Miley Cyrus in modified Alberta Ferretti. This girl annoys me to no end, she makes Britney Spears at that age look innocent.

Taylor Swift. How much better would she have looked in this dress if she had slicked her hair back into a sophisticated ponytail?

Vanessa Williams brought along her daughter. I love the upclose details on this dress and necklace, this is such a flawless summer look!

Shawn Johnson. Well she definitely doesn't win the gold for fashion. Did she get her necklace at Claire's? I can't even bare to look at this outfit any longer. It's bad enough that the outfit is horrendous, but it's bright too!

Demi Lovato. I don't get the bottom half, but the tophalf is nice.

Terri Hatcher.

Wow these Topshop parties have been going on all week, let it be over already haha.

Kate Moss. She looks nice, but everytime I see pictures of her I see a smokers face even in her eds. I'm not saying she should quit ( It's her choice ), it's just an observation.

Jennifer Lopez. It seems a little much, I'm not liking her hair here. It would have looked a lot better parted into a bun like she often does.

Chloe Green. Her dad owns Topshop! Lucky! I prefer her with curly hair, straight hair doesn't work on everyone.

Blake Lively. A little too matchy for me.

Terri Seymour.

Hilary Rhoda.

Poppy Delevigne & Richard Chai.

Sienna Miller. It's too bad she doesn't go to these types of events more often, because she always shows up in something unexpectedly perfect.

Rumer Willis. Short hair again? Make up your mind! At least she kept the same hair color. It's a nice overall look for her. I could say more, but I don't want to be too mean.

Audrina Partrige. I can't believe she won an award! She made one movie and it was a sequel, it's not even out yet. So ridic, I don't know why people even bother going to this.

Leah Pipes.

Briana Evigan. Cute.

Rachel McAdams. I'm not sure about the nude shoes with a nude dress, but the clutch is a nice pop of color. It's nice to see her dressed up, I'm tired of seeing her so extremely casual all the time. I know it's her thing, but she looks stunning when she puts in an effort.

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WendyB said...

You're right about Kate's smoker's face. Her lifestyle has definitely caught up to her.