Leighton Meester. Blake could definitely take some style tips from Leighton, or at least steal her stylist! I really want the Proenza Schouler bag she and everyone has been toting lately, but at over 1000$ it's not really in my budget haha.

Whitney Port. She looks like she could be on a gossip girl set.

Julianne Hough in Erin WassonxRVCA. This is actually one of my favorite pieces from Erin's collection.

ANTM winner Eva Marcielle. She's so stunning, I wish she would get a major campaign, but I think the major problem is her height.

Lindsay Lohan. Fringe bags are still in? Are they coming back for summer? This look feels like a deja vu of last year. I'm also noticing that gladiator shoes will still be popular this season.

Ali Lohan also made an appearance.

Her legs are so thin! However, I am crazy for those jeans.

That bag. Enough said.

Paris Hilton has been all over the shop style wise lately...ever since that breakup with Benji she's gone nuts, she's looking like a tranny more and more.

Anne Hathaway. Those white Wayfarers look so good on her. She's got fair enough skin that they don't stand out like crazy.

X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke. I really like her new hair, gives her more style. Much improved.

Peaches Geldof. Trying to start a purple lipstick trend?

Kim Kardashian leaving Mr. Chows. You only go there if you want to be seen haha.


Kelly Osbourne and her model boyfriend Luke in Florida. Gotta love those Chanel suspenders.

Lily Allen's stage style is so much better then her street style. I've also noticed that she's been re-using a lot of pieces lately. I guess she really is broke? I appreciate it so much more, because I can see how she mixes things up.

Vanessa Hudgens.

Cameron Diaz. I'm actually admiring her little travel suitcase.

Mary-Kate Olsen. I really hope those are not corduroy khaki colored pants because those things should burn.

Ashley Olsen.

Halle Berry & Nahla. She's going to be a heartbreaker when she grows up.

Alexander Wang and Zoe Kravitz at the Topshop NY opening. There both looking cute. Zoe's bangs suit her so well.

Carmen Electra. Work it.

Sanaa Lathan. I just watched Something New with her and Simon Baker (The Mentalist) last week and it was such a cute movie! They made me tear up, and those love scenes....!

Sienna Miller.

Ginnifer Goodwin. She's so cute, probably one of the cutest Hollywood starlets out there currently in my opinion.

Nicole Richie. I know she's pregnant, but I'm really not sure about this look.

Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle.

Andie mcDowell. I can't believe how good she looks for her age, great choice of dress too.

Jessica 'Sadba' Alba. Wearing two trends, ripped and rolled jeans.

Eva Mendes.

Demi Moore shopping with Tallulah.

Rihanna is back in Barbados. She's not trying to hide with that outfit.

Jennifer Lopez in Japan.

Cassie in Balmain shoes.


Mark Ronson, Charlotte Ronson, Samantha Ronson and their mother Ann Dexter-Jones. Screw Brad and Angie, I want to be adopted into their family.

So Charlotte's JC Penney line is finally coming out, although we don't have that department store here in Canada I'm sure lots of goodies will appear on eBay soon.

Since Charlotte and Samantha are twins, I guess Charlotte is what Samantha would look like if she dressed like a girl hehe. Where is Lindsay? I bet she regrets missing this party!

* All runway looks are Charlotte Ronson.

Paula Patton. I'm still jealous that she's married to Robin Thick, his voice can melt you like butter.

Daveigh Chase.

Rashida Jones.

Stephanie Pratt.

Cory Kennedy.

Monet Mazur.

Monet in a House of Harlow 1960 necklace.

Paris Hilton. I don't normally comment on this stuff, but her cleavage is looking a little straigned;) she really has lost it fashion wise, she needs a fashion sedative.

Sanaa Lathan also in Charlotte Ronson.

Kim Kardashian.

Milla Jovovich.

AnnaLynne McCord. I really don't get her style.

Nicky Hilton.

Nicole Richie. Her bump is getting huge fast...I'm beginning to wonder if it is twins.

Shenae Grimes made an appearance.



Anonymous said...

great pics, love the daughter of Halle Berry. The flower dress of Eva Mendes and the street styles of others.

Allie said...

That picture of RiRi is FAIL except for the bag.

WendyB said...

I want Paris to stop wearing dumb headbands IMMEDIATELY.

Siljesfashion said...

Great post! I love the Balmain shoes. What is up with MKs pants??I agree, they should burn. Lindsay looks so skinny, not good. That RVCA dress is so cool!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Brilliant post, as always, Jen! x

J'Adore Fashion said...

gosh, paris needs to stop!!! style is wack!! loving rihanna lipstick.
ps: you have been tagged

Candace said...

Zoe kravitz makes me wanna get bangs. Paula patton and rashida jones could SO be sisters! And am I the only one that doesn't like rihanna's hair? haha

alice said...

Ohhh, that purple/blue lipstisk is so funny, not good but funny! I'll never wear sth like that :S

Film Upstart said...

Yes the Ronson dynasty is very interesting but Samantha looks unwell in my opinion - do ya think her and LiLo are on the worng stuff together? Would expalain the thin legs!

LML said...

those romson girls make some silly faces lol!

kim kardashian always knows how to dress her body

Debbie Shiamay said...

Hey Jen! I havent visited ur site in ages... I cant imagine how much good stuff ive missed out! My blog is back in action... Id be glad if u could drop by! I love the photos u post here I cant stop scrolling down and looking at each one of them! Youre amazing

frances said...

oof, love Lohan's jeans. x

Seraphine said...

Lindsay Lohan is the only one who can wear that fringed bag. Maybe Kate Hudson and her mom. But nononono no no! It isn't a new fashion trend!
I do like the purple lipstick though. Grape flavor never goes out of style. :\