOME back J!!! wow defintly missed your posts...i guess i was addicted to MahaloFashion hehehehe... looks like u had a fabtacular time, nice pix!!

Anonymous said...

your trip looks fantastic! I really want to visit Morocco and Berlin sometime, so glad you loved it! London would be a fantastic city to live in, and yes, totally convenient. I adore Dublin, such a friendly city

Dane said...

Yahooo welcome back, you have been missed! Your photos are giving me a travel itch! xxx


Eyeliah SS said...

Great update, love those purchases!!!

Weekly Blogette said...

looks lik u had an amazzing trip, the food looks yummy, and the snake looked scary ahha
the WB

p.s. def missed u!

Allie said...

Welcome back! We've missed you. Looks like an amaaaaaazing trip. I can only dream of going back to Europe (or any other foreign country) in the near future. Love a lot of the things you brought back with you, awesome haul.

K.Line said...

Whoa! You may have outdone even yourself on the detailed post front! I love your loot. Great photos of the places you went.

And if you can believe it, my verification word is "excess"!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Thanks for the welcome backs you are all so sweet. I love you all so much xx

K.Line, my word is "tries" lol

copperoranges said...

girl, dont worry about not posting! all that world traveling must have been tough!

i think you should use your broken bowl pieces for a tile collage? that would be neat. i LOVE that little tassel scarf from h&m - it looks like such a fun accessory!

Barb. said...

what a great travel!

i loved the bag and the little bowls!!!


Alya said...

You sure bought a lot of stuff haha! Great buys, by the way :) I especially like the tanks and the Camden finds.

Welcome back!

zoe aka drinkupthefashion said...

shopaholic much? hahahaha :)
the pictures of all the places you visited are beautiful.
you should feel so happy that you've been able to travel around the world! :)

Anna G said...

I'm dying!!! You are so lucky!! I hope next summer, I can go to Europe. I was in France and I brought back only 10 pieces and 5 gifts. I did over pack too.