“I’ve been hit big time by the credit crunch. Actually, I’ve just had to sell my car because I’m so broke. I bought a car last year and that was probably my biggest extravagance. Clothes, too. I’m always buying clothes. I’m completely skint.
I’m waiting until I get the royalties from the (new) album and all the radio plays, but that takes about a year. I can’t even spend on credit cards. The banks will usually front your money in that kind of situation, but they are not lending at the moment, so it’s a tricky time.

I have to say I respect celebrities that re-use items that they love and don't always feel like they need or have to wear something new. You can allow yourself to be much more creative this way.


1. Shorts Sass & Bide - Net-A-Porter.com
2. Dress - Goddiva - Goddiva.co.uk
3. Acne Dress - Brownsfashion.com
4. Leopard coat - My-wardrobe.com
5. Chanel quilted purse - Bagborroworsteal.com
6. Muhlbauer fur hat - Brownsfashion.com



Anthea said...

Great feature! I love Lily Allen. I think we all think that celebrities are totally loaded but they have a lot of staff to pay and it costs them to put on a concert too. It's interesting to hear their take on the recession. We are not the only ones feeling it!

Cristina said...

i don't know why, but i've always loooooved how lily looks. shes crazy and very diff than my style, but maybe thats why i love it! and also i wish i had her hair. always fab, either short or long!

alis said...

It's weird how wearing something more than once is a rare thing. I love Lily, she gets it wrong often but when she does get it right she looks totally adorable. I'm glad she moved on from the prom dress+trainers combo.

Juliet said...

Well, it is normal to re-use clothes. And when it comes to celebs, people tend to love normal.

juliet xxx

Vintage Tea said...

WHAT? god I hate celebs that go on about being skint! yeah sure they are..... Idiots.


Alya said...

Its good for the public to know that even celebrities are being hit hard by the crunch. And its great that Lily speaks so openly about it. (I guess that explains why she wears those jeans shorts so much!)

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

What a great post! Even if I wasa celebrity, I don't understand the concept of only wearing things once! Lily does this so great, im saving this pot in my google reader. :-)

bebexj said...

I like how she re-wears her clothes not a lot of celebs have the courage to do that for some reason

chekka cuomova said...

I always love Lily Allen's style. I once much influenced by her ;) and after reading this post, I love her even more! Yay to Lily Allen! :D