Emily Blunt. I hear she's really good in this movie. I love this look on her, the ponytail and earrings are a nice touch. Keeping it casual and not too uptight.

Princess Eugenie, Sarah Ferguson and Princess Beatrice.

I'm not sure about the volume of Fergie's dress, but the girls look great. I really like Beatrice's dress.

Miranda Richardson . The hair is messed up, I"m not sure about the shape and the slit at the front of the dress. That being said, I do like the color and the stones around the neckline.

Keira Knightley wearing Chanel Haute Couture. I love this collection so much, this dress is adorable on her. Really she could have paired any shoe or clutch color with this dress.

Charlize Theron in Lanvin Pre-Fall 2009. Do you love it?!

Malin Akerman. Loving the dress, her makeup is impeccable.

Anita Briem. Gosh she's cute, that dress reminds me a bit of Gwyneth Paltrow's Ralph Lauren Oscar dress from 1998.

Y & R actress Vail Bloom. I don't get why she gets invited to this stuff, apart from Y & R (minor stints) her resume is pretty empty. She does look great in that Herve Leger dress, a longer version of the Rachel Bilson one.

Carla Gugino. Normally I wouldn't like this sort of sheer two tone dress especially in these colors, but the top half is quite fabulous and the color suits her.

Vanessa Hudgens. Too short, your not at the beach.

Abbie Cornish. She looks a bit like a honey blonde Jessica Alba in that first picture. I know Abbie is a casual girl, and I like this dress on her because she still sticks to her style, dressy enough, but not over the top.

Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui This looks like something that should be in Victoria Beckham's closet.

Maggie Grace. Change the shoes, it could have been so much more edgy.

Missy Peregrym. Wow, this dress makes another appearance.

Olivia Munn. Another dress, another appearance.


Juliet said...

keira and Emily look both so fresh and sweet!

juliet xxx

caprice diyari said...

i think Vanessa's dress is great

alice said...

Ok, here we go :D

Princess Eugenie's dress is marvellous, i would wear it on a prom if possible... but it's not :D

Keira is amazinbg again, I like her dress a lot, it reminds me on a grandma's one (and i was sooo mad when i heard she throw it awaaay. auch!)

Vanessa is... h o r i b l e... How could she wear that awful dress??? Have nooo idea...

Olivia Munn - what? She don't have any another dress or ... ? But in fact i like that form of dress, especially the pale violet dress!

HUgs! Great post again!